Springly’s nonprofit software: simple, efficient, and intuitive

Access all of the pro tools your nonprofit needs for its digital transformation: membership databases, performance analytics, and more for data management and general administration.

All the tools you need to manage
your nonprofit in one easy-to-use software 


Centralize the information and history of your contacts. Enjoy a powerful CRM that is easy-to-use, and has unlimited customizable fields to your nonprofit's unique needs.

Online payment

Migrate to online payment in a few simple steps. Enjoy low transaction fees and 100% secure online payment via our payment partner, Adyen, and sophisticated payment tracking for your nonprofit.


Grow your presence online with a full website builder. Educate your members on your mission, generate more revenue, and create a dedicated membership space for better engagement.


Easily manage the organization of your events. Set custom pricing, manage discounts, and customize e-tickets. Your online or in-person events become a breeze.


Keep your members up to date on your latest activities. Send emails or newsletters using automatic fields, membership reminders, meeting information, and more with a complete email marketing tool.


Create fundraising campaigns in just a few clicks and start raising funds from day one. Collect with online payment or track manual payments all in one place.

Online store

Create an online store to diversify your revenue stream. Manage your stock, send automatic invoices and receipts, and collect payment online.

A CRM software that puts community
at the heart of your nonprofit 

Simplify your CRM management

Say goodbye to copy and paste from one tool to another, or across different spreadsheets. With Springly’s CRM nonprofit software, your records are all in one place, update automatically, and are customized to fit your unique needs. Never lose track of information again

Create groups for extra organization

Use the dynamic group feature to automatically assign contacts into groups based on the criteria you set. Create groups by age, center of interest, or volunteer availability. Because the groups update systematically, manual follow-up is never required. Save time, energy, and resources!

Multi-level CRM for parent organizations

Are you a parent organization that manages several local chapters? Our nonprofit membership software is made to consolidate data on multiple levels for increased visibility and autonomy. Give your local chapters independence while streamlining your data management.

CRM for structures

Are you an organization that manages structures (nonprofits, companies, associations) as well as people? No problem. Your nonprofit software is 100% customizable, with unlimited fields for structures or contacts.
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Nonprofit membership software designed
for better recruitment and engagement 

Create your membership drive in 2 minutes or less

Create a membership drive in just a few clicks. Collect all of the information for new members and/or membership renewals via an easy-to-use form. With an unlimited number of fields and 100% customizable settings, you have all the tools you need in one place for simplified management.

Membership dues made easy

Say goodbye to chasing after checks, trips to the bank, and managing petty cash. With our nonprofit membership software, you can manage everything from online payment, payment tracking, discount management, to group pricing, and more. Still need manual payment? No problem, update your tracking when you receive your check to send an automatic receipt.

Save time and resources with software automation

Your membership tool is automatically linked to the other software features to save time on administrative tasks. With automation between the CRM, emailing, events, and website tools, your nonprofit software does the hard work for you.
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Easily create a custom website  
with Springly’s nonprofit software

No tech skills required, ever

Use a powerful website builder that is easy-to-use from A-Z. With our drag and drop system, you can build a modern website without learning how to code. Begin with one of our ten templates and customize it with images, videos, and text.

Use our website software to boost your nonprofit’s visibility

Publish your membership drives directly onto your website in two clicks or less. Promote your activities, create public or private pages, or advertise upcoming events. Our website feature is automatically optimized for SEO to boost your organic reach.

Create members-only content for better engagement

Build members-only pages that require a login and password to access. Help your members grow their networks through a membership directory, create members-only events with preferential pricing, contribute to a blog to highlight your achievements, or upload photos into galleries to share happy memories for years to come.
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Personalized email marketing software 
for your nonprofit

Send targeted emails to your members

Create personalized emails with images, text, and buttons. Insert automatic fields like first name, membership level, or location for extra personalization and engagement. Your mailing lists are directly connected to your CRM and therefore are always up to date and accessible.

Analyze email statistics with Springly’s nonprofit membership software

With every email sent, you have detailed statistics that can give precious insight into the effectiveness of your communications. Track bounce, open, and click rates with every email blast and observe what type of content suits your target audience best.

Send direct messages

Don’t need to send out an email blast to numerous people? No problem! Send direct messages to individual contacts as quick reminders. Convenient for payment reminders, updated event times, or sports teams. You have a history of all communications in the member profile for easy tracking.
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Software that makes managing your
nonprofit’s events a breeze 

Events that are 100% customizable

With nonprofit membership software, your events are 100% customizable to fit all of your organization’s needs. Set custom prices, payment methods, manage discounts, visibility, or selling limits to build the event of your dreams. Personalize your e-tickets with your logo and event details.

Automated follow-up that saves you time

With automatic payment tracking, invoices, and receipts, you save time by letting the software do the hard work for you. See whose payment is missing, send them a reminder, and enjoy automatic receipts and e-tickets being delivered to their inbox, without having to export and import lists several lists.

Scan tickets at the door

If you are hosting large events, scanning tickets at the door is a great way to boost visibility on attendance. All of our e-tickets come with a unique QR code that can be scanned with any app on your computer or smartphone
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Diversify your nonprofit’s revenue
with an online store 

Software for stock management

Not only for selling your merchandise, but Springly’s nonprofit software also manages stock and local shipping options for streamlined management. No need for complex spreadsheets to calculate shipping fees, everything is 100% customizable to fit your exact needs. Change prices, fees, and shipping options in just a few clicks as your organization grows.

One-click refund

Need to refund a purchase made by a member of your community? Easy! Refund any purchase in one-click and once the refund has been processed, your stock updates automatically. You always know how much stock you have, at all times.
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Nonprofit software to change
the way you fundraise 

Ready to launch in 5 minutes or less

Personalize your donation campaign with text, images, videos, or documents and publish your campaign in just a few clicks. With Springly’s all-in-one software, you can publish your fundraising campaign directly on your website for better visibility and engagement.

Offer multiple forms of payment

Give your donors every chance to give. Make the most of online donations with low transaction fees, or offer a mix of offline payments via cash, check, or bank transfer. You can track payments and consult payment and donation history. Invoices and receipts are sent automatically for you!
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Nonprofit membership software
that is accessible 24/7 

Your nonprofit software is accessible anywhere, any time

With Springly’s all-in-one software, you can work anywhere there is an internet connection. Gone are the days of slow software downloaded onto one computer, you can access your software on any device (smartphone, tablet, or computer) with as many administrators as you choose.

Software that grows based on your feedback

We depend on your feedback for software updates. Don’t see a feature you need? Fill out a simple form directly from your platform to suggest any developments you want to see next. You benefit immediately from state-of-the-art software with no extra cost for updates.

Your data is safe and always accessible

Springly’s development team backs up all of our client’s data every hour. Your nonprofit software is protected by encrypted code for extra security. If you ever get your computer stolen, you can just connect to your software from another device.
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Nonprofit accounting software
that saves you time 

Online payments automatically generate accounting entries

Do you accept online payment for membership, donations, event tickets, or merchandise sales? Find all of your transactions automatically recorded in the correct accounts without any manual entry required.

Track cash flow in real-time

Use our bank reconciliation capability to have all of your accounts updated in real-time with donations, grants, dues, or ticket sales.

Interactive dashboard

Access a visual overview of your organization’s financial status and say goodbye to complicated spreadsheets.
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Shawn Cooley

Google Reviews
Springly is the only tool we found that not only helps us better manage our members, but has helped us transition to online payment. With only one tool that helps us sign our members up for classes, has their membership history, and allows us to create and track our monthly meetings, we have been able to double our revenue in the last two years.



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