Springly vs Wild Apricot

Here is a complete comparison of the features between Springly and Wild Apricot.
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Centralized CRM
Membership & donor history
Customizable fields
Filters, specific criteria, & advanced search for all contacts
Save searches and filters
Regular & dynamic groups
Automation with the email feature
Massive import & export capabilities
Attendance sheets
Account merging
Advanced chapter & network management
CRM for structures
Quick membership campaign creation
Customizable rates & payment methods
100% secure online payment
Powered by CRM software
Payment tracking
Ability to set private or public rates
Discount management
Dedicated membership dashboard
Online store
Collaborative Tools
Online Software
Client reviews
Google Reviews
4.9/ 5
Capterra Reviews
4.8/ 5

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Wild Apricot vs Springly: Overview in a few words

Wild Apricot

Wild Apricot is a membership management system, designed to fit associations needs by managing contacts, processing payments, sending out emails, registering for events, and more.

With a full set of features, Wild Apricot is a complete, online software starting at $40/month for organizations with 100 contacts.


Springly is an all-in-one, 100% online software that allows you to work collaboratively with your nonprofit team, wherever you are. It is suitable for nonprofits of all sizes and sectors, from small sports clubs to large multi-chapter federations or foundations.

With all the tools you need in one place, our software allows you to easily manage all the administrative and aspects of your nonprofit: membership management, CRM, online payment, donations, events, communication, online store, and even a full website builder.

Our software is easy to use thanks to a streamlined and optimized interface. Simple and intuitive, Springly requires no specific tech skills at any point. In addition, free online training courses are available to help you get started.

Springy is built to manage
all organizations, no matter the size

Reproduce the structure of your organization in Springly

Do you have chapters at the state, city, and district level? No problem. Create as many groups and subgroups as necessary. For each group, appoint administrators with specific access rights. By doing this, you share responsibility while still isolating important information.

Give your chapters the tools they need

Activate for each chapter the features they will need for more efficient management: CRM, emailing, donations, membership, events, statistics, website, teamwork tools, and more.

Give more or less autonomy to your chapters

Decide on the degree of autonomy you grant to each chapter. They can manage their own CRM and create independent websites, or be integrated into one website for your entire organization.

Organizations who believe in us

Discover our client testimonials
Shawn Cooley

Google Reviews
Springly is the only tool we found that not only helps us better manage our members, but has helped us transition to online payment. With only one tool that helps us sign our members up for classes, has their membership history, and allows us to create and track our monthly meetings, we have been able to double our revenue in the last two years.



The extras that make the difference
between Springly and Wild Apricot

Manage donations

Manage your donations with the same care as your memberships. Create donation campaigns in 2-minutes or less, publish them on your website, and find a full donation history all in one place.

Dedicated support

At Springy, care comes first. When using our software, you have a dedicated account manager and support team that is there to answer all of your questions, give training, and help with data import.


Our website feature was built on the premise that all organizations need improved visibility to help them spread awareness on their cause. Link your Google Analytics account or optimize pages for SEO.