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Simplify and amplify the management of your
organization by using a powerful arts and culture software 


Boost member engagement and offer a better membership experience with an all-in-one arts and culture software. Create membership drives in 2-clicks, offer online payment, discount management, and software automation for easy follow-up.


Find all the information on your contacts in one place. With an easy-to-use CRM, you can create unlimited custom fields, separate your contacts by group, use advanced filters, and find a full membership and donation history. Delegate leadership with unlimited software admins for simplified management.


Easily manage event registration for your shows, concerts, and fundraisers. With an all-in-one platform for arts and culture organizations, you benefit from powerful automation and a direct link to your CRM. Track event purchases and use this to create events for targeted groups.


Create email newsletters to send news and upcoming events to your community. Build standard templates and add content or create emails from scratch with our easy-to-use drag and drop system. Use powerful communication to engage members more than ever before.


Create a website to showcase your work online. With our no-code solution, create a modern website that is unique as you are. Build members-only content to increase member engagement and interaction. Share the highlights of your season via a blog or photo gallery for increased visibility!

Online store

Diversify your revenue by opening an online store. Sell your goods, manage stock, offer online payment, discount management, and shipping fees. No more switching between tools, your online store is automatically connected to your CRM so all information is in the right place.

Streamline your membership with a
software made for arts and culture organizations

Improve member experience with online registration

For the start of the new year or season, you can create an online membership drive. Track new membership registrations in real-time, enjoy automatic sending of invoices and payment receipts and offer a painless registration for your new and returning members. With a simple registration process, your members feel valued and are more likely to recommend a friend to join.

Offer diverse activities, rates, and payment methods

Set up different membership packages, rates, and payment methods so your members can support your organization at all levels. Create private or public rates, offer online or offline payment, and special discounts based on the criteria you set. With a platform built particularly for arts and culture organizations, you have every option available to meet your unique needs.

Automate administrative tasks

When new members sign up online, their profiles are automatically added to your CRM. No more exporting lists from one tool and importing them into another, with software automation your arts and culture organization saves time on hefty administrative tasks. All membership history is available in each member profile for improved simplicity.

Showcase your events with
a simple arts and culture software

Manage the move to online registration

Set up tickets for a show, performance, museum exhibition, play, or any type of event. With a fully customizable event registration platform, you can offer different prices, packages, and payment methods. With an all-in-one arts and culture software, your event management tool integrates seamlessly with the rest of the platform for simplified management.

Manually add participants

Selling extra tickets at the door? Or simply prefer to have offline payment available to attract a wider audience? No problem! An offline ticket sale by cash or check can be indicated in the software for streamlined management. Track payments, tag a manual participant as paid, and adjust settings to send an automatic receipt once you have received their payment.

Scan tickets at the entrance

Event participants receive electronic tickets by email equipped with a unique QR code. At the entrance, use our ticket scanning tools, or any QR code application, to ensure an efficient check-in. No more long lines at the door!

Learning the art of CRM 
organization with an arts and culture software

Never lose information

Say goodbye to the spreadsheets cluttering your work. With a simple but powerful CRM technology at your disposal, you will never lose precious records ever again. In every member profile, you can find essential information like previous and current payments, membership and donation history, emails received, and more.

Create groups for targeted communication

Create groups of all shapes and sizes for improved communication. Create regular groups where you can add members manually, or dynamic groups that add members automatically based on the criteria you set. Use these groups for specific communication campaigns and watch as your opening rates soar!

Easily sort through your contacts

With all of your contacts consolidated, you can use our advanced search feature to find the specific information that you are looking for. Filter your contacts on general criteria like city, country, active or lapsed membership, or more detailed information like your volunteers availabilities or centers of interest. With an arts and culture software, you save time on daily tasks that would previously require multiple searches, exports, and spreadsheets.

Use a modern software for arts and culture
organizations to send engaging emails 

Better engagement through email personalization

Your email lists are pulled directly from your CRM which is the perfect recipe for hyper-personalization as your records are always up-to-date. Use automatic fields to customize your email to your recipient. Add in their first and last name, membership status, or city, all automatically done for you! No more copy and paste, all of the automatic fields fill in for you while sending. Enjoy the automation and make your members feel heard and cared for with no extra effort on your part.

Emailing becomes a work of art

Create email campaigns and newsletters by using our drag and drop solutions and become the curator of stunning emails for your arts and culture organization. Drag images, text, and buttons and personalize your campaigns to your unique visual identity. Like your design? Us too! Save your email as a template on your platform for future use.

Analyze email statistics

Measure the effectiveness of your communication with email statistics. With the open rate, click-through rate, and hard and soft bounces at your disposal for every campaign, you get precious insights into what emails need updating, and what type of content is the most desired by your readers. Use this knowledge to take a data-driven approach to grow your nonprofits mission!

Create your website masterpiece 
with Springly's arts and culture software

An easy-to-use website builder

With our no-code solution, you have the ability to create the website of your dreams with no tech skills required. Use our drag and drop system with text, images, videos, buttons, and more. Use one of our pre-made templates that are 100% modifiable to fit your exact needs. With more visibility, you open your organization up to opportunities for grants or strategic partners.


Your website is automatically mobile-responsive and adaptable to all screen sizes (tablet, smartphone, or computer). Now your site visitors can log in with a dedicated username and password, register on the go, buy event tickets, purchase an item from your online store, all from their mobile device.

Share the season highlights

Publish blog articles to share your stories, performances, and achievements with the world. While your association is offstage, your website and blog keep the show running. Using a platform for cultural organizations allows you to update your website regularly without a need for special skills or an on-call developer - your artists will enjoy the regular updates even during the offseason!

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