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If you have not yet employed member spotlights as a means of creating a sense of community and engagement within your organization, you are missing out on a huge opportunity! Fostering connections between your members is so important, and a member spotlight series can help you achieve just that. 

Drafting an effective template is key to bringing a successful member spotlight to fruition. In this article, we discuss:

Let’s go!

Download your renewal letter template for martial arts clubs!


What Is a Member Spotlight?

A member spotlight is a profile of a member within your organization. It can highlight their accomplishments, show appreciation for them, and help them get to know others. Serving so many functions, it is an effective tool in your member engagement strategy.

Pro Tip: You can also share team member spotlights; featuring your staff members can be just as compelling!


What To Include in Your Member Spotlight

Your member spotlight should be all about your chosen member, but you also have to capture your audience’s attention with it. So, while you create a story around your member’s character, consider what will draw others in — both current and potential members alike. Below, we list some general pieces of information to include in your member spotlight. 

member-spotlight-template-what-to-includeLouis is ready to let his members shine in the spotlight!


This item may seem obvious, but it is an important first step to humanizing your member. Your readers will appreciate putting a face to the name; your member’s photo is likely going to be the first thing they see about the feature, so the more compelling the photo, the better.

To get the photo, your member can submit one they like. Or, you can offer to take a few candid or professional shots of them. 

Name, Title, and Field

Your member’s name, title, and field should come next. Their job or employer may be relatable to others. It can also help prospects gauge the influence of your organization's network. 

Membership History 

This information can pave the way for a few types of interactions. For example, if the spotlight is about a member who joined just a few months ago, senior members may reach out to them to welcome them. Or, other new members can bond with them. Additionally, if you spotlight a senior member, it can put them on the radar of new members who are looking for mentorship opportunities. 

Interview Responses 

Now it is time for the meat of the spotlight. You want to ask engaging questions that your member feel comfortable giving real responses to. Start with a few basic inquiries to get them warmed up. 

For example, you can ask about:

  • Their hobbies

  • Their favorite meal

  • Their favorite time of year

  • Their most embarrassing experience

  • Their favorite movie or series

  • Their go-to restaurant

  • Their favorite social media platforms 

Now begin asking questions about their accomplishments, goals, and other characteristics that get to who they are and what they stand for. Here are a few questions to consider: 

  • What is the biggest life lesson you have learned?

  • How do you define success? 

  • Who/what inspires you? 

  • What has your career path looked like so far?

  • What is your favorite part about the industry you work in?

  • What helps your productivity at work?

  • What is one of the greatest challenges you have faced in your career?

  • What do you look for in a company’s culture?

  • What advice can you offer new employees at your company? 

  • What are your biggest accomplishments in your personal or professional life? 

  • What advice can you offer new members of our organization? 

  • What brought you to our organization? 

  • What organization benefits do you enjoy?

Pro Tip: When you are conducting the interview, ask the member’s permission to use a recording device. That way, you can focus on listening as opposed to taking detailed notes. You can also use the recording to find a quick quote to feature.


Member Spotlight Template

You want all of your member spotlights to look similar so that readers know they are connected. That is where a template comes in. A template can also guide the interview process because you already know going in what questions to ask and what information to look for. Check out our member spotlight template below.

Download your renewal letter template for martial arts clubs!

Pro Tip: If you have the resources to record footage and turn it into a video or podcast format, try it out! Seeing or hearing someone speak live about popular topics can be more engaging than reading about them. You can also use the recording to promote the spotlight through social media posts, blog posts, email newsletters, and more.


Final Thoughts

With spotlights, you can foster connections not just between your organization and your members, but also among each other.

member-spotlight-template-final-thoughtsEmily says to not forget your spotlight template above!

With everything you need to include — your member’s picture, name, job title, interview responses, and more — it can be a lot to fit into a small space. Using a template can help you organize your content, making the process of churning out spotlights efficient and seamless.



💡What is a member spotlight?

A member spotlight is when you highlight a member of your organization. You usually interview them and then compile their responses into an article or another form of written content. Find out more. 

🔑 What goes in a member spotlight?

A member spotlight should include basic information, such as the member’s name and job title. Depending on the angle you want to take with the rest of the interview, you can ask about their career or their involvement with your organization. Find out more. 

📝 How can a member spotlight template help?

A member spotlight template can help you stay organized, ensuring that every spotlight you do looks similar. Find out more.

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