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The best CRM for small nonprofit organizations. Customize fields, segment into groups, and consolidate your data in one place.
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Finally, a free CRM
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The power of centralized data

Using a CRM for small nonprofit organizations from day one helps put good management practices into place and more importantly, all the information you need on your community in one place. A good CRM will save you time and help your organization grow at a more rapid rate.

Manage administrator access

With Springly's free CRM for nonprofits, you can break down administrator access by their role in your organization. Limit access to certain features, groups, or custom fields. Share responsibility and work in collaboration with your colleagues.

Keep your data safe

All user and admin accounts are password protected and are not accessible to our team at any time. All of your information is your own, therefore you can export all of your data, whenever you choose.

Use filters for important stats

With three different ways to filter on our free CRM for nonprofits, you can find all of the information you need in three clicks or less. Use this information for fundraising, grant applications, or to learn more about the community your small organization is building.

Automation with other features

Enjoy automation with the other features of Springly's software. Many tasks that would previously require copy and paste are now done automatically. New members are immediately added to your CRM without any action required from your team.

Grow your community

Grow your community and save time via our one-click communication feature. Select the contacts you wish to contact, write your email, and hit send! No need for a lengthy import and export into an external tool, engage your members directly from your CRM.

Organizations who love our CRM

Arthur Steele

Google Reviews
Over the last year we were really struggling with Excel, so we decided to switch to a professional database system. Springly was an easy choice based on the numerous options available, customizable fields, automation with the membership tool, and the significant advanced search features. The team was helpful and patient from day 1!
Lost Guitars, Find Homes



Goodbye Excel, hello organization! 

All your contacts are stored in one place

Even if you are just launching your nonprofit, organization is key to grow quickly and boost your impact. With Springly, no more flipping between different spreadsheets with different contacts. Store all of your community contacts (prospects, potential donors, volunteers) in the same database and filter between them. Are your contacts never up to date, with missing or incorrect information? With Springly, you have a simple, fast, and efficient CRM.

Customized fields

Every nonprofit is unique, so your CRM should be too. You can personalize your database to meet your small organization’s needs with customized fields. Create fields and categories based on different criteria like membership status, volunteer history, donation amount, and uniform size. The possibilities are endless.

Never lose information

In the contact profiles of your CRM, you can see your contact’s activities within your organization. At a glance, view their membership duration, donation history, emails received, purchases made, and more. Knowing your community and how they interact with you on a deeper level will help you grow faster.

A free CRM that was created with all nonprofits in mind 

Divide contacts into groups

As your nonprofit grows, you might need more specific features to keep your community organized. Automatically assign people into groups based on personal criteria (age, gender, city) or other information (role, donation amount, volunteer tasks). Convenient for sending the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

Advanced search

Search to find key information in a few seconds with our intuitive search options. Use the results of your search for statistics, grant applications or simply to send out targeted communications.

Import your data in 2 minutes

Need to import more than 25 contacts? Update your CRM with a full mailing list? A list of potential members? No problem. Import your contacts in just a few clicks, no tech skills required. Follow our detailed guide for an automatic import and let Springly do the hard work for you.

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Multi-chapter management

Are you a parent organization that manages several local chapters? Learn more about our CRM solution for data consolidation on multiple levels and how it facilitates management for all.

Springly nonprofit CRM software

Need more features? No problem! Enjoy more options like a free data import by our team and flexible pricing based on the size of your organization with our nonprofit CRM software.

Easy to use CRM

Springly strongly believes in simplicity for all. Regardless if you are a professional developer or technology beginner, our CRM is easy-to-use.

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