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Connecting with donors, stakeholders, and team members has never been easier.

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Design effective online campaigns that help make a difference in your community. The sky's the limit!

Optimize your reach

Empower teams to amplify your message, engaging your community and beyond more effectively.

Boost your cause

Easily organize and promote events, driving participation in fundraising and volunteering to accelerate your success.

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Fundraising, accounting, communication…
With Springly at your side, your nonprofit management becomes a breeze!

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Your cause matters.
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Our communication tools, including an advanced emailing tool and a versatile website builder, are designed to help nonprofits spread the word about their mission and connect with new prospective supporters.
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Keep contacts organized
and all in one place

Gone are the days of pocket address books. Now, say hello to Springly's contact management functionality! Don't worry about losing an email address or phone number again. It's all there for you when you need it.
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Take some of the pressure
off your staff

As they say, it takes a village. Our nonprofit communication tools help managers support their village as they raise funds and complete projects. When nonprofit staff don't have to worry about the technical aspects of communication, they have more time to do other tasks.
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Streamline communication
with stakeholders

Our communication tools help nonprofits connect with prospective and current supporters. Whether it's donors, board members, or other folks, nonprofits rely on many people to stay up-and-running.

Communicate with supporters

Use our contact database for impactful nonprofit email campaigns. Create separate emails for volunteers, donors, members, and other stakeholders within your contact list, ensuring each group receives information that they care about.

Create a stunning website

Use Springly's drag-and-drop builder to customize your nonprofit's website quickly and easily. Create pages and develop your content strategy through:

- An online store
- A blog
- A calendar of events
- A photo gallery
- and more!

Track visibility statistics

Monitor the performance of your emails and website pages. Look at metrics like:

- Email open rate
- Email click-through rate
- Email bounce rate
- Website traffic
- Website visibility

Organizations that trust us

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With Springly, we were able to grow our membership database by 56% over the last year. Now that we have an organized system to keep all of our members in the same place, including their membership and payment history, we have been able to refocus our time on member engagement. Great features, easy to use!

George F. Barbour -
Mockingjay Flying Club - members

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