How To Create an Impactful Membership Mission Statement for Your Club


One of the first items on your to-do list when you are launching a membership organization is to clearly define your values, goals, and mission. To both attract new members and keep them, you must have a strong understanding of what your club represents. In this guide, we will define a membership mission statement, explain how having one benefits your club, and share tips on drafting one. 

Let’s go! 

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What Is a Membership Mission Statement?

A membership mission statement is a big-picture view of your organization’s purpose (or purposes) condensed into a short and sweet message. It can be as brief as a sentence or as long as a small paragraph. It offers a way to attract potential members, volunteers, and other stakeholders to your organization by showing them that your values align.


Why Should My Organization Have a Mission Statement?

A mission statement is a guiding light for your organization. When you are in the weeds of planning, procedure, and other efforts, your statement can help you reset, bringing you back to your primary driver.

membership-mission-statement-whyMatthew knows a well-crafted mission statement can work wonders!

You can use your mission statement as a byline on your website and an introduction at your events. You can also put it in the bio on each of your organization's social media pages. Communication is the most essential element to recruitment and retention, and this shortened version of your vision, goals, and mission is your best introduction to the public. 

Pro Tip: Using social networking sites is a wonderful way to get the word out there about how your club is targeting its mission. Though these are not your traditional publications, you can grow a large, dedicated following by sharing video, photo, and blog content with professionals, students, donors, members, friends, and others near and far.


How To Draft My Mission Statement 

While each mission statement will be unique to the organization’s core values, we created some basic guidelines to help you get started. 

Know Your Target Audience

You want your mission to resonate with your stakeholders, so learn what they are looking for. You can do this by sending surveys to your founding members to determine what they value. Find out more about what questions to ask your club members here. 

You can also hold membership committee meetings to decide together how to present your core values. Get a strong understanding of what you want your long-term membership to look like, and then draft your mission statement to reflect this. 

Identify Your Organization’s Three Key Elements

There are three elements that you should always include in your organization’s mission statement:

  • Goals: Each goal is a "micro," real-world rendition of your club’s purpose; in other words, the goal represents the growth you wish to achieve.

  • Values: Your core values are the principles and ethics you hold in the highest esteem that contribute to your direction and create your culture. 

  • Purpose: Why does your club exist? Who does it serve? Adding this information to your mission statement will tell people what makes you different from other groups. 

Create a Draft 

To draft a membership mission statement, use the three elements above and the three steps below.

membership-mission-statement-how-to-draftEllie is jotting down ideas for a first draft of her mission statement!

  • Step 1: Define your organizational purpose. Why do you exist? Keep it simple and aspirational. Say that you are forming a hiking club. You may start your member mission by stating: "We seek to share the joy of hiking with our community."

  • Step 2: Explain how your organization will accomplish its goals. What do you hope to achieve? This is an excellent opportunity to explain what makes your club different from other clubs. For example, rolling with the above example, let’s say that your hiking club continues their statement with: "We achieve this by exploring the outdoors, maintaining existing trails, and educating the public."

  • Step 3: State the reason for your actions. As a finale, add your "why" to the statement. In our example, you might say: "We do what we do because we believe that everyone should be able to access and enjoy outdoor spaces." 

Pro Tip: To get some inspiration for your mission statement, look to other brands and nonprofits. You can typically find their statement on their website. All organizations format their mission statements in a similar way, so take advantage of these available examples to help launch your own ideas. 

Get Feedback From Your Stakeholders

When you have a draft of your statement, share and discuss it with your leadership board and other relevant stakeholders. It may take some time to hammer it out to something everyone agrees on, but because a membership mission statement is such an important tool for recruiting and branding, the result is worth your time and effort.


Membership Mission Statement Template 

Your organization’s mission statement will vary from others because it is meant to reflect your own ideals. However, almost every mission statement follows a similar template:

(Organization Name)’s mission is to (Primary Objective) for (Target Audience) by (How).

Simply fill in these blanks, trying to keep it as clear and simple as possible. 


Final Thoughts 

Your membership mission statement is the foundation for the rest of your organization. Before you can answer questions about membership structure, membership pricing, membership benefits, communication strategy, and more, you must have a strong club identity. This is what your mission statement offers. Creating a powerful statement is the first step to starting a successful members-only cub, so invest some time in it. 

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đź’ˇWhat are some examples of mission statements?

You can find example mission statements on any club website. However, one example from the YMCA is: "To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind, and body for all." Find out more. 

🔑 What are the three parts of a mission statement?

The three parts are your organization’s goals, values, and purpose. Find out more. 

đź“ť What is a good mission statement?

A good mission statement is one that shares your club’s values in a coherent and succinct way. It tells the public who you are and engages potential and current members. Find out more.

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