Our 2023 Picks for Chamber of Commerce Software


A chamber of commerce can play an important role in the success of its member businesses. But running a chamber of commerce takes a lot of time and energy. A membership management software can keep you from getting bogged down in all of those pesky administrative tasks. 

In the rest of this article, we tell you everything you need to know about chamber of commerce software, including our 2023 picks for the best software. 

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What Does Chamber of Commerce Software Do?

Chamber management software helps you conduct administrative tasks. If you have ever wondered how nonprofit organizations measure their success, the answer is by using this type of software to track data. You can expect a chamber of commerce software to:

  • Renew memberships automatically

  • Simplify website creation

  • Store member information

  • Send emails and other member communications

chamber-of-commerce-software-benefitsTristan is ready to choose a chamber of commerce software for 2023!

Not every software solution offers the same features, but the list above is what you can expect from most of them. The data these features provide tell you who your members are, how they communicate, what they want, and more. All of this is important information that you can use to learn how to increase membership in your nonprofit organization

Pro Tip: Research how to start a membership program before you purchase chamber of commerce software. If you do not have any members yet, it is hard to justify the cost of the software. However, once your organization starts attracting members, software tools are essential for performing the daily operations that maintain and retain those members. 

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The Benefits of Chamber of Commerce Software

When you use chamber of commerce software, you do not have to worry about as many tedious, time-consuming tasks that cause unnecessary stress. Here are some other benefits of having this type of software solution:

  • Saves time: Having all of your membership data in one convenient location keeps you from having to navigate between multiple programs. 

  • Saves money: Streamlining the membership management process reduces the amount of staff you need to hire and software you need to purchase. 

  • Keeps information organized: Reducing the number of locations where you calculate and store data reduces the risk of errors and loss. 

  • Grows membership: The software gives you all of the information and tools you need to draft a membership communication plan for member retention.

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5 Chamber of Commerce Softwares for 2023

Now that you know what chamber of commerce software can do for you, we are giving you a list of our picks for 2023’s best software. Many chambers of commerce use these membership management softwares, and so can you! 

#1: Springly 

Springly is an all-in-one software that can streamline your chamber management duties. From collecting membership fees to handling yearly taxes, not much is missing when it comes to Springly. If you want the most tools for the lowest price, then contact Springly today. 

Main features: 

  • Has a membership database

  • Tracks payments

  • Issues refunds

  • Automates invoices

  • Collects membership fees and donations

  • Manages accounting

  • Has a website builder

  • Organizes events

  • Sends stakeholder emails

  • Connects to QuickBooks


  • Liberty Plan: Free

  • Serenity Plan up to 100 contacts: $25 per month

  • Serenity Plan up to 250 contacts: $50 per month

  • Serenity Plan up to 500 contacts: $80 per month

  • Serenity Plan up to 1,000 contacts: $110 per month

  • Serenity Plan up to 2,500 contacts: $150 per month

  • Serenity Plan up to 5,000+ contacts: Contact for pricing

One of the most useful aspects of this platform is that you can try it for free. If you are not ready to commit to a specific chamber software, test out this one with its 14-free trial, or pay for its Liberty Plan. If, later on, you decide that you want more service, you can always upgrade to the Serenity Plan to get access to more features. 

chamber-of-commerce-software-softwares-for-2023Anthony thinks Springly may be too good to pass up!

#2: Glue Up

The founders of Glue Up originally created this software to help customers plan and organize chamber of commerce events. Today, the software does much more than event planning. The main focus of this software is to grow and develop your network of members. Glue Up does this by offering the following features.  

Main features:

  • Hosts online events

  • Provides customer relationship management (CRM)

  • Has a mobile app

  • Offers email campaigns

  • Develops surveys


Pricing for Glue Up starts at $125 a month. You must select the plan you want to get a more accurate quote.

While this company does member outreach and event planning well, it does not offer much more than that. Considering its cost, it is only worth the investment if you need just those basic functionalities.

#3: WildApricot

WildApricot stores membership information for small- and mid-sized organizations. The timely communications and efficient websites for homeowners associations, chambers of commerce, and other nonprofits help welcome new members. These websites and communications also work on mobile devices. 

Main features: 

  • Optimizes website content

  • Tracks payments

  • Plans events

  • Sends communications

  • Offers a nonprofit database 


  • Free Plan up to 50 contacts: Free

  • Personal Plan up to 100 contacts: $48 per month

  • Group Plan up to 250 contacts: $60 per month

  • Community Plan up to 500 contacts: $110 per month

  • Professional Plan up to 2,000 contacts: $190 per month

  • Network Plan up to 5,000 contacts: $350 per month

  • Enterprise Plan up to 15,000 contacts: $420 per month

  • 15,000+ contacts: Contact for pricing

Like with Springly, the price of WildApricot depends on how many contacts you have. Although its pricing is higher than Springly’s, WildApricot does provide a 10% or 15% discount if you pre-pay for one or two full years, respectively. 

#4: GrowthZone

GrowthZone provides industry-specific products, setting it apart from the competition. It offers tools for chambers of commerce, education associations, transportation associations, real estate associations, and many more. With a single platform, you get a member directory and other useful tools that are tailored to your needs.

Main Features:

  • Stores member data

  • Manages online payments

  • Organizes online and in-person events

  • Syncs with a phone app


  • Essential Plan up to 2,000 contacts: $249 per month

  • Premier Plan up to 4,000 contacts: $399 per month

  • Pro Plan up to 10,000 contacts: $549 per month

  • Enterprise Plan with unlimited contacts: Contact for pricing 

This platform is not meant for fledgling organizations. All of its plans cover thousands of contacts, so it only makes sense to pay its hefty monthly fee if you have that many members, donors, and other supporters to manage.

chamber-of-commerce-software-softwares-for-2023Ellie is taking notes on the pros and cons of each software!

#5: ThreeSixty

ThreeSixty gears its cloud-based software toward large organizations that need help managing a complex membership structure and many business lines and partnerships. With ThreeSixty, you receive analytics tools that create actionable insights for growth.

Main Features:

  • Renews memberships

  • Tracks finances

  • Provides CRM

  • Offers a customizable chamber dashboard 


You must request a demo for a pricing quote. 

Unfortunately, ThreeSixty does not provide pricing information online. However, it is best to try a software out anyway before you buy it.

Pro Tip: Choose a chamber of commerce software that fits the size of your organization. As you can see above, many software providers price their plans based on the number of contacts. If you have a small chamber of commerce, do not spend the money on a plan that is bigger than you need.

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Final Thoughts

Whether small, medium, or large, a chamber of commerce has an important place in business. Yet, they can be difficult to run. With our picks for chamber management software, leading these types of organizations gets a little bit easier. So, try one today to reap its benefits!  

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Chamber of commerce software performs administrative tasks, such as organizing payments, planning events, and gathering member details. Find out more. 

🔑 What are the benefits of chamber of commerce software?

Chamber of commerce software can reduce your costs, save you time, keep your data organized, and more. Find out more. 

📝 What are some of the best chamber of commerce softwares for 2023?

The best chamber of commerce softwares for 2023 include Springly, Glue Up, WildApricot, GrowthZone, and ThreeSixty. Find out more.

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