The software for nonprofit networks

Give autonomy to your local chapters while strengthening your global management.
Nonpofit Network Segmentation

Springly is designed to facilitate management of
nonprofit networks with a decentralized framework 

Autonomous local chapters

Grant access and permission for specific features to chapter leaders.

Data consolidation

Springly manages the complexity of data aggregation for you, such as CRM, website, and email statistics.

Simple to use

By offering Springly to your network, you offer them an easy-to-use tool

Supervised independence for
your nonprofit networks

Reproduce the structure of your organization in Springly

Create as many groups and subgroups as necessary. For each group, appoint administrators with specific rights. By doing this, you share responsibility while isolating some of the information.

Give your chapters the tools they need

Activate for each chapter the features they need for their management: CRM, emailing, donations, memberships, events, statistics, website, teamwork tools, and more.

Give more or less autonomy to your chapters

Decide on the degree of autonomy you grant to each chapter. They can manage their own CRM and create independent websites, or be integrated into one website for your entire organization.

A consolidated and updated CRM 
for your nonprofit network

An organized CRM

You can create fields that are shared by all chapters while allowing them to create custom fields. There is a shared database, but it is flexible for each group.

Finally, a consolidated CRM

Each contact has a unique record and can belong to several groups. Springly uses the “Russian Doll” principle, which consolidates data on the upper level, and separates individual data for each group.

Easily use your CRM data

Your CRM is up to date because the data flows from the ground up. Within the CRM, you can analyze membership and donation statistics to prepare for fundraising campaigns and grant applications.
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Increase your resources
through your chapters

Local events, donations, and memberships

Who better than your chapters to mobilize their networks to raise funds? By activating your chapters to join you in fundraising, you multiply your capacity for fundraising.

Your chapters can collect online payments

Each chapter can certify its account online and accept online payments. Payments are 100% secure thanks to our partner, Adyen.

Facilitated administrative work

Events, donations, and memberships are simplified with automatic email invoices sent to your community.

Harmonize your communication 
through Springly

Become the master of global communication within your nonprofit

You decide on the overall theme, colors, and fonts used on your website. Local chapters can use your template, guaranteeing a consistent look.

Chapters can communicate locally

Chapters can create websites independently and create their own content, or update their pages on the organization’s main website.

You have the option to consolidate your communication

Events published in the calendar, articles and photo galleries can be consolidated at the highest level.
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Enhanced security for
your nonprofit’s network

GDPR compliance

Unifying your information system makes it easier for you to comply with GDPR restrictions. Each contact has access to their personal information stored by your different chapters.

Enhanced security

With different tools, it is difficult to guarantee data security for each chapter. By centralizing management on Springly, you choose a company that prioritizes security.

Increased transparency

The transparency of the software pushes everyone to be more rigorous in their data collection and processing. It also gives you the ability to identify and quickly respond to a problem.

Springly supports you 

To help you structure your network, we support you with services such as auditing, CRM creation, data integration, and customer support.

A rigorous implementation methodology
that is tried & true

A dedicated Springly team member to aid with your project.
A defined roadmap from the beginning to the end, with tasks and meetings planned at the beginning of the project until the deployment is complete.
The use of a common project management tool (Trello)

We help you with
data configuration and migration

Complete configuration of your platform
Importing your CRM
Creation of your website from audit to completion

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