Springly vs Bloomerang

Here is a complete comparison of the features between Springly and Bloomerang. Which is the best management software for your nonprofit?

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Bloomerang vs Springly: Overview in a few words


Bloomerang is a donation management software that helps nonprofits engage and retain donors via reporting, engagement summaries, and emailing.

However, Bloomerang suffers from a lack of ease-of-use and automation. Onboarding and knowledge transfer can be considered difficult, particularly while using their integrations with other external softwares like Eventbrite or Mailchimp.

While available for many sizes of nonprofits, Bloomerang is limited to nonprofits with only one chapter and basic needs. Multi-chapter or foundation management is currently unavailable.


Springly is an all-in-one, 100% online software that allows you to work collaboratively with your nonprofit team, wherever you are. It is suitable for nonprofits of all sizes and sectors, from small sports clubs to large multi-chapter foundations.

With all the tools you need in one place, our software allows you to easily manage all the administrative and aspects of your nonprofit: membership & donation management, CRM, online payment, events, communication, online store and even a full website builder.

Our software is easy to use thanks to a streamlined and optimized interface. Simple and intuitive, Springly requires no specific tech skills at any point. In addition, free online training courses are available to help you get started.

Bloomerang is not adapted for
nonprofit networks

Reproduce the structure of your organization in Springly

Do you have chapters at the state, city and district level? No problem. Create as many groups and subgroups as necessary. For each group, appoint administrators with specific access rights. By doing this, you share responsibility while still isolating important information.

Give your chapters the tools they need

Activate for each chapter the features they will need for more efficient management: CRM, emailing, donations, membership, events, statistics, website, teamwork tools, and more.

Give more or less autonomy to your chapters

Decide on the degree of autonomy you grant to each chapter. They can manage their own CRM and create independent websites, or be integrated into one website for your entire organization.

With Springly, managing
your members is a breeze

Create customized membership campaigns

In just a few clicks, create, publish or integrate a membership campaign onto your website. Build customized forms, set rolling or fixed memberships, determine your payment method of choice, add photos, videos and more. Your memberships are as unique as you are.

Automatic invoices & receipts

Members receive personalized receipts and invoices via email. Invoices are automatically updated according to payment method at the time of purchase. Easy, eco-friendly, and one less thing to catch up on over the weekend.

A record for years to come

Collect accurate information on your memberships. Maintain a detailed record of your organization’s membership history such as payment method and duration. Even better, you have a record of all financial transactions and can send a quick reminder for late dues.

The extras that make the difference between
Springly and Bloomerang

Build a website in 15 minutes

No web developer required to create a modern website. Choose from one of our 7 premade templates or use our drag and drop system to create custom pages.

Work collaboratively

We love teamwork! Add an unlimited amount of software administrators as well as group administrators that each have different roles and rights. Everyone has a job and personalized access to the different Springly features.

Online store to diversify income

Sell t-shirts, mugs, or sports jerseys. Diversify your nonprofit’s resources with our easy to use online store and stock management system.