Use Springly to create an online merchandise store for your nonprofit

Pair Springly’s online payment system with its online merchandise store to create another revenue stream for your nonprofit.
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Boost your nonprofit’s resources with an online merchandise store

Manage sales of your nonprofit’s online store
with ease

Manage the sales of your store

Your dashboard allows you to track sales and available stock. Boost your sales with email campaigns and your website, all available on Springly.

Invite your community to buy your products

You can offer merchandise for sale directly in your membership and donation campaigns.

Customize your delivery options

Adjustable delivery methods

Customize prices for each delivery method (mail delivery or pick-up), so your nonprofit can save on shipping expenses.

Track your deliveries

Once your delivery options are set, get ready for your orders to start flowing in. For each transaction, collect all the details you need: payment method, shipping preferences, and mailing address.

One-click refund

You can easily refund a product purchased by a member of your community. Once the refund is completed, your stock will be automatically updated.

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