Welcome Wednesday: How To Keep Your Giving Tuesday Donors Around


Congratulations! After weeks of preparing and planning, your organization’s Giving Tuesday 2022 campaign is set to go. You have earned a hearty pat on the back! After taking the time to celebrate, though, keep going — the work is not over yet. 

November is a month for giving! Consider using that first Wednesday after Giving Tuesday and the rest of the week to motivate your donors to stick around. You already convinced them that your organization has a worthy cause. With a few additional steps, you can keep them in your supporter pool for good. Keep reading to learn how. 

Let’s go!

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What Is Welcome Wednesday?

Welcome Wednesday is the day after Giving Tuesday where you start focusing on turning one-time donors into recurring donors or participants.

Pro Tip: Build donor thank you notes into your Giving Tuesday email campaign. MailChimp, Constant Contact, and other email marketing tools populate recipient names and other details automatically, so it does not appear as a mass email to a list.


What To Do After Giving Tuesday

As a general rule of thumb, wrapping up Giving Tuesday involves three steps: 

End Efforts

Now that your organization’s Giving Tuesday campaign is over, your first step should be to remove all of the Giving Tuesday information from your resources. This step clearly indicates an end to Giving Tuesday and a beginning to a continued organization-donor relationship. 

welcome-wednesday-what-to-doAnthony is ready to transition his Giving Tuesday efforts!

Some places where you might need to remove content include your:

  • Website home page

  • Giving Tuesday donation page

  • Social media pages

  • Employee email signatures

  • Blog

Track Results

Now it is time to determine the success of your Giving Tuesday events, social media posts, and other efforts.

Some measurements that might indicate a successful campaign include:

  • Number of donations

  • Total donation amount

  • Year-over-year performance

  • Number of new social media followers

  • Number of new email subscribers

Contact Donors

Do not confuse this with the previously mentioned auto-generated donation follow-up! Instead, contact donors not with the main intent of saying thank you — although it cannot hurt to reiterate this sentiment — but with an enthusiastic message about looking ahead.

Pro Tip: Collect the email addresses of every Giving Tuesday donor. Then, create a new email list with only those addresses. This way, you can send any follow-up information to just them. 


What To Include in a Follow-Up Message

Your Giving Tuesday follow-up messages should include three pieces of information.

Thank You

After your initial greetings, say thank you for donating. Use personal details, such as the donor’s name and donation amount, to show that they matter to you.


Explain the results of your organization’s Giving Tuesday campaign so that they can see how their donation helped. If applicable, include a series of photos and statistics.

Future Involvement

Now comes the looking-ahead part. Include a list of opportunities for 2022 donors to stay involved in your organization through the rest of the year and into the next year. Link to sign-up sheets, forms, and pages where appropriate.

You can mention your:

  • Recurring donation program

  • Future events

  • Membership program

welcome-wednesday-what-to-includeTrish is ready to wow her donors with a gracious follow-up!

You can also give them another opportunity to follow your social media accounts, subscribe to your newsletter, and visit your blog.

Pro Tip: Some organizations offer an opt-in enrollment service for text alerts. This could be worth looking into if your target audience is tech-savvy and wants quick updates. You could send Giving Tuesday text messages as well as other related news bulletins.


Follow-Up Message Template

Use this sample message template to draft your organization’s Giving Tuesday follow-up communications: 


Thank you so much for your recent donation of [DONATION AMOUNT] to [ORGANIZATION NAME] as part of our Giving Tuesday campaign. We are grateful for supporters like you who want to [MISSION STATEMENT] with us.

Because of you, we were able to raise [TOTAL AMOUNT]. That is something worth celebrating! Your kind gift will be used to [GIFT PURPOSE].

We would love to continue this relationship beyond Giving Tuesday. As we look forward into the near future, we happily invite you to:




Please feel free to contact us with any questions. 

On behalf of our team and the community we serve, thank you again for your generous support. 




Pro Tip: We have additional Giving Tuesday templates. Though they are tailored to this day, you can also use them to build your own Welcome Wednesday template kits.


Final Thoughts

If you follow the steps above, your organization is sure to make a lasting impression on its Giving Tuesday supporters. Once Giving Tuesday ends, be forward-looking with the intent of retaining supporters beyond the day. That way, you are well on your way to establishing a dedicated following for the coming years.

Remember — campaign strategy does not have to be a hassle! If you are looking for other Giving Tuesday tips, let us help! We understand first hand that this time of year can be stressful. So, take advantage of our Giving Tuesday ideas to get ready.

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💡What is Welcome Wednesday?

Welcome Wednesday is the day after Giving Tuesday. You should use this day to start focusing on turning one-time donors into recurring supporters. Find out more. 

🔑 Should I thank my Giving Tuesday donors?

Yes! Personalize your thank you with the donor’s name, donation amount, and other details. Find out more. 

📝 How do I wrap up my Giving Tuesday efforts?

Start by removing any Giving Tuesday references on your website, blog, social media page, etc. Then, track the results of your Giving Tuesday campaign. Finally, contact any donors from that day to keep the conversation going. Find out more.

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