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7 Examples of Fundraising Blogs to Follow in 2022


Fundraising is a major topic of interest for many nonprofits. As blogging has continued to gain momentum year over year, a number of nonprofit blogs have popped up. While some are primarily focused on bringing new readers to the organization’s website, others offer ways to diversify fundraising efforts. If you are looking to step up your fundraising game, there is no need to turn to Google. We showcase the best fundraising blogs below so let’s dig in! 


The Rationality Behind Our Blog Examples

We here at Springly believe that fundraising is not just about the dollars you collect for your cause. It is also largely about the experience you deliver as a nonprofit. If your intention is to facilitate future donations from your contributor, you want to make sure that the whole journey through the donation process is smooth sailing. 

The resources you use to achieve this makes success all the more likely. We chose the fundraising blog examples below because we strongly believe that they each give a thorough, unique, and useful overview of raising funds. So, without further ado, let’s dig in!


Ken Burnett’s Fundraising Blog 

This blog may look a bit outdated, but do not let that fool you. The message is one that feels truly grounded in down-to-earth humanitarianism. Here you will find inspiring content about life, and witty opinions and advice for your fundraising ventures. Ken acts as a fundraising coach by really diving into the fact that fundraising is about the work that needs to be done. It is all about people meeting each other where they are and bringing inspiration to make a difference. 

examples-of-fundraising-blogs-to-follow-ken-burnettDavid is ready to learn about some new blogs!

Mutually beneficial relationships are those that bring value to both the donor and the cause, and that is what Ken encourages more than anything else. Change is possible when we all work together, and sustainable income for just causes can be an important factor in enacting that change in a reliable way. 



NPEngage utilizes cutting-edge research to bring technological solutions to various problems fundraising experts encounter. This one-stop shop allows visitors to learn about keeping audiences engaged, fighting burnout, and data intelligence all in one place. This blog offers a fresh perspective on common issues. 

When you have a varied toolkit to pull inspiration from, you have a much better shot at improving your relationships amongst your team and your donors alike. Sources like these help to keep us updated and knowledgeable on the changes happening within the fundraising community, or the things to know about as we gain access to more apps, devices, or programs. 


Future Fundraising

Here, you will find tons of information about doing fundraising in an ethically powerful way. They talk about specific and detailed ways to generate higher levels of satisfaction among your supporters with the donation process, largely boosting your relationships with your contributors. With a real focus on education and donor satisfaction as opposed to suggestions to update your tech to make it happen, they have been expertly serving the nonprofit community for more than thirty years. 

These well-written and easy-to-read blog articles are chock-full of personal yet formal information. There are full-length podcasts with expert insights, effective metaphors, and useful checklists to keep in your back pocket (or pinned to your wall!) as you move through your campaigns.



For a ton of quality articles and webinars with a focus on online giving, check out CauseVox. CauseVox’s webinars center around specific aspects of fundraising. Whether you are searching for clarification of how peer-to-peer fundraising works, making the next #GivingTuesday your best fundraiser ever or revamping your online fundraising ideas, the website has content to match. If you prefer tips and tricks to show up in your inbox and keep the inspiration flowing, subscribe to the free fundraising newsletter. 

They dive into the best fundraising email marketing practices, provide step-by-step plans for success, and podcasts of their own. With info from executive producers and founders of successful nonprofits, you will get a developed perspective on exactly what leads to greatness with the most ease possible. Another great source to have in your arsenal to get you to your goal!


Critical Fundraising

Critical Fundraising offers research-based fundraising strategies and in-depth information from Plymouth University. The available information is geared towards the creation of data-driven plans. Critical Fundraising is all about what the future looks like for the nonprofit game, and the roles we play in the shaping of it all. 

examples-of-fundraising-blogs-to-follow-critical-fundraisingMatt is checking out Critical Fundraising now!

There are a staggering amount of available topics here, from digital fundraising to social psychology. There is also a lot to choose from individual authors, most of whom are respected leaders in the nonprofit world. The topics they offer are hard-hitting so whether you are looking for peer-to-peer examples or how to pull off a tried and true fundraising event for your supporters, Critical Fundraising is sure to offer very useful insight. 


Non-Profit Radio

This one is just a bit different from the others on the list, but it is still a very valuable resource for nonprofits! They bring a new take on all the struggles nonprofit organizers commonly face. When the bigger nonprofits are spending hard-earned cash on hiring expert professionals, everyone else is gathering their info on their own. For 13,000 weekly listeners, that means listening to Tony Martignetti’s Nonprofit Radio. 

On the site, you will find a lot of interviews with well-studied leaders of the nonprofit community. You will also find well-worded info from the big thinkers who strive for solutions to common problems. Tony Martignetti has a bright and kind personality, and his guests are always ready to tell all. Also, if you listened to enough of their episodes, the intro music will never leave your head. 



Last but not least is Springly. You know we could not end a "best of" blog list without including ourselves! Springly is here to help with your fundraising and offers posts that cover pretty much everything else. That includes all of your administrative tasks, which can so easily pile up when you are busy engaging with donors and creators. Our blog delivers as much quality content as possible to help you showcase your credibility and raise the maximum amount of funds every time. 

The best way to have the ultimate donor journey is to connect your fundraising campaigns to your CRM, your communications tools, and anything else you can. It becomes even simpler when you can lump them all into one place, like you can on Springly. 

If you are just starting out and would like to augment the nonprofit blog examples above, consider reviewing these 10 Universal Best Practices For Starting A Nonprofit Blog. This article will help you understand the benefits blogs provide that social media does not and help you begin a blog for your organization so you can share your expertise with the world. We hope the detailed fundraising blog examples have added some value to your strategy, or some pep in your step for your fundraising adventure! 



Springly is trusted by over 20,000 nonprofits to help them run their organizations on a daily basis. Try it, test it, love it with a 14-day free trial!

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