A powerful nonprofit CRM software that benefits you and your community

Meet Springly’s CRM: a nonprofit pro tool that can sort contacts into groups, merge contacts, search for contacts, and more!

A centralized, secure, and custom-built CRM

Data is centralized & 100% secure

All your community’s personalized data entries are stored securely in one place, so that you can access info on membership status, purchase history, contact options, and much more, with peace of mind that all your user accounts are encrypted with SSL certificates.

Your community is organized into groups

Your entire database can be segmented according to criteria of your choice, enabling you to better monitor your community, target emails, discounts, and much more.

Databases are tailored for both individuals and organizations

Whether you collect data on individuals, organizations, or both, Springly has tailor-made databases for each.

Networks are managed at all levels

Your entire network’s data is centralized in one CRM while simultaneously giving autonomy to all your chapters.

The best CRM for nonprofits

Powerful search feature

Search for specific contacts or filter through your CRM based on multiple criteria. Use this data to aid grant applications and important decisions, or to simply better understand your community.

Import + export Excel data

Do you have an existing contact database? Simply copy & paste your Excel data into your Springly platform and let us do all the heavy lifting for you. Equally, export your entire CRM or just a defined group of contacts at the push of a button.

Organize contacts into groups

Define certain criteria and let Springly build your groups autonomously, without any manual intervention. Assign one or more group administrators to oversee management of your groups.

Detect and merge double accounts

Have you ever come across duplicate information for the same contact in your CRM? Keep your data clean and organized by merging double accounts with no data loss or need for technical intervention.

Delegate management

Assign different administration rights to one or more people, and grant them access to multiple features. They can create emails, events, launch fundraising campaigns, and even edit your website and blog. It is the perfect solution for large organizations that need more flexibility!

Manage your parent organization
while giving autonomy to local chapters

Replicate the structure of your entire network

Create each chapter of your organization within your CRM and open access for dedicated network management.

Give autonomy to your chapters

If you are an organization with chapters at the county, district, city, or state level, our nonprofit CRM can help you unify your efforts, while giving autonomy to each antenna. Build a profound partnership with your chapters while remaining at the helm of your organization.

Everything consolidated in one place

All data managed in your chapters is consolidated at the main level of your software. Contact details, membership history, and communication tracking are all stored in the same place. No more waiting for each chapter to send their monthly reports, you have everything you need in just a few clicks.

Manage your professional associations
with our CRM tailored for organizations

Build an additional CRM for your corporate profiles

Create profiles for companies, nonprofit organizations, professional associations, or clubs. Each company has a unique profile where you can find a record of their interactions with your organization.

Create connections between people and structures

In each contact profile, connect a person to one or several structures. Filter your member base by each structure and create groups for extra organization.

Customized fields for structures

Create unlimited fields that are specific to structures. Build your nonprofit CRM to fit your structure’s needs with drop-down lists, multiple-choice, PDF uploads, text fields, and more.

Organizations who love our CRM

Arthur Steele

Google Reviews
Over the last year we were really struggling with Excel, so we decided to switch to a professional database system. Springly was an easy choice based on the numerous options available, customizable fields, automation with the membership tool, and the significant advanced search features. The team was helpful and patient from day 1!
Lost Guitars, Find Homes



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