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How Texting for Nonprofits Can Be Used For Maximum Impact


As a nonprofit, keeping up with the younger generation and people who are constantly on the go is important for bringing increased awareness to your brand. Using texting as part of your nonprofit marketing plan is important given the heavy reliance on smartphones. Wondering how to maximize the impact of texting for your nonprofit? Let us show you: 


Why Use Texting For Your Nonprofit

The notion of finding ways to communicate effectively and easily with their audience is not lost on any nonprofit organization and is an important piece of PR for nonprofits. A total of 15% of nonprofits worldwide regularly send text messages to their audience. 

Texting for nonprofits is an inexpensive and instant way that you can distribute real-time information to your audience. Most people have mobile phones that can accept text messages. Utilizing this potentially untapped market may improve engagement while facilitating your communication efforts exponentially. 

how-texting-for-nonprofits-can-be-used-for-maximum-impact_David-whyDavid is ready to learn about text message strategies for nonprofits!

A popular misconception is that texting is only for younger generations. However, this is simply not true. All generations prefer to communicate through text messaging compared to other ways they can communicate through their phones. 

Pro Tip: Looking for other ways to stay current with all generations? Consider looking into how to use Google Maps for nonprofits. Not only will it help your members, volunteers, and donors to find you, there is functionality that helps you connect with them as well. Through keywords, registering your organization with Google My Business, reviewing functionality, and ensuring you are found on Google maps, you can really boost your nonprofit’s digital visibility.

Here are a few examples of why you should use texting for your nonprofit:

  • Texting has higher response rates compared to emails

  • Offers instant information and you can read texts quickly 

  • It is a cheaper alternative to direct mailing

Pro Tip: If you are unsure where to start with including text messaging as part of your nonprofit marketing guide, there are mass texting services that you can utilize. For a fee, these entities can help you implement your text messaging strategy. This type of investment will save you time and money in the bigger picture. 


Text Messages Strategies to Consider

One of the goals for nonprofit organizations is finding efficient ways to engage your donors, volunteers, and followers. When using texting as part of a larger strategy, you are able to send custom messages to a specific audience with no lag time and fewer costs. When utilized sparingly, texting grabs attention and is perfect when immediate action is needed.

Pro Tip: Texting is a convenient means of communication but it’s important to give your audience a choice on whether they should receive text messages or not. Adding opt-in and opt-out features are important as well as keeping their information and privacy safe. 

Let’s break down all of the ways texting can boost your impact.

Event Management

Properly managing your fundraising events is an instrumental part of its success. A well-organized event will leave a lasting impression on your attendees which can lead to higher engagement. Here are some of the ways that you can use texting for nonprofits as a way to manage your events:

Confirming Event Attendance

Automated text messaging is an easy way to anticipate how many people will be attending your event. The attendees can simply text their replies whether they can attend or not.

Event Reminders

Communicating about the event a few days leading to the actual date is important because it serves as a reminder to your attendees. Communication in the form of text is a great way to do this because people get busy and don’t read their emails right away. 

Texting is a great way that you can let attendees know about the venue information or directions. Even if your event has moved to virtual, text reminders are still important. 

Communicate on Emergencies and Last Minute Changes

The COVID-19 pandemic has definitely taught us to be flexible especially when it comes to last-minute changes and emergencies. Texting is a great way to disseminate information in a quick and fast timeframe. 

For example, if your organization is looking to respond to a local crisis where same-day volunteers are urgently needed, make volunteers headed to an event aware of a time or location change, or request that volunteers bring certain items with them to a volunteer event, texting is the perfect outreach method.

Donor Management

Fundraising is an essential revenue stream for nonprofit organizations. Having an open communication line with your donors is important because this increases the level of engagement and connection they have with your nonprofit and ensures continued support. You can also send text messages to your donors to remind them of upcoming nonprofit campaigns. 

Here are some of the ways that you can leverage text messages to donors:

Thanking Donors

A thank you goes a long way and being appreciated is a great feeling. Whenever someone donates to your nonprofit, sending a thank you text message is a quick and cost-efficient way of sending your appreciation. 

Nurturing Potential Donors

Texting is also an efficient way of following up with prospective donors. A day or two after meeting a potential donor for the first time, organization leaders could send a quick text to that donor thanking them for their time and interest. Not only is this a courteous gesture, it acts as a reminder to the recipient to take action for the organization. 


Nonprofit marketing ideas center around managing your communication channels and choosing which ones you should use to spread the word about your nonprofit. A lot of organizations use texting as part of their nonprofit advertising strategy to reach a wide audience. 

While we would never recommend spamming to solicit interest in your organization, texting does offer the ability to reach a wide range of people who requested additional information from your organization. 

Some nonprofit websites have a click-to-text button that subscribers can use to sign up for certain services. For example, a nonprofit that is centered on mental health can have this feature on their website and if a user sends a text message, they can get connected to a counselor or mental health worker immediately. 

Organizing Volunteers

Your volunteer base should also have a high priority when it comes to communication. SMS marketing is an efficient way that you can give your volunteers information about an upcoming event or volunteer opportunity. 

how-texting-for-nonprofits-can-be-used-for-maximum-impact-strategiesSalma is organizing her volunteers effectively through text!

Many nonprofits also use texting to reach out to others when they need more volunteers, especially when time is of the essence. 

Keyword Texting & Text-to-Give

Keyword texting is utilized by a lot of businesses because it enables consumers to receive specific information based on their keywords. For example, if a user texts the keyword "Event", they will receive specific information about that keyword. 

Nonprofits can also use keyword texting in text-to-give campaigns, which is the easiest way for donors to contribute. By sending your organization a text with a word or a dollar amount, users can add their donation to their phone bill or a link to the donation page can be sent to them so they can access it right on their phone. 

Bigger charities have definitely succeeded in text-to-give campaigns just because they have the resources to reach all their members. If you are looking into implementing a similar campaign, you should be aware that it should be backed up by impeccable marketing of your nonprofit. The last thing you want is for people to feel tricked or wondering "what nonprofit is this and what do they do?"

Conduct Surveys

Surveys for nonprofit organizations are utilized to gain insights into the levels of engagement of their donors, volunteers, and supporters. They can also use surveys to determine what areas they are doing good in and what needs improvement. 

Some nonprofits have switched the surveying processes to texting because it is a way to get higher responses compared to emails and direct mail. Because the response rates in these surveys are higher, you will be able to collect more data and draw better conclusions. 

Pro Tip: While texting often means a higher engagement with your surveys, your capacity to ask for detailed information is reduced. It might be worth saving your most important questions for text messaging - just don’t forget to keep it short and sweet.


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