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How to Get the Most out of Your Nonprofit Flyers


Since we are living in a digital age, you might think flyers are a thing of the past rather than a key part of your nonprofit’s marketing plan. The truth is, flyers can be used as a means to engage potential volunteers, members, and donors, and set your team apart from other nonprofits. In using this type of marketing tool, the main question is how to create effective flyers to get the most out of them?


How Relevant Are Flyers?

Flyers can be dated back to the invention of the Gutenberg press which makes them one of the oldest marketing tools around. Their use throughout history proves their efficacy and the timelessness of their design, even into the 21st century. 

While flyers alone were enough to promote your mission a few hundred years ago, today it is important to create a comprehensive marketing strategy that utilizes more than just a few well placed flyers. Supplementing different marketing materials together and using them in a cohesive manner will strengthen your brand and help you reach your nonprofit’s goals. 

Professional flyers that are beautifully crafted can catch the eyes of a potential donor or volunteer and convince them to contribute to your cause. Similarly, fundraising flyers can help you promote an upcoming fundraising event.

how-to-get-the-most-out-of-your-nonprofit-flyers-how-relevantTristan is thinking about the effectiveness of flyers for his nonprofit.

Flyers still have their place in modern society. However, now that technology is heavily relied upon, the shift to digital marketing materials has gained popularity. Let’s focus on the importance of both digital versus printed flyers and identify the pros and cons of each.


Digital Flyers for Nonprofits

One of the main benefits of producing digital nonprofit flyers is that they can be easily distributed to a wider group of audience in a small amount of time. Digital flyers are easy to create, even if you do not have a lot of graphic design experience. If you are looking for a free online tool, check out our article on professional flyers, which includes a top 10 vendor list! 

Here are some trade-offs for going digital.


  • Distributed without manpower or volunteers

  • Easily downloaded

  • Distributed to a wide audience in a short amount of time

  • Easily customized 

  • Included and mixed with different marketing channels like online newsletters and email campaigns


  • Considered less personal touch than printed flyers

  • Marketing budget

  • Dependent on your audience size

Wondering how to best utilize digital flyers? Here are some of the different tips that you can incorporate to make the most out of your digital flyers:

Leverage Social Sharing

Digital flyers are easily shareable which means that you can incorporate them into different types of marketing like your newsletter and social media. Social media can widen your audience by enabling your followers to share the digital flyers with their followers. 

Pro Tip: You might think it gets repetitive posting the same digital nonprofit flyer everywhere, but the more your audience gets used to seeing it, the easier they recognize your brand. Just think about the line-up poster for your favorite festival.

Digital flyers are a fun way to promote your organization or a fundraising event. With exciting animations and the ability to use links, digital flyers can easily stand out and draw traffic directly to your nonprofit's website.

Invest in Ads

One of the great things about digital flyers is how their versatility allows them to augment your digital advertising strategy. 

With Facebook ads, you can use your digital flyer as the main visual and focal point of your ad. This helps you incite the reader to participate in your event, join your organization, or achieve whatever your goal is. In addition, this is not only practical, but you save time and resources by using the same visual for all communication channels.

Pro Tip: If you are new to Facebook ads, be sure to start off with a small budget (maximum of $50/day) until you are familiar with the system, and are able to monitor your data effectively. 


Printed Flyers for Nonprofits

Even with the emergence of digital tools, printed materials still have their place, particularly in brand promotion. How? Here are a few pros and cons of sticking with the tried and true.


  • Easily distributed to many people, widening your audience

  • Printed flyers are one of the most cost-effective marketing tools, although keep in mind that the price varies largely on how many and what you print

  • Provides an icebreaker for conversation and a personal touch when delivered in-person


  • Manpower and volunteers required to hand flyers

  • Miscalculated quantity of flyers can lead to potential misuse of resources

  • Printed materials can easily be left behind and misplaced

  • Not environmentally friendly especially if your initiative is geared towards saving the environment or going green 

Printed flyers offer a unique way to engage your audience. Utilizing the tactile qualities of paper, printed flyers are an effective tool for nonprofits.

Here are some of the best ways to utilize them:

Door-to-Door Delivery

Handing out printed flyers means that you need to tap into your volunteer base so that they can hand out flyers in person. To be most effective, you need to map out specific areas where volunteers should focus. For example, if your nonprofit focuses on providing educational support to children who have fallen behind in your county due to the pandemic, ensure your volunteers stay in county lines.

how-to-get-the-most-out-of-your-nonprofit-flyers-printedTrish is ready to head door-to-door!

One of the best things about going door to door is that you will have a chance to have a conversation with members of the local community that you are trying to serve. Your volunteers can use this time to engage with people and readily answer questions that might arise. Door-to-door delivery should be seen as a window of opportunity that might lead to meeting a potential donor or new volunteer.

Encourage Action

Donation flyers should have different giving options to give your donors flexibility for fundraising. Digital flyers are often accompanied by a donation link. Physical flyers are more powerful if they also have a way to inspire quick action. To accomplish this, consider providing a link or a QR Code that leads directly to more information about your organization and your donation form. 

Keep in mind that people will donate more if you make it easy for them. Think of it as you only have one chance to connect with donors through flyers and if they want to give money to your nonprofit, they should have easy access to different options. 

Being flexible with your donation options is also important and keep in mind that you will have traditional donors who prefer to give you a check or cash, while also having some who would rather pay with a credit card. Always provide a good mailing address so that they can easily and conveniently mail you the donation through the post, but also include a link to the donation portal.


Best Practices For All Flyers

There are a number of aspects that apply to both digital and printed flyers. A few examples include:

Be Creative

Using flyer templates can be a fun way to create an engaging piece while cutting the time it takes to create the content significantly. Following a brochure template or a fundraiser flyer template is easy enough, but do not let it restrict you from tapping into your creative side! Here are some ways that you can add a creative spin to the overall format:

  • Opt for different shapes instead of the traditional flyer shapes and sizes

  • Experiment with different folding options that will present your information the best way 

  • Use different paper materials for texture

  • Incorporate bright color combinations, an interesting font, and powerful images to break from traditional text

  • Experiment with glossy, matte finishes as well as embossed looks for a 3D effect

Use Images That Are Compelling

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Using high-quality images is an important step that can help with creating a seamless transition between the words on your flyers and the messaging that you want to spread. 

how-to-get-the-most-out-of-your-nonprofit-flyers-best-practicesMatt is searching for compelling media assets for his flyers.

There are plenty of stock photo websites online that you can browse through like Shutterstock and Pexels. If you do not want to use stock photos, you can also use actual photos of your previous fundraising events or action photos of volunteers doing their work. 

Pro Tip: It is important to utilize high quality images in your flyers, as they really make or break your message. If you cannot make them pop, you are better off skipping the graphics entirely.

Use Statistics & Facts

Facts are a great way to build credibility. Statistics can take an abstract idea and make it easier to understand. What kind of facts are most important to share? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Statistics about your nonprofit: you can highlight the number of people that have benefited from your organization

  • Information about your cause: if your nonprofit is involved with building homes for the homeless, you can state a statistic about the number of homeless people in your community, state, or country 

  • Statistics about your volunteers: you can highlight the number of volunteers that you have and how many hours they spend helping your nonprofit

  • Statistics about your donors: the average amount of donation per donor is impactful because this is typically a small to average amount that anybody can afford to give; when giving statistics about donations it is important to note that all donations are important regardless of the amount 

Carefully choosing what statistic to include in your flyer depends on its purpose. Incorporating real-life facts will enable people to feel compelled by your story and move them to action. 

Pro Tip: Pair facts with relevant pictures that help explain the highlighted stats/facts for optimal impact.


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