The best online software system for nonprofits

Springly is an online software that is there whenever you need it. Speed, flexibility, adaptability, and freedom - you get it all.
14-day free trial - No hidden fees

A secure online software system for your nonprofit

An online system for nonprofits that is
simple, fast, and easy-to-use 

Easy to use for nonprofits of all sizes

No technical skills are required. Springly can be used by anyone on your team.

Constantly updated, based on user feedback

Springly is always improving its software to meet nonprofits’ evolving needs. Software updates and improvements are included in your subscription, so you’ll always have a state-of-the-art software at your fingertips.

Save time in your daily operations

Say goodbye to installing software directly on your computer. Access to Springly is immediate and simple so you can spend more time on your projects.

Your online software system is accessible anywhere, 
at anytime, by the people you choose 

Distribute tasks among different administrators

At Springly, we know that nonprofits are often run by more than one person, and we welcome that collaboration. Add as many administrators as you want.

Manage your nonprofit, wherever you are

Having an online software means being able to access your tools and data no matter where you are on Earth. As long as you have an internet connection, you’re ready to go. Go ahead and book that Hawaii trip you’ve been dreaming about.

Access your software from all devices

Springly adapts to all screen sizes: PC, Mac, tablets, and mobile phones. It also adapts to all browsers: Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and more.

An online solution for your nonprofit
that is truly flexible

Springly adapts to meet your needs

You have complete freedom in setting up your software. Simply switch off features you don’t need. Your platform, your way.

You set the tempo

Manage your nonprofit whenever you want. You’re liberated by having access to software that is available online.

The initial price won’t cost you an arm and a leg

Say goodbye to purchasing licenses that are limited to a few users. With Springly, you pay for a subscription each month. No need to hand in a large check that could put your nonprofit’s cash flow at risk.

The subscription price is customized for your nonprofit

Your subscription price is calculated based on the size of your organization. Is your nonprofit growing? You can add more features to your subscription.

Try it, test it, love it, don’t live without it