Connect countries with Springly’s international nonprofit software

Springly is available in English or French and compatible with multiple currencies.
A software for International nonprofit

Designed to facilitate management of nonprofits
with offices or headquarters abroad

Autonomous international chapters

No matter the location, you can configure access and permission to the different features.

Data consolidation

Springly manages the complexity of data aggregation across countries (CRM, communication statistics, website analytics).

Safety is our priority

With our internationally trusted partner Adyen, you can safely collect donations in dollars ($) or euros (€).

Manage chapters in United States and Europe
with an all-in-one international software 

Truly international

The software is built to help manage international chapters, even if they are located in several countries. Segment your CRM accordingly, or give your chapters access to their own version of the software.

Language choice

Your international organization can access Springly in English or French.

Currency options

Whether your headquarters are in the United States or Europe, Springly is here to help. With our trusted partner Adyen, you can collect funds in dollars ($) or in euros (€).

Supervised independence for
your international chapters

Reproduce your worldwide structure in Springly

Create as many groups and subgroups as necessary. For each group, appoint administrators with specific permissions. You can delegate responsibilities while keeping some documents private.

Give your chapters the tools they need

Activate certain features for each chapter. Springly’s features help you manage your CRM, email campaigns, donations, memberships, events, and website.

Give more or less autonomy to your chapters

Decide on the degree of autonomy you grant to your chapters. Chapters can manage their own CRMs and create their own website independently, or integrate their information into one international website.

A consolidated CRM for
your international nonprofit

International Data

Our robust CRM collects and stores your community’s contact information from all over the world.

A harmonious CRM

Create fields that are shared by all chapters, while allowing them to create their own specific fields. The shared database can be adapted to each chapter’s needs.

Finally, a consolidated CRM

Each member has a unique record and can belong to several groups. Springly uses the “Russian Doll” principle: consolidated data on the upper level, and individual data for each group.

Find contacts fast

Use search fields to search by name, location, membership status, and more. From the search results, you can send direct emails for targeted communication.
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Enhanced security for
your international nonprofit

Facilitated GDPR compliance

Unifying your information system makes it easier for you to comply with GDPR restrictions. Members can view all their personal information stored by your different chapters.

Enhanced security

If each chapter uses different software, it can become difficult to guarantee data security. By centralizing management on Springly, you choose a company that prioritizes data security.

Increased transparency

Transparency pushes everyone to be more rigorous with data management. It also helps you to identify and quickly respond to any database issues.

Harmonize your international

Become the master of global communication within your nonprofit

Decide on the overall theme, colors, and fonts used on your website. Local chapters can use your template, guaranteeing a consistent look for your nonprofit.

Chapters can communicate locally

Chapters can manage their own websites and create their own content, or update their pages on your main website.

You have the option to consolidate your communication

News, events, articles, and photo galleries can be consolidated for international newsletters.
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