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Springly & Edeni: A Digital Transition


Edeni believes in a fairer, healthier, more sustainable world. Born in 2018, their social club was created to support the organization’s most dedicated members in promoting their ecological mission. Its founders were brought together out of a mutual sense of duty to the planet and our environment, questioning our habits of today in order to provide a better world for future generations.

Standing 60 members strong, the organization is a fountain of knowledge for any business, group, or individual searching for actionable advice on the green transition. From organizing events to releasing bundles of informative content (e.g. white papers, news podcasts, and blog articles), Edeni has become an encyclopedia for all things zero waste and nature conservation. 

We sat down with the club’s secretary, Lola Dubois, to get a better insight into how Springly helped her club take the first and last steps towards a completed digital transition.  

Let’s see what she had to say! 


Searching for Help

A social butterfly by nature, Lola naturally took to recruiting and engaging with her club’s volunteers on the side of her usual daily tasks. However, as the club grew, each day became a balancing act, where Lola was left managing a steady group of volunteers, while organizing events and handling offline payments.

Needless to say, she was spread too thin.

Lola stayed committed to the club in the face of all this adversity as she knew that all it would take is a simple, all-in-one tool to relieve her of her never-ending workload. So, the search began.

One of Lola’s most pressing needs was to launch a website on which she could create, display, and automate numerous event campaigns. But without any former web design training, and a limited set of technical skills, Lola knew simplicity was going to be the key in her decision making.


"I had a lot of needs and they were all quite varied. So, in order to save time and effort, simplicity was what I was striving for."

After exploring several different types of software and conducting rigorous tests on each, Lola was seeing a consistent problem with all of them: her full list of needs could not be solved with just one tool.

Just as she was about to throw in the towel, Lola discovered Springly. And after a quick browse through the website, she embarked on her free trial.


Getting Started With Springly 

Lola and her team had found the simple, all-in-one management tool they had been looking for, in Springly.

"Anyone can pick up the software without any prior training. It's intuitive and easy to use, even with all the subtleties that come with such a sophisticated product."

Lola started by filling out her contact database with all the club’s members before delegating access rights to 4 different administrators.

She then moved onto the website and in just a few days, Edeni Social Club was completely set up with its own online presence. As Lola found out, Springly's "drag and drop" system simplifies the website building process and makes for a quick but accurate way to customize website pages.

"The website tool is so convenient and easy to get started. In a very short period of time, I was able to set up our site."


Discovering the Power of Online Payment 

Lola created her first club event with Springly and watched as the list of registrants came rolling in via her automated registration process. Allowing attendees to sign-up online, simply, and without need for Lola’s intervention, made for a huge influx of first-time registrants.

What’s more, once on the site, these new participants were compelled to take a tour of Edeni Social Club’s stylish new website. Lola was killing two birds with one stone: obtaining more event attendees while increasing visibility of her club’s mission.

Even the follow-up process, which was usually long and drawn-out, had been streamlined. With a live track record of every registrant’s payment status and payment type at her fingertips, Lola was now able to identify exactly who needed a little nudge when it came to finalizing their payments.

Rather than dig through a contact list to do this, hounding attendees over the phone for missed payments, Lola simply issued personalized reminders at the click of a button. And upon payment, her attendees received automatic receipts and e-tickets delivered directly to their inbox.

Lola was officially removed from the follow-up process and was now able to regain control of her mounting task load.

"Online payments and online sign-ups are a clear time saver, especially when combined with Springly’s automated follow-up system. Since we have a small but busy team, there is room for time-consuming tasks." 

Blog_Intercalaires_bleu-401Following Up With Hard Data

Once everything was in order, Lola wanted to see the fruits of her labor. To do this, she used Springly’s integration with Google Analytics to track the number of visits to her website. For everything else, including email clicks and sales made, Lola employed Springly’s own, purpose-built statistics feature.

As a result, trends could be spotted, improvements could be made, and forecasts could be set for the future. Edeni Social Club was becoming an organization to be reckoned with. 

A Final Word

Since guiding Lola and her team through a complete digital overhaul of their organization, Edeni Social Club has done away with manual, labor-intensive tasks. Transformed from non-tech-experts into software whizzes, they now reap the benefits of a highly automated and integrated management system.

Today, the Edeni Social Club continues to grow with the help of Springly, by investing their time into what matters most - developing their ecological mission.  


Springly is trusted by over 15,000 nonprofits to help them run their organizations on a daily basis. Try it, test it, love it with a 14-day free trial!


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