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How to Find the Best Hashtags for Nonprofits (+ Examples)


Do you decorate your captions with #hashtags? If not, it is time to start! Understanding how hashtags work is essential to gaining visibility and popularity through your nonprofit’s social media. Utilizing them efficiently can potentially double the level of engagement you receive on your posts.

When you use the right terms to connect with your target audience, you foster meaningful relationships with your community. Today, we will break down some important tips for finding the right hashtags, and even toss you a few examples. 

Let’s go!

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Basic Knowledge About Hashtags on Social Media

If you want to create the best nonprofit hashtag campaign, you have to know how they work. What is a hashtag? How do people use them? Let’s take a look.

What is a Good Hashtag for a Nonprofit?

A hashtag is a method of categorizing information on social media platforms. It can contain any word as long as it is directly attached to the number sign (#), which turns that word into a hyperlink. When people click on the hyperlink, it brings them to another page containing other posts that have used that hashtag. People can also find posts containing a certain hashtag by searching for it directly in the search bar. 

Although it is not possible to apply this strategy to texting for nonprofits, your organization can still reach a large amount of people by using it. Hashtags are more suited to gaining new followers than to communicating with those you already have.

best-hashtags-for-nonprofits-basic-knowledgeMaria is pondering what hashtags are best for nonprofits.

People search for a hashtag to find all of the content they can on the particular subject that hashtag represents - for example, #govegan will lead them to posts about veganism. Sometimes there are so many posts utilizing the same hashtag that most of them get buried under loads of more popular ones. And sometimes there are so few people utilizing a certain hashtag in their posts, much less searching for it on their own, that it is not really worth including it in yours; no one new will find it. 

Essentially, a good hashtag can bring traffic to your profile, but it has to fall somewhere in between being a highly-used gateway to similar (sometimes in the broadest sense) content, and one that is not used at all. There should be a substantial amount of search volume for the tag you use, but not so much that you will be outcompeted. 

It can be tempting to use as many hashtags as possible, even if they are not particularly relevant to the content of the post you have made. However, your hashtags should directly call upon what your post represents; otherwise, you will not tap into your target audience. For example, it is not useful to use a hashtag like #recipes if you are selling keychains, since the people who are searching the #recipes are simply not looking for keychains. 

To apply this concept, curate your tags around where your audience already is. If your post is looking for volunteers, use the #volunteer tag. If you are boosting a fundraiser, you might choose #fundraisers, #crowdfunding, or #donors. Any of these tags will include your post in the feed that pops up when users click on the words. 


Specificities of Hashtags on Each Social Media

The best social media management tools for nonprofits will help you choose the most relevant and traffic-actuating hashtags on each platform. Every social media website uses hashtags a little differently, but the concept stays the same. One word, or a few words with no spaces, creates an easy pathway to more content with the same tagline. The list we have made below ranks each platform in terms of how often hashtags are used in it, from the most to the least. 

Hashtags on Twitter:

  • Did you know that Twitter is the home of the first hashtag? In 2007, Twitter decided that the humble hashtag should become a unique way of grouping together relevant information. Ever since then, it has been a vital vehicle for users to find, share, and link content. Charities can benefit greatly from utilizing hashtags on their Twitter account for that reason.

Hashtags on Instagram:

  • Instagram for nonprofits has two ways of displaying posts relevant to a certain hashtag: the "top posts", which are the most viewed and most liked ones, and the most recent posts, The latter especially gives your organization a shot at a wider audience, because it does not matter how popular a post is for it to land a spot there.

Hashtags on Facebook:

  • Facebook hashtags have become almost synonymous with the clickable links in articles you read online. One hashtag can bring you to a long list of content containing that tag, as Facebook is such a vast platform for information sharing. Facebook for nonprofits must use high-traffic tags, so you can pop up in more places in the information scavenger hunt users are likely to be engaged with. 

Hashtags on LinkedIn:

  • Using hashtags on LinkedIn for nonprofits is a way to find people. When you are looking to expand your network in specific ways, or you are looking to hire a person with specific qualifications, hashtags can help you get their attention. You can easily find information on a specific topic, and you can follow hashtags to stay up to date.

Hashtags on TikTok:

  • On TikTok, the purpose of hashtags is comparable to what we see on Instagram. The best part about TikTok is that the algorithms do not necessarily favor the more popular content as much as other platforms do. That means that your posts are more likely to show up in clusters right along the content that has thousands of likes and views. As long as you use a tag that people are searching, people will see your content. 

Hashtags on YouTube: 

  • People have only recently been using hashtags on YouTube, although it is not the main method of finding a specific kind of content. More often, people scroll through the recommended videos, or they just type a topic into the search bar. Using hashtags on YouTube just helps the algorithm understand what kind of content you have created. This means if you make a video that includes a hashtag to convey what the video is about, it might help your video show up higher in the results of searches with similar wording. However, this method is nowhere near as traffic-actuating as other hashtag algorithms, like those offered by TikTok.


Where to Find The Best Hashtags for my Nonprofit Organization?

First of all, and perhaps most advantageously, there are websites and apps that are dedicated to helping you learn the search volume of your tags, in the event that the platform does not have the option to view it in the search bar. The most sophisticated of them carry a price tag, but some are free, such as!

best-hashtags-for-nonprofits-where-to-findWow! is blowing Anthony's mind!

You can also browse each platform, and visit the pages of nonprofits you look up to that are in the same sector as you. Take some notes on what hashtags they use. Be sure to keep an eye out for the posts that performed the best, including engagement in the comments section. The reason you want to look at the accounts of charities that inspire you, and not other organizations of the same size and success level, is that the latter may not be doing any better than you at promoting their page through hashtags. Get your inspiration from charities that will show you just how you can improve to get on their level.

You want to use the tags that best fit your content and target audience, so translate what you see working for larger-scale charities into an instrumental angle that showcases what your organization has to offer. 

Finally, check influencer accounts and see if you find any overlaps in the tags they use. If you see anything more than twice, keep note of it. Some platforms, such as Instagram, list the search volume of any given hashtag, which can be a good indicator of popularity. This makes it easy to use the search bar to find the best hashtags. All you have to do is plug in different words that are relevant to the post, and see what the numbers are!


40+ Examples of the Best Hashtags for Nonprofits

Now let’s dive into some examples. There are a lot of options for hashtags that are commonly used across a variety of platforms, and they may serve as a good opportunity to get some extra visibility. 

Examples of Popular Hashtags on Social Media

  • #MondayMotivation: A tag meant for inspiring tidbits to power the beginning of our week. 

  • #ThrowBackThursday (or #tbt): A photo from a few years ago that you look back on fondly. 

  • #TGIF: To be used when it is Friday, and don’t we all wish it was! A moment for celebration at the end of another successful week. 

  • #PicOfTheDay (or #photooftheday): People use this one to showcase any picture that feels as though it captures the mood of their day. 

  • #OOTD (Outfit of The Day): Intended to capture an outfit that someone feels great in, however it is mostly used by women. 

  • #YourCity: This tag will show you location-specific information about large cities.

Pro Tip: Sometimes the trends highlight special challenges, and sometimes they are specific to a certain platform. On TikTok, for example, there are constant dance challenges, and users will always use a specific tag. When clicked, they can easily locate the videos of their peers attempting to nail the choreography. 

Some of the Best General Nonprofit Hashtags

  • #charitytuesday

  • #charity

  • #nonprofit (can also be #nonprofits, #notforprofit, #nfo, which have lower search volumes, but may increase your visibility.)

  • #ngo

  • #association

  • #activism

  • #dogood

  • #impact

  • #4change

Some of the Best Cause-Related Nonprofits Hashtags

By cause-related, we mean relating to the environment and sustainability, human rights, animal rights, or other common activist movements. 

  • #climate (also #climatechange)

  • #earthtweet

  • #education

  • #fairtrade

  • #green

  • #sustainability

  • #disabilities

  • #health (also #healthcare and #healthylifestyle)

  • #humanity

  • #humanrights

  • #peace

  • #socialgood

  • #animalrescue

  • #animalrights

  • #animalabuse

  • #animalcruelty

  • #govegan

  • #catsofinstagram (also #dogsofinstagram, #birdsofinstagram, etc)

Some of the Best Fundraiser-Related Nonprofits Hashtags

Here are two big topics with some general hashtags which represent them adequately, but the list goes on and on!

best-hashtags-for-nonprofits-examplesNancy is loving all these examples!

  • Donation

    • #crowdfunding

    • #donate (also, #donors or #donorlove)

    • #funding

    • #fundraising (or #fundraise)

    • #giveback (or #givingback)

    • #GivingTuesday

    • #grants

    • #philanthropy


  • Volunteering

    • #microvolunteering

    • #volunteer (also, #volunteers or #volunteering)

    • #voluntweet

    • #makeadifference

    • #helpingothers

    • #charityevent


Final Thoughts

Well, there you have it! Your marketing campaigns are important to your organization, whether it is via texting for nonprofits or a powerful nonprofit social media strategy. You should have plenty of ideas to spark diversity among your hashtags. Do your research, post your photos, and prepare for greater levels of interaction!  

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