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What can fund accounting do for you?

Ensure accountability

Fund accounting organizes your donations into buckets ensures that you use them exactly how your donors want you to. This accountability builds trust with your donors, setting you up to raise more money in the future.

Stay compliant

Nonprofits have to follow strict governmental regulations. Stay in compliance by properly tracking and reporting all of your financial transactions.

Analyze performance

See where all of your funding is going. Use this clarity to make tweaks to current spending and plans for future spending.

The #1 fund accounting software for nonprofits

Activate and allocate funds

Budget items by fund

Edit and delete funds

Start using our fund accounting software in 3 easy steps 

Set up funds
Allocate entries
Generate fund income statements

Springly's fund accounting capabilities

Establish funds

Create separate funds for each project or program that your organization tackles.

Record transactions

Add your financial transactions, and then transfer them to the correct funds.

Reconcile accounts

Ensure that your software records match your bank statements with just one click.

Decoding Fund Accounting: A Practical Handbook

This free eBook dives into the world of fund accounting, which is the type of accounting that nonprofits use. Created by nonprofit accounting experts, it helps you master everything from setting up funds to choosing accounting tools.

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