Springly for Your Nonprofit Email Marketing: 6 Reasons


At Springly, we know how important your time is! That is why we have created a software specifically for nonprofits. We aim to help you save as much time as possible to focus more on your nonprofit’s mission. 

That is why we make it quick and simple to send emails to your contacts.

From your contact list you can create an email just by indicating a subject, some text, and an attachment or two if you need! 

You can accomplish the whole process in two clicks. It looks like this:



It's handy to:

  • Announce that an event has been postponed

  • Send a payment reminder to a member

  • Send a donation request to your contacts

  • Send out quick information, etc.

However, we have found that many of the nonprofits we work with wanted to go a step further. They want to be able to do things like:

  • Send more elaborate emails

  • Analyze opening and click through rates to better understand the success of their email campaigns

  • Refine their contacts to send more targeted communications

Luckily, Springly's email functionality meets all of these needs! 

Here are six advantages of our email feature:

  1. Total personalization of your emails
  2. Detailed email templates
  3. Ability to send more targeted emails
  4. Statistics of your email campaigns to help you further analyze their success 
  5. Build up a reliable contact base
  6. Easily import your contacts


Total Personalization of Your Emails

With Springly’s email campaign feature, you can tailor your email to fit your exact needs by adapting the layout and design. 

This tool and the website feature use the same layout. It is a simple drag-and-drop format, but it makes for beautiful website pages! Personalization is the key to good nonprofit communication



You can add images, text, link your social media with buttons, and more! This helps you to create the perfect template for your email campaign. The emailing feature uses a two-column system to ensure that your emails are adapted for all screen sizes: mobile phones, tablets and computers. Contrary to popular belief, most people open their emails on their phones, therefore it is important to have a tool that has mobile adapability inlcuded. 

Once your email is perfect make sure to send yourself a test email to make sure that all of your links, buttons and text appear as you want them. As stated above, make sure to check your mail on all screen sizes to be sure that your message is getting across correctly. 

If you like the layout of your email, you can always save it as a template and reuse it in the future.nonprofit-emailing-marketing-statistics-advantage-2

Nonprofit-Focused Email Templates

Lucky you! You have a selection of templates that Springly has created specifically for nonprofits.

Donation requests, membership renewals, fundraising events and more. 

You have the ability to edit these templates as you choose. This is a particularly useful tool for newer nonprofits that are looking for inspiration. 

Using a template is a great way to save time and avoid a headache, especially if you are just getting started with an automated emailing tool.


Targeted Emails

Targeting your emails is a great technique for a successful email campaign. 

To become a pro at targeting your emails, it is a good idea to break up your contact base into groups or by specific criteria. The more refined, the better. 

On the Springly platform, your contact base is synced to your email feature. This means you can create mail lists according to your chosen set of criteria.

Let's take a look at why targeted email is so effective. For example:

Let’s say you are a California based nonprofit, and you serve the entire state. However, you are trying to collect donations for homeless shelters only in Los Angeles.

But, you have a small issue. Your donors are from all over the state (and it’s a big state!), and you know that your donors tend to give more when it is a local cause.

By emailing all your donors, some of your donors may not feel inclined to participate. Or worse, they could flag your email as spam, which will harm your email campaigns in the future. 

With Springly, you can avoid this problem by only selecting donors from Los Angeles in your database and using that filter to create a specific email list. 

Now this list is saved in your software and can be used any time you have an LA related email to send out! 

Without powerful tools, particuarly ones that are connected with eachother, you - or someone on your team - will often find themselves copy and pasting from excel, using their precious time and skills on an admistrative task. This time is returned to you by sending out more emails and inciting more donations in the process! 


Analyze Your Email Statistics 

For every email campaign you send out, Springly provides you with the following statistics: 

  • Opening rate: The number of recipients who opened your email compared to how many emails were sent

  • Click through rate: The number of recipients who have clicked on a link that you have included in your email

  • Bounce rate: The number of emails that were not delivered, either for a temporary reason or a permanent one (i.e. an incorrect email address)

  • Spam rate: The number of emails classified as spam


Pro-Tip: You also have access to these stats for each of your members. You know who opened your email, who clicked a link and who marked your message as spam.


By using a email marketing software, you no longer have to spend time updating your email lists with those who unsubscribe. Springly tracks all bounces and unsubscribes and will no longer send those contacts emails, even if they are still in your lists. 

By having these statistics, you will be decreasing your spam rate, you will improve your email reputation. The better your reputation, the fewer emails you send will be reported as spam. 

You can also analyze the success of the time you send your emails. By analyzing email statistics, you can figure out what the best sending times are for your contact base. Early risers or night owls? Now you will know!


Build a Safe Contact Database

Do you want to find new contacts and reach out to more people?

Of course you do! So, you buy a database with 10 million email addresses for a small fee and send an email campaign.

Yikes! This is not a good idea. Here’s why:

  • The database you purchased is not accurate and many emails are incorrect or non-existent. This negatively affects your bounce rate.

  • Recipients who don’t recognize you (plus spam filters) can classify you as spam.

The immediate problem here that your email reputation significantly decreases and harms your future email campaigns. You can even be penalized by google and have your domain blocked.

A smaller, but still harmful future issue is that the email you sent to your contacts for an important event ends up directly in a spam folder. Ouch! 

To avoid this unfortunate scenario, take note that buying email addresses in bulk from unreliable sources is not a strategy that works in 2020. 

The best strategy is to invest in a great content strategy and provide information that interests people enough to sign up to receive your emails. 

Worried about tracking your new followers? Don’t worry! Springly has you covered.

With the website feature, you can add a space on your website to collect contacts who are interested in receiving your awesome content! For example, a button that encourages people to sign up for your newsletter

You will be able to access all of the email addresses you have collected in the email section of your platform. A really simple and easy way to keep tabs on your database!


Easily Import Your Contacts

Last but not least, you can bulk import all of the email addresses you have collected into your Springly platform.

To do this, simply copy and paste from an Excel spreadsheet into Springly. All you have to do it match up the fields to your excel columns. 

Now you know all of the tools you need to send out a successful email campaign for your nonprofit. 

Springly is trusted by over 15,000 nonprofit’s to help them run their organizations on a daily basis. See if it could work for you with a free 30 day trial!

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