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Springly is a socially responsible company  that services all nonprofits
in their digital transformation, no matter the size.

1.6 million
nonprofits are active in the U.S.

1 in 4 adults volunteer for nonprofits

Nonprofits contribute to over 5% of the GDP

Nonprofits employ 10% of the private workforce

The nonprofit world is an important part of our daily lives and economy. However, nonprofits are faced with a number of challenges: calls for more transparency, digitalization, increased demands from both private and public funders, finding new volunteers, and so on.

Managing a nonprofit, no matter its size, can sometimes be a real headache. Managers often spend hours manually entering each donation or chasing membership payments.

We are convinced that Springly is the light at the end of the tunnel. By providing an all-in-one software with all the tools nonprofits need, we help them to focus their energy on what matters - their projects!

Springly helps the nonprofit sector shift to digital solutions in their daily operations. With a complete, simple, and intuitive tool to carry out their activities in the long-term, more time and other resources can be spent on increasing their impact.

Springly is a key actor in the digital revolution of the nonprofit sector.

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Our story 

The adventure began in 2011, when our founders Arnold, Peter and Simon were young students.

In between running to their classes and (a little too much) partying, they noticed that student clubs were spending too much time organizing events and other activities. Everybody working in a nonprofit has been there: countless Excel sheets, chasing after pennies, re-entering the same data into different programs, and so on. They created BuyPacker, a digital tool to help student clubs digitalize part of their activities.

After our founders graduated and ventured out into the world, they quickly realized that the nonprofits they joined were facing the same challenges. These, of course, included being visible on the internet when there is no technical person in the team, managing donations and memberships, and updating databases.

To solve these problems, they launched the first complete SaaS (software as a service) for nonprofits - Springly.

Since then, the team has grown to include 70+ people. More than 15,000 nonprofits currently use the software to manage daily tasks, allowing them to spend more time on the projects that matter.

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