Extend your reach with Springly’s network software

Empower your local chapters, and strengthen your global management.

Design your network

Custom structure

Organize your chapters into levels: national, state, county, city, town.

Feature activation

Activate specific features for each chapter based on the capabilities it needs.

Administrator management

Give chapter leaders administrative access to complete tasks on their own.

Seamless navigation

Navigate from chapter to chapter with ease.

Manage your CRM

Unified database structure

Establish a base CRM that all chapters use, but allow them to customize the fields to record any additional information they need.

Automatic consolidation

Have the software add individuals and entities recorded within any chapter into the central database automatically.

Maximized engagement

Use the data in the CRM to create and send chapter-specific communications that their members will engage with.

Streamline your accounting

Unified financial framework

Define a shared chart of accounts across the network while enabling each chapter to add individual accounts to it.

Simplified consolidation

Consolidate accounting data for all of the dependent chapters within your network.

Insightful accounting

Access financial data at both the individual chapter level and the aggregated network level to get comprehensive insights.

Build your brand

Main website

Create a unified web presence with a main website for your entire network.

Chapter websites

Create individual websites for each chapter that use the colors, graphics, and other branding elements from the main website.

The Strength of We:
A Guide to Nonprofit Networks

New to nonprofit networks? We’ve got you covered.

At Springly, we work with nonprofit networks every day. So, if you are looking to start one yourself, use our guide to get it off the ground.

Springly supports you 

We are here to help you set up your network at the beginning and manage it in the long term.

Customer support

A dedicated Springly team member to help with setup
A defined roadmap with tasks and meetings at the beginning until deployment is complete

Data configuration and migration

Configuring your platform
Importing your CRM
Creating your website

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