Everything You Need to Know About the Top 5 VoIP Nonprofit Service Providers


VoIP for nonprofits are the wave of the future. While cell phone plans for nonprofits are fine for basic use, these cloud-based Voice Over Internet Protocol services perform the same functions while providing an incredible amount of features and integrations that go far beyond those of a traditional phone service. 

In this guide, we will break down the top five VoIP phone systems for nonprofits so you can decide if one of them is suited to your organization’s needs.

Let’s go! 

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What is a VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is a communication software package that allows you to make calls, use SMS messaging, make video calls, and enjoy a wide range of additional features — all while using the internet instead of a phone line. 

These services are cloud-based, which means that any of your authorized users can access your network from anywhere as long as they are able to access the internet. They can furthermore use virtually any device to do so. VoIP is the ultimate in mobility communications!

Pro Tip: VoIP phone services are powerful tools that allow you to engage with your nonprofit community. For example, with instant messaging, you can inform donors, members, and volunteers of upcoming events. They will receive your messages on their cell phones; it will look like a regular text message to them. 

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Why VoIP is Strategic for Nonprofits

With VoIP, efficiency is the name of the game — utilizing this service saves a lot of time and money, allowing you to accomplish more with less effort. A VoIP system boosts internal collaboration to new levels while simplifying and streamlining all processes involved, through the use of various features. 

voip-for-nonprofits-best-voip-providersAnthony doesn't know much about VoIP...but he's ready to learn!

A VoIP solution often includes an auto-attendant that can automate these features. They track incoming and outgoing calls while giving you tools to improve donor engagement, with minimal hardware requirements. 

Plus, with its flexibility and reliability, VoIP enables you to have a virtual office on the go, making it easy to strategize and organize fundraisers and awareness events no matter where your employees reside.  

Pro Tip: Many VoIP providers allow for integrations with the tools you use the most, including your CRM. With all your software and documents available right when you need them, you can communicate effectively.

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Best VoIP Service Providers

Without further ado, let’s flesh out what makes these five VoIP providers the best in their class.


If you are looking for an intuitive phone system that can interface with your CRM and helpdesk tools, AirCall might just be one of the best options for you. It is also very easy to set up, so you can get started as soon as possible. 

Notable Features

  • Concurrent calling

  • Call recording

  • Auto-attendant 

  • Customizable reports

  • Customer history


  • Essentials - $30/Month

  • Professional - $50/Month

  • Custom - Contact service provider


KrispCall’s major claim to fame is their all-in-one unified callbox, which is a dashboard that allows you to organize business and personal communications within a single window! In addition, their intuitive and clutter-free app makes using the system easy and enjoyable.

Notable Features

  • Easy call log management

  • Simple requirements for use

  • Great pricing

  • Lightweight CRM

  • Call analytics and support


  • Essential - $15/Month

  • Standard - $40/Month

  • Enterprise - Contact service provider


Award-winning 8x8 is a solid option for a VoIP provider. It offers a wide range of features while being highly scalable. The company is also known for providing excellent service, global coverage, and HD voice quality.

voip-for-nonprofits-best-voip-providersSimon is reveling in all these options!

Notable Features

  • User-friendly with easy setup

  • US News & World Report awarded their Enterprise tier the title Best Value Business Phone of 2021  

  • Cloud-hosted PBX with unlimited calling

  • Intuitive virtual extensions


  • Express - $15/Month

  • X2 - $28/Month ($24 Annual)

  • X4 - $54/Month ($44 Annual)


RingCentral for nonprofits is pretty hard to beat. The MVP version offers service options that include a mind-boggling amount of integrations, resources such as Google Workspace, Salesforce, Zoom, Hubspot, Zoho CRM, and many, many more. 

If there is a downside, it is that the pricing is rather steep, making it a better choice for large companies. They do offer a 25% discount for nonprofits, though! And up to 40% off your total when you purchase an annual, as opposed to monthly, subscription. That amounts to quite a bit in savings.

Notable Features

  • Numerous admin features and integrations

  • Quality of service reports and data analysis

  • Video meetings for up to 200 participants

  • Unlimited storage at higher tiers

  • Solid reliability


  • Essential - Monthly (Annually): $32.99 ($19.99)

  • Standard - Monthly (Annually): $40.99 ($27.99)

  • Premium - Monthly (Annually): $47.99 ($34.99)

  • Essential - Monthly (Annually): $62.99 ($49.99)


CloudTalk’s VoIP service offers extensive features, multi-platform compatibility, silky system integrations, and intuitive software. This is a great choice for smaller or mid-sized nonprofits who are just getting their feet wet in the VoIP world.

Notable Features

  • Smooth integrations

  • First-class customer service

  • More than 50 calling features

  • Scalable flexibility


  • Starter - $25/Month

  • Essential - $30/Month

  • Expert - $50/Month

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Final Thoughts

Now that you know the basics of the best nonprofit VoIP service providers, it is a good idea to dig deeper and learn even more about the options that might fulfill your charitable organization’s needs. Details can be found on each company’s website, as well as by phone, with the help of their customer service teams. Do not forget to mention you are a nonprofit!

Notably, most VoIP software companies offer a demo period, so you can dig in and get your hands dirty before you commit to one. 

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💡What does VoIP mean?

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. Find out more. 

🔑 What is VoIP for nonprofits?

VoIP for nonprofits are cloud-based phone systems that provide basic cloud-based telephone services as well as a ton of extra features and integrations that make organization and collaboration easy for organizations. Find out more. 

📝 Why is it useful?

It is a user-friendly, low-tech, and mobile option that can save nonprofits money on phone services while providing a wide variety of helpful features to improve teamwork. Find out more.


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