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Charities: How Can You Use Google Pay To Collect Donations?


Google for nonprofits is a simple solution that allows users to link up their card details with Google Pay to process a transaction. You can use it to collect donations for your charity relatively easily, and people are often already familiar with it. It is great for new nonprofits, who may not have the bulk of their payment processors set up yet, but still wish to receive donations through credit cards online. This option makes things a lot easier for donors and charities alike. Here is a bit more information on how to use Google Pay as your next nonprofit payment solution! 

Let’s go!


What Exactly Is Google Pay?

Also referred to as GPay, Google Pay is a successor to Google Wallet. Google Pay is one of the most common online payment gateways for companies and organizations alike and is one of the great alternatives to PayPal for nonprofits. Arguably its best feature, the software is highly integrated with most websites, allowing for a one-click payment process at a nonprofit point of sale. A user can click on a donate button, input their credit or debit card information into the app, and it requests a token from the bank of origin to represent the card. Upon approval, the app receives the encrypted token, and is ready to use for payments. 

Once set up, Google Pay is compatible with most NFC devices, also known as contactless devices,  allowing for a seamless tap-to-pay experience on in-store terminals. Patrons essentially set up Google Pay on their smartphones, and then when they go to pay for something at a terminal (in-store payment processor) that supports contactless payment, they hold their phones up to the terminal and it receives their payment amount. Google Pay enables a fast and totally secure payment process in-store and online. 

charities-google-pay-donations_Sam-what-isSam is checking out Google Pay now!

When paying online, users of Google Pay simply click "GPay" when they are going to checkout. Like PayPal, it makes checking out very fast, as all your payment information is already saved in the app.

Pro Tip: You can input as many bank cards into your Google Pay app as you want. Google Pay will simply ask which card you want to use when you are ready to complete your payment on a purchase.


Do Charities Need to Subscribe to Receive Donations Through Google Pay?

Surprisingly, not really. Google Pay is simply a payment method like many others, such as Braintree, Apple Pay, Adyen payment, Paypal nonprofit, iATS payments, or Square for nonprofits. If your customer already has their data entered into the billing platform, they may be presented with the option to use it on the checkout page. Unlike Stripe nonprofit fees, you pay no fees for making it an option.


How Can a Nonprofit Organization Receive Donations Through Google Pay?

This is mostly going to depend on your donors and their preferred methods of providing payments. If they are used to GPay, having used it many times, they will be much more likely to resort to it. It will be more common with Android users, as their phones support Google software. To simplify payment processes across the board, anytime they make a payment on Chrome, the Google web browser, Google Pay will appear as an option

If you do not already have a payment gateway for your nonprofit organization, you can access Google Pay API to collect donations. The system is tailored to the needs of charities and only suited to NPOs who provide documentation to prove, certify, and validate their nonprofit status. For example, nonprofit organizations in the US must provide valid 501(c)3 status proof from the IRS in order to qualify. As long as they are logged into Google, it will always keep their information saved and pre-entered for a smooth sailing transaction process.

Receiving contributions is important to any nonprofit organization to support various causes. Making life easier for donors should be a top priority, and with Google backing your fundraisers, you have the ability to begin accepting donations as soon as your website is live, and not a minute later. 


Final Thoughts

Accepting Google Pay is just another way to potentially increase donations and sales on your website and in-person, for example at fundraisers. The more payment avenues you provide to patrons, the higher the likelihood they will be able to participate fully in and provide necessary resources to your nonprofit’s greatest endeavors. Let your patrons support you by providing access to GPay, it is free!


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