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Everything You Need To Build The Best Nonprofit Marketing Campaigns


The people who stumble across the name of your nonprofit are the people who will eventually make up your supporter base. So how do you get the name of your nonprofit out there? How do you compel people to look into what your nonprofit has to offer? That is to say: what are the best ways for you to reach your growing audience?

Yes, many organizations exist to serve a social purpose, but that is no reason to shy away from communication and marketing that will help you reach your goals! In this article, you will learn all about how to create effective marketing campaigns for use in your nonprofit marketing plan that will stay true to your nonprofit's commitment to honesty and integrity. We will discuss different types of campaigns, what exactly you need to get started, and how to grow your nonprofit to new heights!

Let’s go!


What is a Nonprofit Marketing Campaign? 

Oxford Dictionary defines a marketing campaign as "an organized course of action to promote and sell a product or service." When you want to increase awareness around your mission and the ways in which you aid your community, a marketing campaign is a great way to put your name out there. Using tried-and-true methods of garnering the interest of your audience, you encourage a long-term connection with them.

You may think marketing is for professionals, but it does not have to be. Come up with relevant goals and set about a viable way to achieve them.

For a nonprofit, your biggest goals might revolve around increasing memberships and donations. Perhaps you can utilize surveys for nonprofit organizations to gather information about the average experience of users on your website, or by simply increasing awareness around your brand. To achieve any of these objectives in a minimal amount of time, you will want to create a marketing campaign. There are many tools that can help you with this, so you will not have to do it all yourself!


What Types of Campaigns are Best-Suited to Nonprofits?

In truth, there is really no perfect or one-size-fits-all solution. You may shy away from things that seem too commercialized or corporate, but you can remain true to your intentions while spreading the word about your amazing organization.

best-nonprofit-marketing-campaigns-what-typesTristan is deep in thought on what kind of campaign his nonprofit should launch.

Depending on your budget limitations, your objectives, and the target audience, there are some commonly employed channels you can use:

Email campaigns: This could mean a set of regularly scheduled newsletters, or they could be specifically designed based on what is happening in your organization at the time.

Texting campaigns: Yes, you really can use texting for nonprofits to send promotional campaigns right to the cell phones of your potential donors. These are often utilized to communicate time-sensitive transactional offers, like a reduced price on a membership for the next 24 hours. 

Organic and inorganic social media campaigns: An organic approach to social media marketing means that your goal is to generate engagement over time. For example, post photos or statuses that reach your followers. Consider including hashtags that reach beyond your supporters so that when people search for that hashtag, your post will show up. Inorganic campaigns use paid methods, like advertisements and sponsorships of influencers, to target potential followers and convert them into members. Influencers create user-generated content that is personable and engaging; if an influencer likes something, their followers will be inclined to like it too. Using social media to reach a larger audience is likely to make any resultant followers into donors; by placing an emphasis on this marketing strategy, you can reach people nationally and perhaps internationally.

Advertising campaigns: Ads are relevant to both online and offline nonprofit advertising campaigns. SEA (search engine advertising) allows you to optimize your content based on what people are searching on Google the most often. The Google Ad Grants for nonprofits program can help you a ton with visibility on Google, for free! 

PR campaigns: Public relations campaigns are designed to generate traffic by expanding an organization’s reach via media. PR for nonprofits can function around nonprofit fundraising and events that bring awareness to your nonprofit. Such events may have specifically defined objectives that work towards achieving goals or celebrating members and donors. Do not forget to take pictures!

The list goes on! There are unlimited methods of reaching your audience, so it is up to you to find relevant channels to achieve your goals. There is paper marketing, with brochures and fliers, and of course, street teams can be employed as well! Keep an eye on sector trends. For example, are other nonprofits in your sector utilizing content marketing? Keep your eyes peeled for any clever marketing campaigns you notice as you go about your daily life. 

Pro Tip: Step up your Google maps for nonprofits game and ensure you get set up with Google My Business so you are visible to your local target audience. Even if you do not have an actual physical office, it can still be entirely worth it to ensure that you can also generate visibility from this much used platform. If you have already done this step, make sure all of your information is up to date, accurate, and includes some pictures!


How to Create Nonprofit Campaigns That Actually Work?

Consider creating marketing campaigns as an extension of your love for and devotion to the work that you do. While your nonprofit’s campaign is going to be a unique reflection of the change you wish to effect in the world, most successful marketing campaigns contain these 4 elements:

  • Objectives that have been decided on before the launch of the campaign. 

  • Goals are reachable, and measurable, and plans are adhered to throughout the project. 

  • Clearly defined target audience.

  • CTAs that are simple, unique, and visible.

Pro Tip: Sometimes the excitement of a new idea drives you to aim for the earliest launch possible. It is definitely a wonderful thing to have momentum, but be sure to do things in an efficient order. First, you always want to prepare and define your objectives, then you search for the most relevant ways to achieve them. Otherwise, there is a high risk that you’ll miss your target. 


Final Thoughts

Marketing campaigns are like awareness campaigns. They are opportunities to guide volunteers, nonprofit professionals, and potential sponsors to your nonprofit. Readers of social media posts become followers and followers often become volunteers. Marketing might just be the key to spreading awareness around the cause your nonprofit stands for and how others can help. It may be the difference between a small following and a large one!


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