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Arthur Steele

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Over the last year we were really struggling with Excel, so we decided to switch to a professional database system. Springly was an easy choice based on the numerous options available, customizable fields, automation with the membership tool, and the significant advanced search features. The team was helpful and patient from day 1!
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A software to help your nonprofit
gain revenue, time, & independence

Enjoy automated tasks

No more copy and paste. With Springly's platform, many of your previous tasks are automated for improved efficiency. New members are automatically added to your nonprofit CRM, and contact information updates systematically.

Cloud software for easy access

Because Springly is a cloud-based management software, you can access your contacts at any time, anywhere. All you need is an internet connection! Accessible on desktop, mobile, or tablet.

Manage administrator rights

Work more efficiently by harnessing the power of administrators. Define what is accessible to administrators, contacts, or certain groups. You can grant access to different levels of information or set limits by feature.

Give members autonomy

Each member has access to their own member profile where they can update their personal information or contact preferences. Once they make any changes, it updates automatically in your CRM for even more time saved, an important step when it comes to membership retention!

Multi-chapter management

If your organization manages several local chapters, a powerful nonprofit CRM that specializes in multi-level management is a must. Consolidate data on the district, city, or state level while also giving local chapters the autonomy they need.

Manage people & organizations

Because organizations need as much flexibility as possible, Springly's team has developed our platform to not only to manage people but organizations as well. Track membership details for companies as easily as if they were individuals.

With Springly's nonprofit CRM software, your data is safe

Your database is your own

All of the information stored in your CRM belongs to your organization and is never shared. If you decide to change systems, you can export your data at any time without the intervention of our team.

Secure online transactions

All online payments are 100% secure. Financial transactions do not pass through Springly's bank account at any time. All payments are processed through our online payment partner, Adyen.

Encryption for extra security

All user and administrator accounts are password protected. These passwords are stored using a special coding technique that cannot be used to decipher any original passwords.

Keeping your information safe is priority #1

At Springly, we are committed to protecting your organization under the General Data Protection Regulation laws enforced by the European Union. Our privacy policy is fundamental to us and applied to all client profiles. We never release or sell personal information.

Manage your parent organization
while giving autonomy to local chapters

Give autonomy to your chapters

If you are an organization with chapters at the county, district, city, or state level our nonprofit crm can help you unify your efforts, while giving autonomy to each antenna. Build a profound partnership with your chapters while remaining at the helm of your organization.

Delegate management

Assign different administration rights to one or more people, and grant them access to multiple features. They can create emails, events, launch fundraising campaigns, and even edit your website and blog. It is the perfect solution for large organizations that need more flexibility!

Everything consolidated in one place

All data managed in your chapters are consolidated at the main level of your software. Contact details, membership history, and communication tracking are all stored in the same place. No more waiting for each chapter to send their monthly reports, you have everything you need in just a few clicks.

Pricing for multi-chapter management

As one of our top features at Springly, the use of an Advanced Group for an individual chapter is $15.00 (incl. tax) per month in addition to your monthly or annual subscription (invoiced at the end of the trial period).

Springly, the best CRM for small nonprofit organizations

No tech skills required

Our product was built on the principle that it should be easy to use for everyone. All you need to do to become a tech guru is to log on, click around, and follow the simple onboarding steps for our best tips and tricks. You need no special skills or detailed training to be successful!

Detect doubles and merge accounts

Does your current spreadsheet has two different emails for the same person? With Springly’s constituent database for small nonprofit organizations, our software is the best at detecting the potential doubles of each account. Simply merge two accounts together with no data loss or need for technical intervention. Always have a clean, up-to-date list of constituents for improved efficiency.

Automation to save time

Small nonprofit organizations need to save as much time as possible. Thanks to powerful automation, administrative tasks are done for you. Payment invoices and receipts are sent automatically, new members are added directly into the CRM, and more. Copy and pasting lists of people, payments, or transactions is a thing of the past.

New feature! CRM for structures

Add corporations into your database for full management of your community

Build a nonprofit CRM not only for people but for your corporate members as well. Create profiles for companies, nonprofit organizations, professional associations, or clubs. Each company has a unique profile where you can find a record of their interactions with your organization.

Create connections between people and structures

In each contact profile, connect a person to one, or several structures. Filter your member base by each structure and create groups for extra organization.

Customized fields for structures

Create unlimited fields that are specific to structures. Build your nonprofit CRM to fit your structure’s needs with drop-down lists, multiple-choice, PDF uploads, text fields, and more.

Just getting started?
Use a tool that will grow with your nonprofit

Easy to use CRM

All of our software is based on the principle of simplicity. Technology should be a barrier for no one, tech skills or not. Learn more about how we make our nonprofit CRM easy to use for everyone and every type of organization.

Multi-chapter CRM

Learn more about how parent organizations can use our advanced group feature to manage their local chapters. Data consolidation on multiple levels while also giving autonomy to each local office!

Free CRM for nonprofits

If you have 50 contacts or less, your nonprofit qualifies for our free CRM for nonprofits. With all of the features of the paid software, we want to give even the smallest nonprofit every opportunity to succeed, regardless of their size or situation.

Alternative nonprofit CRMs

Discover our guide to more CRM options for your organization


Bloomerang is a fundraising tool equipped with a powerful CRM built for donor management. With features like constituent timelines and generosity scores, their product is an excellent option for those looking primarily for fundraising capabilities.


Another fundraising tool, Donorperfect is a great option for those looking to attract, retain, and engage donors on another level. With several integrations, you have all of the tools you need to fundraise more efficiently.

Salsa CRM

With different offers per need and budget, Salsa boasts multiple features like relationship and demographic tracking, as well as being able to store social media accounts and contact data. Better geared toward those only looking for a CRM, this is a top option.


Blackbaud (raiser edge) is an excellent option if you are looking for custom software for a large organization. While on the more expensive side, if your organization has specific needs that cannot be met with other products, this may be the best option.

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