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The 7 Best Nonprofit Blogs On the Market in 2022


There are so many blogs out there these days that can hold an incredible wealth of information. No matter the topic, you can bet that there is a blog on it. Plenty of narratives are created as a form of income for the individual writer. Nonprofit blogs are not so different in that they can be utilized to bring in revenue for your organization to carry out its mission. Starting a nonprofit blog may seem a bit mysterious. How do you ensure that the time and effort you put into this labor of love is not wasted and encourages people to continue to visit to see what you have to say? 

Fortunately, we have a number of blog-obsessed writers at Springly who compiled their top seven favorite nonprofit blogs as inspiration for you as you begin your blogging journey. 


What Criteria Do Great Nonprofit Blogs Share?

A primary aspect of many of the best nonprofit blogs is that they are passionate and dedicated to their cause. This is important because it translates into the quality of the blog content. When reading the content, it is easy to tell that the organization or writer is actually passionate about the cause. 

Although passion is important, and is typically present in the great nonprofit and fundraising blog examples out there, passion alone does not make a great blog. Other key factors are how closely the subject matter aligns with an organization’s core audience, the overall design, and a tone that aligns with the organization’s values but is conversational enough to make for an easy read.

The blogs included below are some of the most well-known and recognized and incorporate a number of these "great blog" criteria. They offer a wealth of information in various areas related to a nonprofit. The most notable aspect of these blogs is the level of engagement that they get, which shows that readers are interested in the content. This is a critical part of creating a blog that attracts people. 

Pro Tip: Blogs are a perfect way to contribute to your overall SEO (search engine optimization) strategy. Creating relevant content for your audience, and ensuring you include the appropriate keywords for that content, will have your blog topping the search engine results in no time. Consider allowing your readers to comment to further enhance their engagement with you and with each other.  


What is the Best Way to Use These Blogs?

Of course, the idea here is not to copy. Rather, the above has shown that blogs can be incredible tools for marketing and reaching out to supporters. They provide excellent examples of what to do right and how to execute a strategy. 

examples-of-nonprofit-blogs-the-best-waySadie is ready to learn about nonprofit blogs!

The best thing you can do is to draw inspiration from the format, layout, topics, and subject matter and mix them into your own excellent nonprofit blog ideas. Even after doing this initially, it is also a good idea to take a look at your competitors regularly to find out what to stay up to date on and what is relevant at the time. 


Beth’s Blog

Beth’s Blog is one of the most long-standing nonprofit blog examples out there. Beth Kanter herself is considered to be a well-respected thought leader in the realm of nonprofits. Her blog covers topics like social media marketing, networking, engaging donors, and more. The fact that Beth has lectured at Stanford, written multiple books on nonprofit topics, and has developed a blog focused on providing valuable information for all types of nonprofit organizations, Beth "walks the walk" when it comes to becoming a thought leader in your industry to drive traffic to your site.  


National Council of Nonprofits

The National Council of Nonprofits is an excellent and well-known organization for all of America’s charitable nonprofits. They offer great information and resources on all of the challenges that nonprofits may face and often write about nonprofit legislation in general. Their goal is to use a holistic approach to support and strengthen all types and sizes of mid-sized groups. 


Nonprofit Law

Just like running any type of organization or business, there are laws and regulations that are particular to nonprofit organizations. Nonprofit Law aims to help inform nonprofit organizations about legal changes and offer advice. Nonprofit Law has a number of focus areas. A few that stand out as particularly helpful, albeit specific, are "Collaborations," which includes articles for nonprofit leaders considering an organizational change like a merger, and "Boards," offering legal advice for some of the more tedious nonprofit actions like creating bylaws and ensuring successful audits.


Nonprofit Marketing Guide

There are common aspects of marketing for any organization. The Nonprofit Marketing Guide focuses on the marketing nuances of the nonprofit sector. As the name implies, this blog offers content related specifically to nonprofit marketing. They have articles regarding improving communications, skills, professionalism, and more. The blog offers information on some of the best marketing strategies and tactics for nonprofits. 



As the name probably implies, Techsoup is a nonprofit blog largely based on technology and its uses. They offer interesting viewpoints and insight into how valuable technology can be in our society, and how it can be used to change lives. Techsoup also offers programs that are designed to help various types of nonprofit organizations by offering donated or discounted software, hardware, and services. 

examples-of-nonprofit-blogs-techsoupSam is checking out Techsoup now!


Volunteer Hub

The whole goal of Volunteer Hub was to make handling volunteers easier. They offer software that helps to manage and engage volunteers who are interested in helping. As such, their blog covers topics like training volunteer management, retention, recruitment, and much more. If you take nothing else from the blog, consider taking a look at the Industry News section. This section provides a number of examples of successful nonprofit storytelling as well as a case study on becoming a knowledge leader in the field.



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