How does Springly compare to other management software?

Acting as a resource for nonprofits, we compare the features and prices of Springly and other management software titans.
Springly compare

Springly vs Bloomerang 

Springly and Bloomerang are both industry leaders in the nonprofit software sector, but are tailored to slightly different audiences. While Bloomerang is reserved for much larger organizations with significant capital and sophisticated donation needs, Springly is a champion of the small-medium size nonprofit who possesses a range of management needs.

Springly vs Little Green Light 

Little Green Light is a tool dedicated to donor management and has some very sophisticated features, like grant management. While this is great for those nonprofits with sophisticated donation needs, it could leave you high and dry when it comes to other management aspects, such as membership or accounting. This is where Springly comes in.

Springly vs Wild Apricot 

Springly and Wild Apricot are both very powerful membership management tools in their own right. While Wild Apricot’s pricing may be slightly out of reach for the smaller nonprofit, their range of integrations and “nice-to-have” features make it worth it for some. Springly, on the other hand, stands apart by offering access to 24/7 customer support and a full accounting feature (something that misses with Wild Apricot).

Springly vs Quickbooks 

The biggest difference between Springly and QuickBooks is the 'all-in-one' element. While QuickBooks is an entirely accounting-oriented product, Springly takes its roots in the nonprofit sector, covering a more diverse range of features, as well as accounting. This difference in market position brings about a whole load of differing benefits for each product.

Deciding which is the right software for your organization will depend on how you intend to use it - let's take a deeper look!

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