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Everything You Need to Know About the Prezi Free Trial


As a nonprofit, you and your team members are constantly striving to improve the community that you are a part of. Or, perhaps your organization is working on many projects on a global scale. In any case, as you and your team complete daily tasks, there are times when you need to stand up in front of an audience to tell your thoughts and ideas well. Whether it is weekly, biweekly, or monthly, it is essential that you take graphic design for nonprofits into account in order to articulate your point in an effective way. 

However, without the online tools to help you, preparing presentation slides that utilize key graphic design principles can be daunting. This can be especially difficult when you need to present for a long amount of time. Prezi is an online tool that provides resources to effectively organize thoughts and ideas during a presentation. In addition, you have the option of signing up for its free trial. Let’s talk about how to get the most out of your Prezi free trial, and all that you need to know about being a part of the membership database.

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What Is Prezi and Why Use It?

First, let’s discuss what Prezi is and what it has to offer. Prezi offers presentation tools that provide professional organization of your thoughts and ideas. This is done through a compilation of different templates, designs, and Prezi presentation examples used by international businesses and organizations. This intuitive online tool allows for different features:

  • Prezi Video: This desktop app feature allows you to record yourself while presenting to your audience

  • Prezi Present: While speaking to your audience, you can show them written outlines of your presentation

  • Prezi Design: This tool is useful for creating graphics and logos of your own, including using free stock images for nonprofits

When you present information, such as nonprofit data management, your audience members will each understand you in their own way. Some people may be visual learners, so presenting logos or Getty images for nonprofits over straight text can provide a means to help them remember what you said. Moreover, simple designs send an immediate message of your thoughts and ideas that words cannot do. Not only will your nonprofit logo and designs add some visual interest, as your audience reads your presentation outline, it can help them pick up on your ideas.

Pro Tip: To help you find designs and logos, you can use other online tools, including Canva. Images from your Canva for nonprofits account are a great source to use. To get an account, you can fill in a Canva nonprofit application to use this design tool. You can also import graphics from another online free image bank

Others may learn best by listening to you. Your presence, speech, and eye contact are essential to get your message across to those who learn best by hearing. Whatever way a person learns best, it is important to reach those members of your audience through nonprofit digital transformation tools.


The Prezi Free Trial

Now that you know what Prezi is, and that it is not just for pros, let’s dive into what starting a free trial with Prezi looks like. This includes the time frame in which you can try Prezi for free, how to find it online, how to leverage all that the free version has to offer, and some answers to the FAQ you may have.

How Long Is It?

The free trial lasts for 14 days after you sign up for it on the Prezi website. During that time, you are free to explore its available features and download any presentations you create, without cost. After 14 days of signing up, you have the choice to opt for one of three different Prezi licenses. Or, you are free to unsubscribe from your Prezi account by ending the free trial if you wish to do so.

How to Find It?

To get started with the sign-up process, you would first navigate to the Pricing page on the website. Once you do so, the page will refresh and show you a list of options to choose from for your subscription. After browsing through the list and finding your preferred plan, you would select the subscription type by clicking on the "Start your FREE trial" button.

Once you do so, fill in the requested information to create your first Prezi account. Afterward, the website will ask you for your payment information. This is needed in the event you desire to keep your subscription after the initial 14 days for the first payment. Now you can begin creating your presentations!

How to Make the Most of It

What does Prezi membership get you? Well, most nonprofits have milestones they want to meet throughout the year. In order to stay on top of their performance, there are typically a series of PowerPoint presentations. Whether aimed at presenting information to the board, bringing together key members, or offering an orientation for new members, these events often include some type of presentation of a large amount of content.

As a user, you can use Prezi’s design tool to help you display the organization’s current budget in a unique infographic. Symbols can be added for discussing finances as well as the organization’s goals and mission for the current year. 

When someone on the leadership team needs to compile a presentation for an online audience, Prezi can help make the compilation process a bit more smooth. Additionally, you can engage with viewers by using the Prezi Video option. This feature helps you make eye contact and connect with the viewer. Also, you can rerecord your presentation as many times as need be. In doing so, you can increase the overall quality of your presentation. Ultimately, your viewers will be impressed by the professional presentation you created.

Lastly, nonprofit business proposals are often a key component for acquiring funding for organizations. Catching, and keeping, the attention of your prospective grantor is the goal and can be a daunting task. Using the Prezi Present tool, you can provide an intuitive visual presentation that clearly lays out the main points of your proposal and, hopefully, seal the deal.


Helpful Questions & Answers

Does the Free Trial Renew Into a Paid Subscription Straight Away?

Prezi users should keep in mind that the free trial will immediately renew as a paid subscription. Be aware that you are unable to receive a return of cost for any payments made. 

everything-you-need-to-know-about-the-prezi-free-trial-q&aTristan is loving the Q&A!

Does the Free Trial Include All Features?

Each subscription plan provides certain features that may not be available for others. It is important to keep that in mind if you are looking for a plan with all available features. 

How Much Does Prezi Cost After the Free Trial?

Prezi pricing is relatively affordable. Depending on the subscription plan you choose, you can choose from several alternatives with fees to match. Utilize a Prezi basic account for $5/ month, a plus version comes with a price of $10/ month or select premium for $19/ month, which bills annually. Even with a Prezi basic account, you can access a wide range of presentation outlines and many other tools. 

How to Cancel Your Subscription

If you decide that Prezi is not the right software for your organization, you can cancel your trial or license at any time.

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