Communication tools for your Nonprofit all in one place

With email, blog, and statistics in one place, you can send the right message to the right people, at the right time.
Email Campaign Marketing Statistics

Send impactful emails
to your community

Email lists that are always up-to-date

Email lists are pulled from the database. Your email lists are therefore always up to date. No more digging for the right emails!

Send the right message to the right person

Do you want to send an email only to volunteers, or only to donors? You can email certain email lists, based on how you segment your contacts in the database.

Customized newsletters

Create unique email newsletters with your own style and design. Just click and drag to add images, links, and buttons. Customize the email until it looks great for your community.

Analyze the performance of your communications

Track the open and click-through rates of your sent emails. You can improve your email communication by analyzing these statistics.

Tools to help you communicate
easily with your community

Send a Text
(coming soon)

With just a few clicks, your contacts can receive messages on their cell phones.

Direct Mail
(coming soon)

Customize your letters to your contacts, and print them out within minutes.

Send surveys to collect data

Engage your community and collect information with surveys.

Highlight your nonprofit’s news & activities