Springly and TechSoup: Partners in helping nonprofits thrive

Are you a part of TechSoup's network? Then, benefit from up to 80% off your Springly subscription! Plus, get access to other discounts on nonprofit pro tools.
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Why do we have a partnership with TechSoup?

TechSoup is a large, international network of non-governmental organizations and one of the most important resources for nonprofits out there. TechSoup fills an important need for nonprofits, providing outstanding technological support and solutions to all organizations in its network.

Knowing this, we were very eager to join forces and give our nonprofit partners access to an incredible lifetime offer.

With both Springly and TechSoup going above and beyond for their communities, we are confident our partnership will have an immense impact on the organization's we serve. Since this is our number 1 priority, we will continue to cherish this relationship long into the future.

Benefit from up to 80%
off your Springly subscription

As a member of TechSoup's network, you are automatically eligible for a basic 50% discount off your Springly subscription. You could even be eligible for an 80% discount!

50% life basic discount

Available to all nonprofits

up to 80% lifetime discount

Available to nonprofits that operate in human rights (i.e. for children, women, minority groups, etc.), environmental protection, education, art & culture, and charity through religion.

So, how do I get started?

1. Start a free trial

2. Access your discount code

You are convinced and want to subscribe to Springly! Visit TechSoup to get access to your promo code

3. Sign up

Go on your platform and click on "Subscription Plan", located in the menu on the left-hand side.

4. Choose your plan

Select a plan according to the size of your organization

5. Enter your promo code

Enter your code under "Add a discount code" in the section on the right-hand side

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We know that getting fully onboarded with any software can be a daunting task, which is why we offer best in class support. With live chat, resources, in-app guidance, and plenty more, Springly is there for you every step of the way.

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