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10 of the Best Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Platforms in 2022


In the world of nonprofit donation campaigns, peer-to-peer fundraising has taken the lead as one of the most popular tactics an organization can employ to get the word out about their mission. Using a peer-to-peer fundraising format allows nonprofits to have enormous reach, and is just as effective at spreading mission awareness as it is collecting donations. In order to maximize the impact this type of campaign can have, it is important to explore the various platforms on which peer-to-peer fundraisers arise, so you can choose the right one for your nonprofit.

In this article, we will take a closer look at what a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign entails, as well as offer tips for choosing the best fundraising platforms. Finally, to eliminate any guesswork, we will share our top 10 favorites for 2022! 

Let’s go!

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What is Peer-to-Peer Fundraising?

Peer-to-peer fundraising is a type of fundraising that encourages nonprofit supporters to reach out to their own social networks to request donations on behalf of the organization. 

When a nonprofit starts a campaign, they generally create a page for the event on a fundraising platform, then they recruit members, staff, past donors, and other stakeholders to launch their own personal fundraising pages which are connected to the main event page. These participants then gather contributions from their family, friends, and social media followers. 

An example of peer-to-peer fundraising is the well-known Susan G Komen 3-Day. Over the course of this event, participants walk 60 miles to help raise money to fund research for and aid those living with breast cancer. Leading up to the walk, participants gather as many donations as possible, and they must commit to raising $2,300. They do so by hosting their own event page, by requesting donations from their friends and family in person, and more.

peer-to-peer-fundraising-platforms-what-isCorinne is excited to educate herself on peer-to-peer fundraising platforms!

Peer-to-peer fundraising statistics demonstrate that this type of fundraising strategy is extremely effective because it widens the typical reach of a nonprofit. With traditional fundraising, your organization will reach the usual people–previous donors, members, and other people who are already aware of your mission. Peer-to-peer fundraising, in contrast, harnesses the power of social networks, and empowers each participant to reach a whole new group of potential supporters. 


What to Look for When Purchasing a Fundraising Platform

The most important thing you can do for your nonprofit when first diving into peer-to-peer fundraising is, as with most other endeavors, to choose a fundraising platform that narrows down the work you need to do  in order to make a highly personalized, unique, and effective campaign come to life. In this regard, the customer service of the platform you choose should be frequently available and certainly helpful, as they need to be able to answer any questions you have along the way.

Simplify Your Work 

When it comes to choosing a peer-to-peer fundraising software that best supports your campaign, there are some notable features you want to look out for. These include a user-friendly interface, mobile optimization, simple customization, and tools that can help you take your fundraiser to the next level. Some of these tools are:

  • The ability to bundle purchases like event tickets or merchandise with donations 

  • The ability to embed videos and livestreams 

  • The ability to view fundraising progress for both fundraisers and admins

  • Payment processing across a wide variety of cards and payment apps

Ideally, the fundraising platform you choose should make learning how to do all of the above easy. It should simplify and condense the work your nonprofit needs to do in order to make your peer-to-peer campaign come to life. Your fundraisers will also help simplify your efforts: running a peer-to-peer campaign is a nice break from traditional fundraising because you can really lean into the delegation aspect. There is no need to scramble for donors and vendors, hire event planners, or schedule a series of endless strategy meetings. As long as your fundraisers are autonomous and independent, and you provide them with enough direction, your nonprofit will have much less to micromanage. And the best part about having so many people involved in achieving one fundraising goal is that the enormous level of success they can accomplish together is really a product of each individual putting in a very manageable, feasible amount of work. Utilizing a fundraising format like this essentially allots you more time to do the work that will bring your nonprofit’s vision to life. 

High Quality Customer Support

It is certain that the more administrative features and tools you can find in a fundraising platform, the better off your nonprofit will be. But have you considered how important the support you get from your platform’s customer service team is? The customer service your platform provides should be excellent since it acts as an intermediary between you and your fundraisers. It is quite literally the communication channel that makes peer-to-peer fundraising possible. Make sure customer service is high on the priority list of the fundraising platform you choose.


10 of the Best Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Platforms

Researching fundraising platforms can be time-consuming - and not to mention overwhelming. We know you want to get right down to the business of running your campaign, so in order to expedite the process, we have picked our top 10 favorite platforms, and provided an overview of what they offer

peer-to-peer-fundraising-platforms-ten-best-platformsSam is ready to take notes on the best peer-to-peer fundraising platforms!


Main Features: Among other types of fundraising platforms, Donately offers a peer-to-peer option that is very simple to design and can be created and launched in just minutes. This makes it especially easy for your participants to create and share their individual donation page with their social network. 


  • Creates attractive page that is easy to set up

  • Can be easily linked via applications like Wordpress and Constant Contact

  • Recurring gifts option 

  • Responsive customer service team


  • Not a whole lot of options for customization

  • No smooth integration of contact information to nonprofit database

Pricing: The paid version starts at $588 per year (4% with several tiers that scale with your nonprofit organization). There is also a free version available. 


Main Features: This software brings together fundraising tools, donor management, tracking and reporting, and donor communication in one place, to provide ease of use for the administrative tasks of peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns. 


  • The software is easy to navigate

  • Easy integration 

  • Excellent customer service


  • Does not offer as much on the CRM side as other programs, though easily integrates with most major programs

  • Does not generate automatic receipts for Canadian users

Pricing: Starting from $100 per month, based on the number of contacts. 


Main Features: Designed to manage several virtual or live fundraising events at a time, OneCause offers a variety of tools to streamline and simplify your peer-to-peer fundraising campaign. This includes things like streaming video, reporting and analytics, online auction and sales, campaign management, and online and phone support. 


  • Attractive aesthetics for page design

  • Seamless reporting and analytics features

  • Easy to navigate, even for less computer-savvy users


  • Customer service is not always responsive

  • Higher cost compared to other platforms (according to users)

  • Price is undisclosed 

Pricing: Prices are not disclosed online; you have to get in touch with a sales representative for more information.   


Main Features: Bonfire offers easy-to-use and adaptable software to maximize results. Strong evaluation tools coupled with flexibility make this platform a real administrative time-saver for nonprofits. 


  • Very intuitive and easy to use

  • Automated RFPs make proposal evaluation effortless

  • Responsive customer service team


  • Can be difficult to submit bids

  • Pricing is undisclosed 

Pricing: As with OneCause, prices are not disclosed online, and you have to get in touch with a sales representative for more information.   


Main Features: Offers strong CRM performance, with an easy-to-use email builder and mail merge, fundraising dashboards with easy-to-view data, and flexible query tools. Salsa helps you create individual and team fundraising pages, which is highly applicable to some types of fundraisers. 


  • Effective and easy database management

  • Thorough training available to navigate tools and features

  • Offers templated coaching emails that can inform and encourage your fundraisers 


  • Does not offer direct debit donation processing

  • Automatic receipt feature not available in Canada 

  • Pricing is undisclosed 

Pricing: The full price of this fundraising platform is undisclosed. There is no free version or free trial available for this option. 


Main Features: QGiv offers unlimited users access to unlimited tools and support with the mission to make it easy for nonprofits to expand their digital fundraising programs. Features include online donation forms, text giving, outbound messaging, strong peer-to-peer fundraising tools, and support for auction events. Easily integrates with leading CRM and email management tools. 


  • Extremely customizable donation forms, included option to send a digital tribute card

  • Events can be easily embedded into an existing website

  • Offers continual improvements and upgrades to their platform


  • Integrations can be difficult to manage

  • Does not offer the opportunity to save and restore previous peer-to-peer team pages

  • Cost can be prohibitive for smaller nonprofits

Pricing: There is a free version available. Paid memberships start at $25 depending on the features you want, and discounts are offered for quarterly subscription. For peer-to-peer fundraising access, the price is $229 per month or $597 per quarter. 


Main Features: Fully committed to fundraising management, Classy offers tools to boost crowdfunding and peer-to-peer campaigns, event management and registration, and one-time or recurring donations. Since its creation in 2011, Classy has helped raise over 3 billion dollars for nonprofits around the world. 

peer-to-peer-fundraising-platforms-ten-best-platformsAll these great options have Sadie doing her happy dance!


  • Easy to launch donation pages

  • Simple, user-friendly customization for any kind of campaign

  • Attractive templates and customizations for peer-to-peer fundraising pages


  • Does not accept either bank ACH or PayPal. 

  • Users are unable to cancel their subscription until the next renewal date rolls around

  • Pricing is undisclosed

Pricing: Prices are not disclosed online, and you have to get in touch with a sales representative for more information.


Main Features: CauseVox offers an all-in-one solution for managing a variety of donation campaigns, including CRM tools to track contributions, leaderboards, and peer-to-peer fundraising email template for running pain-free events. 


  • Easy customization available to match company branding

  • Responsive customer service team

  • Easy tracking of online and offline donations to show progression toward goals

  • Lower price point than many competitors


  • Charges fees on donations on top of monthly subscription cost

  • Site navigation can be confusing

Pricing: Monthly billing with no contracts, starting at $155 per month after free trial. Free version also available. 

Greater Giving

Main Features: This software allows you to streamline your fundraising strategy by offering tools to automate and track metrics for your campaign all in one place. It can help you create an attractive website, accommodate online payments, send emails out to all of your supporters, and more.


  • Offers a thermometer view that tracks giving and displays results in real time. 

  • Strong customer support


  • Peer-to-peer fundraising feature can be difficult to use

  • Using the reports requires a certain level of expertise, not really user-friendly

  • Price is undisclosed 

Pricing: Once more, prices are not disclosed online, and you have to get in touch with a sales representative for more information.

Fundraise Up

Main Features: This platform offers a variety of donor engagement tools that integrate seamlessly into your nonprofit website, and also accepts all payment methods: all major cards, payment platforms, cryptocurrency, and stock donations. 


  • Automated thank you emails and receipts

  • Simple and intuitive set up 


  • Some users did not like the number of steps required to capture data

Pricing: Must contact the vendor for pricing, however there are no contracts or subscription fees. Price is taken from a percentage of donations. 


Main Features: Optimized for both desktop and mobile, Givelify offers a centralized dashboard from which you can manage your fundraising campaign. Set goals, view analytics, and track donations, all while gaining insights into your supporter’s giving trends. 


  • App with easily viewable donation history, easy for supporters to use

  • Very user-friendly


  • Weekend customer support unavailable

  • Donors can’t edit profiles after initial set up 

Pricing: 2.9% + $0.30 transaction fee. No sign up or monthly fees, and no free trial. However, Givelify does offer a free version. 


Final Thoughts

When it comes time to run your nonprofit’s peer-to-peer fundraising campaign, the more administrative tasks you can delegate to a software program, the better. The beauty of a peer-to-peer fundraising event is its simplicity - supporters and social media take on the brunt of the work, allowing staff to put their energy into other important tasks or fundraising strategies.

There is a lot of variety to be found in fundraising platforms, meaning that there is a choice for every nonprofit. Some offer more features and tools, with price tags to reflect this - but they may be ideal for mid sized and larger nonprofits. Others may offer simpler tools, but be a great value for small or start up organizations. Decide which features are most important for your company, and then shop for the best match for your needs. With a peer-to-peer fundraising platform behind your efforts, your nonprofit’s next campaign is sure to be a huge success. 

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💡What is peer to peer fundraising software?

This software is designed to support the needs of running a P2P fundraising campaign. Often it is part of a larger platform that is designed to help set up a variety of donation events. Using this software you can create a main event page and offer easy set-up for your supporters to create their own individual donation pages. Find out more. 

🔑 How do you fundraise peer-to-peer?

Peer to peer fundraising is a form of fundraising that relies on your supporters (previous donors, staff, members, etc.) to use individual donation pages to collect donations from their own social networks. Find out more. 

📝What is the difference between crowdfunding and peer-to-peer fundraising?

Peer-to-peer fundraising is an elevated form of crowdfunding. Crowdfunding would be if a nonprofit created a donation page and asked everyone in their own network to donate to a cause. P2P takes it a step further by asking each supporter to reach out to their own friend and family groups to collect donations on behalf of the organization. Find out more.