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Manage your foundation efficiently with an all-in-one software 


Easily collect donations to support your projects.


Manage contact information with a complete CRM.


Send emails to the right people at the right time.


Publish news on a website that is easy to create.


Offer online tickets and link event registration with your CRM.

Collect donations easily to support
your foundation's projects

Collect donations online

Tailor your donation campaign to meet your foundation’s needs. You can set up one-time or recurring donations, and suggest the amount or require a minimum donation. With Springly, you can accept donations in both Euros and Dollars.

Avoid duplicates

Donations received are automatically updated in contact profiles in your CRM. No more duplicate data entries to worry about.
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Manage your foundation's contacts
with a complete CRM 

A centralized and easy-to-use database

After an easy data import, all your contact information is centralized in one online database. You can quickly access all contact information and donation history with your foundation.

Segment your CRM

Separate contacts into groups according to your communication needs. Automatically assign people to a group based on age, donation amount, city or other criteria.

All your information is safe and up to date

Each contact in your database has a personal profile. They are able to access and update their information anytime.
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Communicate effectively with the people
involved with your foundation

Send impactful emails

It’s easy to create email newsletters with Springly. Drag and drop images, text, and buttons to customize your email newsletters.

Automatic updates in your CRM

If a contact’s email is changed in the CRM, this is automatically updated in your email lists.

Follow email performance

Track open, click and spam rates of your emails to improve your foundation’s communication strategies.
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A website to showcase
your projects and activities 

Easily create a professional website for your foundation

Click and drag images and text on Springly to create a responsive website that adapts to all screen sizes. No technical skills required.

Highlight activities and accomplishments on a blog

Spread awareness of your causes and projects by publishing blog articles, to reach a wider audience.

Share far and wide your call for project proposals

Launch a call for project proposals and grant applications on your website, using a tailor-made form to receive applications.
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Bring your foundation's community
together by organizing events 

Offer online registration and payment for your events

It’s easy to set up online tickets and payment methods on Springly, so you can focus on promoting the event.

Manage event registration and send email reminders

Keep an eye on ticket sales and payment status. Since all features are linked on Springly, you can easily send email reminders to attendees.

Save paper and time

Registered attendees receive electronic tickets, so you can save paper and time during event check-in with our scanning app.
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