Organize your events with our nonprofit event management software

Use Springly's nonprofit database to send email invitations, collect ticket sales, and more.

Optimize your member experience in minutes
with a fully integrated events feature

Complete integration with your CRM and finances

With each new event registrant or ticket purchased, your CRM and finances are automatically updated without having to do a thing.

Instant visibility

Create an event in under 5 minutes and click "publish" for instant visibility.

An enhanced member experience

Give your members the best experience possible with a simple, fast, and efficient event registration process.

Easily manage your online sales

Customize your event campaign to suit your organization

Set your prices, add images, limit the number of participants, and customize your tickets ready for printing. Do all of this in just a few clicks!

Follow & analyze your sales in real time

Analyze your events afterward by collecting data on participants and ticket revenue. With access to event statistics, you can adapt your actions to improve your next event.

Integrate your events with an automatically updated CRM

Automatically add event participants to your contact database or choose to add them manually, so you can invite them to upcoming events and involve them in future activities.

Offer multiple payment methods

Offer traditional payment methods like cash and check, or allow online card payments, either by installments or in one go, using our secure third-party payment partner. For any problems, you can issue refunds at the click of a button!

Efficient event check-in on the big day

Scan event tickets

Event check-ins have never been easier! Scan tickets at the entrance to your event and export a list of participants to keep track of attendance.

Generate name tags & attendance sheets

Once event registration is closed, you can generate attendance sheets and name tags based on the information requested during registration.

Communicate around the event

Reach out to participants directly from your attendance lists or post a calendar of upcoming events on your website to keep attendees informed.

Organizations who love our membership management software

George F. Barbour

Google Reviews
With Springly, we were able to grow our membership database by 56% over the last year. Now that we have an organized system to keep all of our members in the same place, including their membership and payment history, we have been able to refocus our time on member engagement. Great features, easy to use!
Mockingjay Flying Club

F. Barbour


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