An easy event management software for your nonprofit

Manage your events from A to Z.
Communication, registration and payment tracking.
 Events Information Tickets

Create a customized event in 5 minutes

Tools to help you communicate easily about your nonprofit's events

Integrate your event into your website

Event registration can be easily integrated with any website, whether you build your website on Springly or elsewhere.

Send emails to promote your event

Create an email campaign to invite your contacts to register for your events. Send effective communication and track the open and click-through rates.

Events automatically added to your calendar

If you publish a calendar on your website, events are automatically added there, to remind your members to RSVP.

Manage your online sales

Follow & analyze your sales in real time

Analyze your events afterward by collecting data on the participants and ticket revenue. With access to event statistics, you can adapt your actions to improve your next event.

Expand your membership and volunteer database

Your event participants are automatically added as contacts to your database. You can invite them to upcoming events, and involve them in future activities.

One-click refund

If necessary, you can easily refund a ticket. Once the action is confirmed, the sale is deleted from your list.

Efficient event check-in on the big day

Ready for action

Check-in at the entrance of your event can be a breeze with our ticket scanning feature. Export a list of participants to track attendance at your event.

Name tags & attendance sheets

Once event registration is closed, you can generate name tags based on the information you requested during registration.