A powerful CRM system that is
100% free for your nonprofit

A CRM that works as hard as you do. 100% customizable, you can segment your contacts and have all the information you need in one place. Free for nonprofits with less than 50 contacts.
Yado Free Nonprofit Software

Finally, a free CRM
designed especially for your nonprofit

All the information in the right place

On each contact's profile, you can see a summary of their activities within your organization. Membership duration, donation history, emails sent, purchases, event participation, and more.

Build your community through communication

Choose the channel of communication best suited to the groups or individuals in your CRM, whether by email, text or direct mail.

Everyone has a mission

With Springly’s CRM you can define administrators with different access rights. Even if you’re just getting started, assigning roles and responsibilities will help in the long run.

Organizations who believe in us

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Shawn Cooley

Google Reviews
Springly is the only tool we found that not only helps us better manage our members, but has helped us transition to online payment. With only one tool that helps us sign our members up for classes, has their membership history, and allows us to create and track our monthly meetings, we have been able to double our revenue in the last two years.



Goodbye Excel, hello organization!

All your contacts are stored in one place

Even if you are just launching your nonprofit, organization is key to grow quickly and boost your impact. With Springly, no more flipping between different spreadsheets with different contacts. Store all of your community contacts (prospects, potential donors, volunteers) in the same database and filter between them. Are your contacts never up to date, with missing or incorrect information? With Springly, you have a simple, fast and efficient CRM.

Customized fields

Every nonprofit is unique, so your CRM should be too. You can personalize your database to meet your organization’s needs with customized fields. Create fields and categories based on different criteria like membership status, volunteer history, donation amount, and uniform size. The possibilities are endless.

Never lose information

In the contact profiles of your CRM, you can see your contact’s activities within your organization. At a glance, view their membership duration, donation history, emails received, purchases made, and more. Knowing your community and how they interact with you on a deeper level will help you grow faster.

A free CRM that grows with your nonprofit

Divide contacts into groups

As your nonprofit grows, you might need more specific features to keep your community organized. Automatically assign people into groups based on personal criteria (age, gender, city) or other information (role, donation amount, volunteer tasks). Convenient for sending the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

Advanced search

Search to find key information in a few seconds with our intuitive search options. Use the results of your search for statistics, grant applications or simply to send out targeted communications.

Import your data in 2 minutes

Need to import more than 25 contacts? Update your CRM with a full mailing list? A list of potential donors? Interested volunteers? No problem. Import your contacts in just a few clicks, no tech skills required.