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Experience Clarity

Track member interactions with your CRM, supporting informed decision-making. Includes history of donations and communication logs.

Effortless Communication

Choose from a variety of communication channels to engage with members and groups, enhancing collaboration and engagement.

Control Your Data Access

Safeguard your organization database by setting permissions for member, administrator, and groups based on their roles, allowing data security.

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With Springly at your side, your nonprofit management becomes a breeze!

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Create and manage member profiles

Ensure accurate, up-to-date member records with Springly's profile service. Dive into member profiles using our intuitive CRM, which captures essential information. Manage and track members all in one tool.
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Categorize members into groups

Categorize and sort members of your community into tailored groups. Manage legal entities with Springly's organization tools. Give autonomy to the sections while still having a single consolidated base.
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Import and export your members
in 2 minutes

Effortlessly import files in a few clicks with Springly's import feature. Seamless transfer ensures data accuracy and uninterrupted operations. Easily export in Excel/PDF for easy access and analysis.
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Track membership due payments

Simplify due collections with our hassle-free payment options. Automated reminders ensure timely payments. Springly handles receipt to invoice, freeing you to focus on organizational growth.

Simplify memberships management

Say goodbye to multiple tools. With group organization, payment tracking, and easy communication, we streamline membership management. Our online payment system, CRM, and accounting are automated to save time.

Seamless communication

Welcome a new member and everything clicks into place: their contact information syncs with your CRM, dues smoothly transfer to your e-wallet, and a receipt promptly lands in their email. Quick, efficient, and hassle-free!

Organizations that trust us

george review

With Springly, we were able to grow our membership database by 56% over the last year. Now that we have an organized system to keep all of our members in the same place, including their membership and payment history, we have been able to refocus our time on member engagement. Great features, easy to use!

George F. Barbour -
Mockingjay Flying Club - members

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