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Easy to use accounting software for your nonprofit organization

No previous experience required. Enjoy an easy-to-use accounting software that uses powerful automation to manage accounting in real-time.
Springly Accounting Software

Nonprofit accounting just got easier!
Springly now integrates with Quickbooks.

Full accounting export that is Quickbooks compatible

Export data from Springly’s bookkeeping system and import into Quickbooks:
  • Journal: Transfer of generalized financial data (financial statements, invoices, payments, refunds, donations) and customer records
  • Sales reports
  • Transaction history

Step-by-step support

Outside of our live chat, our company accounting professionals have created a detailed document on how to integrate your Springly platform with Quickbooks in the simplest way possible. Enjoy a step-by-step guide, complete with videos, that will support you while setting up your integration and preparing your first data export.

Use Springly’s full accounting feature for your nonprofit

No accounting skills required

Whether you are an experienced treasurer or just starting out, Springly’s nonprofit accounting software has been designed to work with all skill levels. Our software is designed to keep your organization GAAP and IRS compliant while being easy to use for all.

Accounting for every level

Accrual, analytical, or cost and fund accounting, you can choose your level according to the needs required by your tax-exempt status. Start small and activate more advanced features (VAT, assets, income, contributions, donations, expenses) as your nonprofit grows.

Automation for no manual entry

Springly’s accounting feature is automated with every software feature to eliminate the need for manual entry. All transactions (membership dues, ticket sales, donations) are automatically recorded in Springly’s accounting program to facilitate entry. Your nonprofit balance sheet and statement of cash flows are automatically updated after each operation for accurate reporting in real-time.

Consult important accounting documents

Springly’s accounting software includes the last active chart of accounts. Adapt accounting categories to reflect the needs of your organization. Your chart of accounts is 100% customizable according to your sector of activity. Enjoy all essential financial statements being generated automatically for you: balance sheet, income statement, and general ledger.

Work smarter, not harder

Interactive dashboard

Have a visual overview of the financial status of your organization in a glance. Say goodbye to complicated spreadsheets and graphs, you have access to easy to read data in just a few clicks.

Track cash flow in real-time

No more going back and forth with your bank. Use our possibility for bank reconciliation to have all of your accounts updated in real-time with donations, grants, dues, or ticket sales.

Monitor and transfer funds at anytime

After setting up online payment, consult the latest balance of collected funds in your online account Transfer this money to your bank account at any time.

360° view thanks to cost accounting

Do you need to filter accounting information by project, event, or campaign? Create your budget and allocate income and expenses to this project. In just a few clicks you can easily follow your deficit and surplus while having a general overview of your nonprofit’s financial standing.

Search and modify accounting entries

Use our powerful search bar to find and/or modify an accounting entry.

End the fiscal year in confidence

Is your fiscal year coming to a close? Don’t worry, Springly has got you covered. With a step-by-step document on our website on how to prepare your accounts for tax season, your organization stays compliant and stress-free.

Advanced accounting features for advanced nonprofit treasurers

Advanced accounting entries

Does your nonprofit have complex records to account for? Use the advanced accounting entry feature to record these records in the correct accounts.

Record in-kind donations

Record and monetize in-kind donations in your accounting system. Use this feature to facilitate your grant applications, fundraising applications, or annual reports.

Auxiliary accounting and VAT

Convert your third-party accounts (i.e. customers, suppliers) into auxiliary accounts for streamlined monitoring of invoices and external payments. Easily and automatically manage VAT with the advanced option of Springly’s accounting software.

Nonprofit accounting + software automation = Time saved

Online payments are automatically generate accounting entries

Do you accept online payment for membership, donations, event tickets, or merchandise sales? Find all of your transactions automatically recorded in the correct accounts without any manual entry required.

Automatic management of payment by installment

Payment by installment helps your organization increase revenue while being easy to manage for your treasurer. When using the installment feature, each accounting entry is automatically updated with each payment, always keeping your records up to date.

Easily monitor debt and income

Easily track pending payments in just a few clicks, accessible 24/7 in Springly’s nonprofit organization accounting software.

Manage admin access to Springly’s accounting module

Limit access to selected admins

Add administrators to your bookkeeping software feature and limit their access rights. Give full access to your treasurer or “view only” guidelines to your CPA to verify your internal controls, compliance, and regulations. No more imports or exports, everyone is working on the same system.