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Why and How To Use Nonprofit Email Templates (+ Free Templates)


For just a moment, imagine how many emails your nonprofit has sent in the totality of its existence. It is probably a lot! Hopefully, you track statistics for all aspects of your nonprofit email marketing. When you are sending out custom emails and updates for marketing on a regular basis, it can be a massive helper when you have templates for each kind of message. Creating these easy-to-use guidelines around your email process can save you time, without sacrificing any authenticity. 

New member? Choose your welcome email template, pop in a picture, fill out their specifics, and boom! Looking for volunteers for a fundraising event? Pull up your recruiting template and write in some info about the event, send it out, and you are done. There is no need to take too much time or agonize over every single message when you can streamline the process, so let’s talk about how! 


What Makes A Great Nonprofit Email Template?

Great nonprofit email templates have three key components. They are visually attractive, contain important content, and have a clear CTA (call to action).


The best email design incorporates simple designs with engaging imagery. Any fonts used should be easy to read. Incorporating bright colors, art or other graphics, engaging language, or perhaps pictures add value and complement the overall effect. The layout should be nice to look at, catch the reader’s attention, and should not be overly wordy.


In addition to the appealing visual nature of the template, the subject matter should always be directly relevant to the purpose of the email. If the reason is fundraising education, the information should stick to fundraising. Mixing multiple messages in a single email dilutes your overall message.

nonprofit-email-templates-what-makesCorinne is ready to start leveraging email templates!

Call To Action

The best emails have a clear CTA that encourages the reader to take action right from their inbox. The call to action could be something that can be utilized in various templates and may act as a slogan in some instances. 


Why Should You Use Email Templates For Your Organization?

Are you wondering how this applies to you? First, realize that no matter how many emails you send, one of the most important aspects to consider is how consistent they are. When members and donors receive regular communications from your organization you, and your mission, remain top-of-mind. When you use templates, you:

  • Save time while still sending out a useful amount of emails, which allows you to keep stress levels down while still reaching out regularly

  • Create brand consistency and cohesive energy in your organization

  • Scale the efficiency of each email by trying them out on various audiences, tracking results, adjusting, and trying again without having to reinvent the email 

  • Give yourself the opportunity to transfer the templates to other chapters, sharing the benefits with more of your nonprofit while creating added consistency 

Pro Tip: Sending out enough emails is important, but be sure not to send too many! If your approach is to flood the inbox of the people on your list, you run the risk of being overlooked as spam, or worse, being filed into their junk folder by the email algorithms. Test out different frequencies, track your results, and find a happy medium that works for your organization!


Different Types Of Email Templates Your Nonprofit Should Have

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most important templates to have. There are numerous formats and nonprofit email examples to consider, but for now, just consider the main purpose of having these handy. 

Welcome Emails

Did you know that your welcome letters have much higher rates of being opened than many of the emails in your viewer’s inbox? According to Experian, welcome emails have an open rate of nearly 58%! Better yet, did you know they have a higher rate of converting into donations? Your welcome letter should have a few short paragraphs that include key statistics, contact information, and any upcoming actions as well as a simple yet sincere "thank you," and a clear CTA. 

nonprofit-email-templates-welcome-emailEmily always appreciates a good welcome email.


A newsletter is a great way to notify the people on your list about what is happening in your organization. Provide an option to opt-in to receive these early on and your audience might choose to stay tuned in. It is a good plan to keep the same design template and update the content regularly (e.g., each month or at whatever interval makes sense for your organization) to keep your audience engaged. 

"Thank You" Emails

There are so many situations in which it is a great idea to say "thank you." However, donations are probably the key driver. You want to have templates specially made for volunteers, donors, members, or even just people who opt-in to your newsletter. 

Pro Tip: To keep your outreach to a reasonable level, consider combining the thank you email with a donation receipt.

Fundraising Information

Emails are a great way to notify your community about a new fundraiser, and since you are likely to have a lot of them over the lifetime of your organization, it is a great idea to have templates handy to update for each one. Include a space for the most important info, like where the money is going and the length of time donations will be accepted

Event Invitations

Everyone in the nonprofit world is busy. Working on upcoming events can add to the daily stress. Utilizing a template allows you to notify the public about your event without pulling you away from more important organizational tasks. Just pull up the template, plug in the info for the current fundraiser, and send it all out. While location and timing information is a given, consider whether requesting invitees to RSVP is necessary to help your organization plan for the right number of attendees.

Volunteer Recruitment 

When you want to find people to help you orchestrate an event, you might want to begin with the people in your community. The template should have space for all the important event info along with what will be expected of your volunteers. 

Questions & Surveys 

Surveys are a valuable method of getting data directly from your audience. You could create a questionnaire template to be sent out to attendees after any event, you can just determine the specifics for each situation. Fill in blank spaces with anything you are wondering about, and leave some spaces clearly intended for the reader to respond. 


3 Examples Of Templates For Nonprofit Emails 

If you need to see an example or two in practice, do not worry! We will send you off with an in-depth look at how you might choose to format these pieces:

Fundraising Email Template

Hey there, [First Name]!

Did you know that we have been diligently raising funds for [insert fundraising cause] for [length of time since start of fundraiser]? There is less than [number of days] left to pitch in your support for [insert fundraising cause]. To meet our goal, we need about [dollar amount] more, so we are almost there! Help us serve [beneficiary] that much more, with your generosity. We are so grateful our nonprofit is filled with people like you, [First Name].

Signed with love, [name].


Event Email Template

Dear [First Name],

We wanted to take a moment to invite you to our latest event, [event name]. There will be plenty of time to [main event], socialize, and learn more about the impact our organization has! It would mean so much to us if you paid us a visit. All the proceeds are going to [beneficiary], and we are so proud to serve them. 

So do not be afraid to let us know! Will you be there? We hope so! Meet us at [event location] from [start time to end time]. We look forward to seeing you!

Sincerely, [name].


Welcome Email Template

Hi [First Name], 

We are so glad to have you as a member of our community. You are joining an amazing community of [value proposition of organization].

You will receive regular updates showing you [update value]. You can also follow up online at [include a link to the organization’s website and or social media handle(s)], where you can learn more about [mission].

Thank you for supporting [organization name].

Signed with care, [name and branding of your organization]. 


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