An easy to use CRM that has all the features you need

Simplicity is key, with Springly’s nonprofit CRM software, you have all of the features you need for great organization, with no tech skills required at any time.
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A CRM for your nonprofit that
streamlines your organization without complex tech

Simplicity is at the heart of Springly

One of our company values here at Springly is simplicity. It is at the heart of everything we do, and is our #1 priority for our clients. Our CRM is easy to use for all ages and technical levels.

Follow the same tech philosophy

Our software is easy to use because every feature, either CRM, communication, or membership management tools, all look the same. Once you know how to use one feature, the rest follow the same logic to make knowledge building quick and efficient.

Automation for easy follow-up

Say goodbye to copy and paste in Excel! All other features of the software are automatically connected to your easy to use CRM that makes prospection, member management, or community building a breeze.

All of your data in one place

With all of your contact’s information in the same place, you simplify your nonprofit’s processes and data management. Gone are the days of importing and exporting lists into different tools! Enjoy the freedom of finding the information you need in 2-clicks or less.

Streamline by sorting contacts into groups

With Springly’s software, you have the ability to further customize your nonprofit CRM by organizing your contacts into groups. Use our regular group feature to manually add contacts or dynamic group which categorizes contacts by specific criteria.

All-in-one software for painless management

Outside of our easy to use CRM software, Springly has tools for membership management, fundraising, communication, and website development. With all of the tools you need to manage your organization in one place, you centralize your data and governance in one unique tool.

CRM software that is easy to set up for your nonprofit

14-day free trial

All nonprofits who want to try our CRM software can open a 14-day free trial with no credit card information required. Try it, test it, love it, and get as much support as you need! Benefit from a free 30-minute demo with one of our software experts who will answer all of your questions and help you customize our easy-to-use CRM to your specific needs.

Never lose your nonprofit’s data in our easy-to-use CRM software

All data that you entered during your free trial is saved, therefore when you subscribe, you have everything you need to continue your work. Begin setting up your CRM from day one without worrying about data transfer, export, or technical intervention.

Customer support every step of the way

With our software help center, onboarding process, and customer success team, your nonprofit CRM will be set up in no time and without complications. Our step-by-step support is available 24/7 and is systematically updated with user questions.

A CRM software that only needs one easy import for your nonprofit

Import and export contacts, no tech skills required

If you have more than 25 contacts in your current database, an automatic data import is the way to go. No complex code, development team, or tech skills required, a simple Excel spreadsheet will do. All you have to do is copy and paste your contacts into our software and let us do the rest!

Update your entire CRM at once

Do you need to update your contacts but don’t have the time or bandwidth to do it manually? Export your data from our nonprofit CRM software in an Excel spreadsheet and update the field desired. Copy and paste the change into our system and watch the magic happen. No formulas or technical skills are necessary to update your data. An easy-to-use CRM from beginning to end!

Automatically detect doubles with our easy to use CRM

Springly automatically detects doubles in your contact list based while cross-matching criteria like email address and phone number. Clean your database while you import and start fresh with a contact list that is accurate and always up to date.

A CRM that is powerful while being easy to use

Organizations who love our CRM

Arthur Steele

Google Reviews
Over the last year we were really struggling with Excel, so we decided to switch to a professional database system. Springly was an easy choice based on the numerous options available, customizable fields, automation with the membership tool, and the significant advanced search features. The team was helpful and patient from day 1!
Lost Guitars, Find Homes



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