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13 Resource Websites for Nonprofits


The internet is a wonderful collection of free resources that we can use to help us throughout our nonprofit journey, and many of us do exactly that. However, with so many options out there it can be challenging to find reliable resources with the exact elements you are searching for. To combat this, we found the 13 best resource websites, and broke them down into four main categories:

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General & Legal

Because utilizing incorrect information might be detrimental to your cause, any general or legal information that you are looking for should come from reputable sources. If you are unsure where to begin, don’t worry! We have taken the hard work out of the search process and found a few gems for you.

#1 National Council of Nonprofits

This trusted resource is an advocate of nonprofits in general and works to connect organizations with the latest information on governmental policies and other current events impacting the sector. The National Council of Nonprofits is a source to keep all nonprofits informed and empowered to advocate on relevant policies. The group boasts of 25,000 members which are considered the largest network of nonprofits in the United States. 

The Council’s goal is to identify trends, share best practices, and promote solutions that would benefit other organizations and best serve the communities that they are in. The Council is the only national infrastructure group that is focused on the health of small and mid-sized charities. 

#2 IRS

While you may think of the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) as only the place to find basic tax documents, in recent years their website has grown to be an excellent resource for nonprofit legal compliance.

The IRS page, with its surprisingly straightforward web design, provides information to help nonprofit leaders understand their filing requirements. The IRS includes variations for different types of nonprofit entities and provides detailed instructions, copies of forms, and even an example by form type for different sections or categories of organizations.

A key component of maintaining organizational credibility is following all related guidelines around tax filings and formation documentation. The IRS homepage is the best place to understand all of these requirements. 

#3 Springly

We cannot create an article on awesome nonprofit resources without mentioning ourselves! Springly is an all-in-one management software to save nonprofits time so they can focus on what they love, their mission. By having all of the tools you need to run your nonprofit in one place, you save time and money, allowing you to grow your nonprofit in new ways.

the-13-best-websites-for-nonprofits-to-use-as-a-resource-springlyAnthony may have just a slight bias towards Springly. Who can blame him!

Springly can also help you communicate with your members better, which will help with member retention. With over 50 tools, Springly has everything that you need to help grow your nonprofit. Our blog is also a great place for nonprofit leaders to access templates for nonprofits and discover relevant information for all aspects of organizational management. 


Nonprofit News

We live in a world where information is constantly changing, which means that obtaining information is also a faster process. Keeping up to date with the current nonprofit news allows leaders to analyze trends and implement fresh ideas to widen both their fundraising efforts and their volunteer base.

#4: The Chronicle of Philanthropy

This widely-known news source is perfect for those looking for an array of content for the industry. Look no further to find information from technology to obtaining corporate support for your mission. The site also has downloadable tools to support nonprofit operations.

Understanding the current news and events surrounding the nonprofit world is instrumental in helping your organization prepare for pending changes. 

#5: The Nonprofit Times

The publication has been around in some format for 31 years and is a popular resource for best practices that can be applied across various organizations. They provide different tips and advice concerning industry news and research which includes accounting and daily operational advice for your staff. 

The Nonprofit Times can also help you keep up with the newer trends that you can employ in your organization. The Special Reports section of the site offers a quick look at trends impacting nonprofits in spades such as funder activity changes related to the pandemic, top philanthropy trends, and changes and church giving.  

#6: Institute for Nonprofit News

The Institute for Nonprofit News is unique because its platform supports and strengthens more than 360 independent news organizations which are primarily dedicated to nonprofits and public service entities. The website’s mission is to build a nonprofit news network that makes sure that all members of the community have access to trusted and accurate news. The pillars of the website include fair journalism and public service that will benefit local communities. 

#7: Philanthropy News Digest

The Philanthropy News Digest is a daily news service that is managed by The Foundation Center. This resource presents a collection of philanthropic articles. 

the-13-best-websites-for-nonprofits-to-use-as-a-resource-philanthropy-newsEmily is loving these resource websites!

One great feature of this website is that it publishes nonprofit and foundation job openings. You can also see RFPs or requests for proposals listings which are opportunities for funding opened by grantmakers and other nonprofit organizations. Additionally, they have a sister website called PhilanTopic, which is more geared towards opinions about the nonprofit industry. 



Marketing can be quite specialized when it comes to nonprofits because you are not selling a physical product but rather, a common cause that people can relate to. Impactful marketing leads to greater donations, a wider volunteer base, and an expanded awareness of your mission. If you are wondering whether you need a CMS or a custom domain, looking to revamp your logo, or wondering whether you need the latest and greatest plugins or apps, start with the following sites.

#8: The Storytelling Nonprofit

Worried about the downside of webinars, the pricing? Well, The Storytelling Nonprofit is a series of free webinars held over the course of a week-long conference, which is hosted by nonprofit experts. The experts share different ways on how you can use storytelling to tie in fundraising, strengthen your communications to increase engagement in the community, and ultimately strengthen your ability to raise funds. 

The Storytelling Nonprofit upholds the belief that personalized stories can invoke emotions and establish a common ground of shared experiences between people and your nonprofit. This enables people to fully understand what you are passionate about and make long-lasting connections with people through storytelling.

#9: Canva

Making superb images to accompany your marketing materials no longer needs a degree in graphic design for nonprofits. Canva offers templates for nonprofits that allows even beginners to look like professionals. Canva also assists users to create premium, professional-quality images to support their message and missions. 

Want even more great news? Well, Canva’s pro version is available for free for qualifying nonprofits. Social media for nonprofits can be tricky. However, whether you are developing material for social posts or are looking to create a logo, flyers, or other printed copy like posters, business cards, newsletters, or direct mailers, Canva has a template or other support needed to design top-quality nonprofit materials.   

#10: FireSpring

Since we live in a digital age, having an engaging and easy-to-use website should be on top of every nonprofits’ list of priorities. This will enable the organization to have higher visibility in, and out of, their respective communities. Being digitally connected to people who are not in close proximity to you can be life-changing. Visibility leads to awareness, which drives members, donors, and support for your nonprofit.

Firespring is a website aimed at helping you to capitalize on digital branding for your mission-driven website so that more people can get to know your cause. Whether you are trying to build an engaging nonprofit marketing plan, develop a partner program, or are focused on a specific giving day event, the site provides different tools and meeting spaces that nonprofits can utilize.



The number one goal of every Nonprofit is concentrating their fundraising efforts and making it effective and seamless for donors. The following sites go a step past suggesting the addition of a donation page to your site. They offer helpful tips to strengthen fundraising so that your organization can have a greater impact. 

#11: The Fundraising Authority

The Fundraising Authority realizes that the biggest pain point of nonprofits is raising funds. Because of this, they came up with different tools that can help nonprofits of all sizes utilize the best information and advice to maximize donations.

the-13-best-websites-for-nonprofits-to-use-as-a-resource-fundraisingSamantha is all about bolstering her fundraising!

This website stresses the importance of raising funds so that your organization can maximize its potential, be of service to your community and make sure that funds are there to carry out your mission.

#12: The Social Side of Giving 

The Social Side of Giving blog focuses on digital fundraising. Whether you are actively building a content strategy for your nonprofit, searching for advice on fundraising through nonprofit email strategies, or interested in digital analytics, if it is digital and fundraising-related, this blog is a great place to start. Additionally, the blog owner takes requests! If you are looking for links and advice on a particular topic, reach out on Twitter and a future post may be directed at you.

#13: The Fundraising Coach

If you need a bit more support, visit The Fundraising Coach website to find additional virtual and in-person resources. Whether you are looking for board retreats, fundraising training, nonprofit leadership seminars, or even just a free newsletter with useful nuggets of information, this site may have what you need.


Springly is trusted by over 20,000 nonprofits to help them run their organizations on a daily basis. Try it, test it, love it with a 14-day free trial!


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