Nonprofit management software
that is simple, efficient & intuitive

All the management tools you need in one software: CRM, Online Payment, Website, Email, Events, and more

Your community is the heart of
your nonprofit & your software

Simplify your CRM management

Are your contact records never up to date, filled with missing or incorrect information? Say hello to Springly’s fast and efficient CRM.

Divide your contacts into groups

Separate and categorize people in your community into groups according to your needs. Automatically assign people to a group based on personal information (age, gender, city) or other criteria (role, donation amount). Convenient for sending the right message to the right person, at the right time.

Your CRM

All the information you need in one place: previous and current memberships, donations, emails, event attendance, and more.
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Easily manage your memberships

Create your membership campaign in just a few clicks

Collect the information you want on your members through a standard and user-friendly form. Add fields for email, telephone number, documents, and any other specific information you may need.

Your personalized campaign

Set specific rates and discounts. More than 50 customization options offer you a membership campaign perfectly adapted to your organization.

Save time with online memberships

Secure transactions, automatic receipts, automatic invoices, and one-click refunds. Everything you need to simplify your management and the lives of your members.
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Create a successful donation campaign easily

Begin collecting donations ASAP

Personalize your campaign with your style and design. Add images, text, and videos to attract donors to your cause. Offer one-time and recurring donation options.

Offer several payment methods

Several different payment methods are available for your donors. Collect donations by cash, check, and debit/credit card.
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Create a customized website
for your nonprofit

No web developer, no problem

Springly helps you to easily create a website that reflects your organization. Choose a template and customize it with your colors, images, and videos.

Boost your organization’s visibility through your website!

Optimized for SEO, it is accessible on all devices. You can monitor performance and statistics in real time.

Bring your community to life on your organization’s website

Capture the moment! Share your nonprofit’s highlights on your blog and photo gallery directly on your website.
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All the communication tools you
need for your nonprofit in one software

Send captivating and targeted emails to your community

Create personalized newsletters with images, links, and buttons. Everything is completely customizable. With mailing lists connected to your CRM, you can send the right message to the right person, at the right time.

Communicate effectively with your contacts

There is a solution from Springly for every situation: individual emails for important documents, surveys to collect opinions, and texts for urgent messages.

Highlight your activities and latest news

Publish articles on your blog and capture highlights with photo galleries to gain visibility online.
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Manage your organization’s events smoothly,
so you can enjoy them too

Set up online event registration in a few minutes

Add ticket prices, set a maximum capacity, and collect contact information that updates your CRM directly.

Track your RSVPs and payments

Are you organizing a fundraising benefit, conference, or marathon? Keeping track of registrations and payments is easy on Springly.

Scan tickets at the door

Whether physical or electronic, your tickets are one of a kind, so there’s no stress about counterfeit tickets. On the day of the event, scan tickets using an app available on your smartphone or computer.
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Create an online merchandise store

Boost funding with an online store

Whether you sell food, clothes or goodies, you can customize your shop to stand out from other organizations. No technical skills required to open up a shop.

Easily configure your delivery and shipping options

Propose different delivery methods and indicate for each one the corresponding conditions and price.
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One-stop shop for your nonprofit: A secure, online,
multi-administrator software accessible anywhere, anytime

Online software that is secure

The Springly software is hosted on servers in France. All online payments are 100% secure and financial transactions do not pass through Springly's bank account at any time.

A simple, fast and evolutionary online software

Springly improves based on your feedback. You immediately benefit from state-of-the-art software, with no additional cost for updates.

Your online software is accessible anytime, anywhere, for the people of your choice

On Springly, we favor collaboration. Add as many administrators as you need and divide tasks according to their responsibilities