5 Tips for Writing Membership Renewal Letters for Martial Arts Clubs (+ Template)


Even in top membership organizations around the nation, some level of membership churn is the norm. There are so many things competing for an individual’s attention these days that even beloved activities can fall to the wayside. 

To keep your students going strong in their resolve to pursue martial arts, you need to encourage membership renewal. In this guide, we will define membership renewal, provide some strategies for writing a renewal letter, and even share a template you can use. 

Let’s go! 

Download your renewal letter template for martial arts clubs!


What Is Membership Renewal?

Membership keeps your organization thriving; it does not matter how many new people you get to come through the front door if you are losing people out the back. 

Renewal occurs around the time an existing membership is about to lapse. Maybe your student is unaware that their membership is about to end. Or, maybe they need to hear about your new offerings to want to stick around. Either way, this is where membership renewal letters come in. 


How To Write Renewal Letters for Martial Arts Clubs

Using clear communication with engaging information is what makes a successful renewal letter. As you draft your letters, keep these tips in mind.

membership-renewal-letters-for-martial-arts-how-to-writeSalma is ready to get started on her renewal letter!

Start With an Impactful Subject Line

Your subject line is the first thing that your member will see. The average office worker receives around 120 emails daily, so your letter cannot come across as too salesy. Otherwise, your student may delete it, or their email might send it to spam. 

To engage your reader, personalize the subject line with their name. You also want to keep it short and punchy. Emails with a six-to-10-word subject line have the highest open rate. Additionally, since four out of 10 emails are opened on a mobile app, you do not want your subject line to be so long that it gets cut off.

With the above tips in mind, here are a few subject line examples:

  • [Name], your access to training ends in just [Number] days.

  • [Name], you have come so far with your training! Renew for another year.

  • [Name], check out this special offer for more training time!

Include a Thank You

People want to feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves. Martial arts often bring people together in such a way that they become more than just a team of students, but a family. Convey that feeling in the salutation of your letter by thanking the recipient for being a member of your family.

Personalize the Message 

If you have CRM software, this tip is quick and easy to implement. With a CRM database, you have the information and automation to:

  • Note their class attendance record

  • Congratulate them on their belt or rank

  • Reference their start date

  • Mention their payment history

  • Document their event or tournament participation

  • And more!

Pro Tip: Depending on the CRM software you have, it might also be able to track the engagement data of your letters. For example, the software could keep track of the number of membership renewals that come in after you send the letters.

Request a Renewal

Now it is time to inquire about renewal. Like we mentioned in the first section, some students may need information on what else you can offer them in order to consider renewal. Because you cannot tell those students apart from the ones that just need a reminder, you need to mention in all of your letters what more they can take advantage of. Maybe they can:

  • Take more classes 

  • Cross over into another discipline

  • Get one-on-one training

  • Attend more tournaments

  • Use new equipment

End your offerings with links to your website where they can learn more and sign up. 

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A scenario that is more rare but worth noting is that of a member who has shared that they are having financial difficulties. You do not want to lose them, but they may not be able to continue at their current membership level. Communicate that their participation is important to your association, and offer the same tier or other tiers for lower membership fees. It is better to downgrade a member than to lose them altogether, if doing so is within your financial means.

Share Your Value 

Finally, close out your message with the intangible benefits your organization has to offer, such as the comradery and sense of community of martial arts or the importance of fitness. If listing your offerings was not enough to convince them, maybe mentioning your value will be. 

Pro Tip: Pay attention to when you send your membership renewal letters. Postal letters require at least a week or two to both get to your members and give them time to consider renewal. As people are often on their emails on weekday afternoons, send any renewal emails during this time. 


Renewal Letter Template for Martial Arts Clubs

To get you started, we have a sample letter that incorporates the above strategies. Feel free to tweak this document to make it work for your own martial arts club.

Download your renewal letter template for martial arts clubs!


Final Thoughts 

Sending membership reminder emails or letters is an easy yet effective way to keep your members involved in your martial arts organization. Oftentimes, students leave simply because their expiration date passes without acknowledgement from the club. 

While no club is going to have 100% retention, by taking the initiative with a reminder letter, you can minimize your membership churn and keep your service thriving



💡How long should the subject line of my membership renewal letter be?

A subject line that is less than 10 words long is more likely to lead to an opened email. Find out more. 

🔑 What best practices should I use to write my membership renewal letters?

We recommend spending time on the subject line, saying thank you, personalizing the copy, asking for renewal, and mentioning your value. Find out more. 

📝 What can I offer students who are unsure about renewing their martial arts membership?

You can remind students about any new services you offer or any old services they have not take advantage of yet. For example, maybe you started teaching new classes for another type of martial arts. Find out more.

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