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9 Unique Prezi Presentation Examples That Will Get You Thinking


Are you ready to make the switch from PowerPoint to Prezi? At the very least, you must be thinking about it! Prezi is a compelling alternative that allows you access to the upper echelons of creative design. It has tons of extra presentation tools, with the ability to add video, audio, and all the text you choose. With just a click of your mouse, it can bring your grant proposals, board presentations, and the presentation of your core message to new heights. 

All it takes is a quick sift-through of Prezi’s unique templates to get some ideas of your own flowing! It creates a platform for graphic design that allows nonprofits to shine.  Here are 10 unique Prezi presentation templates to help you get familiar with the software. 

Let’s go!

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What is Prezi?

Prezi is a lot like Powerpoint. It allows you to create powerful presentations that can communicate a story, exhibit a set of data, expound upon a business plan, and more.  The primary difference between Powerpoint and Prezi is that the former restricts users to moving in a linear fashion from slide to slide, while the latter permits a much more creative, nonlinear movement between different sections of a presentation, which are all directly connected.


Why Use Prezi?

Using this software, you can create presentations that are sleeker and more layered in nature and design than those Powerpoint can offer. The transitions in Prezi presentations are smooth and the style is very fluid, allowing for interesting animations and seamless transitions between sections.

Your viewers are more likely to follow along with their full attention because Prezi presentations encourage ingenuity, inventiveness, and the matriculation of one’s own talent and vision; the format of Powerpoints are much drier, less customizable, and therefore less uniquely representative of the individuals that make them.

They also do not have the imaginative element only Prezi presentations can bolster - with this platform, the possibilities are far more open-ended and artful.  


How to Use Prezi: Examples

The example presentations listed below serve multiple functions: first, they walk you through a variety of Prezi presentations to get you familiar with the platform. Second, they show you how Prezi can act as a vehicle through which pertinent ideas, plans, and proposals are conveyed. Finally, they show you how you can utilize the variety of features unique to Prezi to create powerful presentations of your own. 

Example 1: Mastering Prezi for Business Presentations

Just in case you are a new presenter with no prior knowledge of Prezi, we begin with a tutorial embedded within a Prezi presentation. This demonstration provides a masterful explanation of how to navigate the platform. It explains which buttons to press to move through the presentation, an overview of what will be included throughout, and more.

This tutorial, given that it covers business presentations in particular, can show nonprofits how they might use Prezi to make business proposals (for example, of new fundraisers) to manage the logistics behind their organization’s humanitarian pursuits. 

prezi presentation instructions

If you want to find a cool background like the one found in this presentation, or for that matter any other pictures, videos, or multimedia that would be relevant to your organization’s work, check out Getty Images for nonprofits. 

Example 2: Fundraising

This is a perfect example of simplicity at play. The course of the presentation zooms in and out on a globe with an arc of icons above it. Canva for nonprofits can help you design an opening page just like this one. Each of the icons represents another feature, and each of them explores some facts about fundraising. It is organized, easy to look at, and to the point.

fundraising example by jane and dimas

If you were to apply this format to the uses of your nonprofit, it could serve as an awesome FAQ section. Each bubble could be a topic, while the secondary slides represent specific questions and their corresponding answers. 

Example 3: The Magical Theory of Relativity

This Prezi example presentation is unique and concise as it explains a highly complex concept. This is another example of how wonderfully Prezi can break down a dense topic into digestible chunks. To learn something from this example, imagine how you would use this format to tell a story of your own. 

prezi relativity image

With the use of appropriate graphic design principles, you could flow through a visual representation of your nonprofit’s story. You could begin when your nonprofit was still a dream, and follow it with the birth of the organization. Next, you could showcase your early projects and the impact, and fill in a brief timeline until you arrive at present events. Do not forget your CTAs!

Example 4: Profit Versus Nonprofit

This format is a great example of an educational tool for volunteers. It could be used to showcase the work they will be doing, how some of the events function, and common practices. You could create additional sections for specific training materials, or use them as a general outreach method for seeking new volunteers. Do not forget to add video and audio where you can! 

profit vs nonprofit prezi example

When your training materials are easy to make and fully customizable, you can keep everything up to date at all times. Training materials can be expensive, and they must be completely redone when things change. With Prezi, you can create a piece that is tailored to your terms and easily accessible from anywhere. 

Example 5: YEAA Committee

With short messages and clear synopsis pages, this theme showcases Prezi’s smooth navigation. As you scroll, you zoom in on each shape, and it creates a section of smaller sections with more info. When things are this broken down, it is common to include read-along audio to pair with the presentation. 

prezi presentation plan example

This option is in a great format to showcase your organization’s current fundraising plans and goals. You can create a presentation that is highly detailed, like the first example listed, or you can create an effortless and bubbly project like this one. Incorporate your own nonprofit logo and create brand consistency, but feel free to keep it simple! 

Example 6: How to Market a Product

With an expert layout and concise wording, this presentation flows well. It is a perfect example of using as few words as possible to convey a wide range of ideas without taking away from their depth. There are not many photos in this one, and if you were to replicate it, it would be a good idea to use more powerful imagery. However, depending on what the topic is, you may choose to keep the light wording. 

marketing example prezi

Facing limitations? If you need a little help with personalization, try a free image bank! It can help keep things fresh and engaging in the event that you do not have pictures, or your team does not use Adobe Illustrator. 

Example 7: Adopting a Gratitude Frame of Mind

This one gets double points for the wow factor! The format for this presentation uses loose, easy shapes to convey a light-hearted feeling. The colors are bright, the sentences are short, and all the information is segmented perfectly. With the Canva for nonprofit application, you can create posters just like these. 

gratitude example prezi

This format is great for highlighting concepts in soft-edged secondary slides. You could easily use it to exemplify your values. The areas designated for photos are well-placed, and the text is very clear. You could create examples of your values at play in your communities, as you showcase photos from your events and go more in-depth in the text bubbles. 

Example 8: Warning Signs a Job Posting is Fake

This is a great example of how you can repurpose website content into a Prezi presentation. The origins of the information we are guided through come from a web blog listed at the beginning of the presentation. This Prezi is very easy to follow, maybe even easier than the website content. 

fake image postings prezi

Once again, this format could be useful as a zoom tool for team education, but be sure to add good visuals. You could highlight the various scams that occur and how to spot them, or situations to be wary of online. Add video, images, and graphics where necessary! 

Example 9: Do not Go In Cold: How to Negotiate

We love this sample Prezi presentation because it is extremely easy to tailor to your needs. It has a very professional tone with plenty of wiggle room for your specific content. You can keep the text format by highlighting the different steps of a certain project you are working on, or you can just use the shapes as categories. From there, you could build on them however you like!

how to negotiate example prezi


Final Thoughts

This software is unique and highly customizable, but new, rather different from Powerpoint, and therefore liable to take some getting used to. Luckily, a Prezi free trial will help you see if it is a good fit. If the examples above have wowed you, then it might be worth it to check out what Prezi has to offer, and how its special features might align with and bolster your creative impulses.

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💡What is a Prezi presentation?

Prezi is a lot like Powerpoint. It allows you to create powerful presentations that can communicate a story, exhibit a set of data, expound upon a business plan, and more. The big difference is that Prezi lets you get more creative with nonlinear movement between slides, making for a more engaging presentation! Find out more. 

🔑 Is Prezi better than PowerPoint?

'Better' is subjective, but one thing is for sure: Prezi allows for sleeker and more creative presentations when compared to PowerPoint. Your viewers are more likely to follow along with their full attention because Prezi presentations encourage ingenuity, inventiveness, and the matriculation of one’s own talent and vision! Find out more. 

📝 Can you make free presentation on Prezi?

There is no free Prezi plan, but they do offer a free trial! Try it out for yourself and see if it's a fit for your presentations. Find out more.

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