An all-in-one software for Arts & Culture Organizations

All the tools you need to turn your management into a masterpiece. Your CRM database, donation campaigns, and event ticketing take center stage.

Save time in the management of
your artistic or cultural group


Easily manage memberships for your organization.


Find all the information on your contacts in one place.


Easily manage event registration for your shows, concerts, and fundraisers.


Create email newsletters to send news and upcoming events to your community.


Create a website to showcase your work online.

Members will come back
time and time again

Offer online memberships

For the start of the new year or season, you can create an online membership campaign. Track new membership registrations in real time, and collect membership fees so that the show can go on with their support.

Offer different activities, rates, and payment methods

Set up different membership packages, rates, and payment methods so your members can support your organization at all levels.

An automatically updated database

When new members sign up online, their profiles are automatically added to your nonprofit’s database on Springly. Less copying and pasting means more time to get to know your members!
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Manage the box office efficiently

Online ticketing for your performances

Set up tickets for shows, performances, concerts, plays, and any type of event. With a fully customizable event registration form, you can offer different prices, packages, and payment methods.

Track event attendance and manage your ticket sales

You can follow the number of RSVPs and ticket sales in real time. Springly links all features so that you can easily promote events on your website and email newsletters.

Scan tickets at the entrance

Event registrants receive electronic tickets by email. At the entrance, use our ticket scanning feature to ensure an efficient check-in.
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Shine the spotlight on your organization’s mission

The art of organization

Say goodbye to the spreadsheets cluttering your work. Use Springly’s CRM database that consolidates all the information from your contacts.

Create groups to send targeted communication

Organize your contacts into groups to send emails specifically to donors, volunteers, artists, and parents.

GDPR compliant

Springly helps nonprofits keep their databases GDPR compliant (General Data Protection Regulation). Contacts may access their own personal information stored by organizations, as well as any documentation provided from your organization.
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Send emails that amplify your organization’s message

Communicate with your community

Create email lists from your CRM database, so that your community receives email that is personalized.

Dynamic emails

Create email campaigns and newsletters by clicking and dragging images, text, and buttons.

Analyze email statistics

Measure the effectiveness of your communication with email statistics (open and click-through rates).
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Your website, an artistic masterpiece!

An easy-to-use website builder

Select from our templates, and customize it with your organization’s colors, images, and videos.


Your website is automatically mobile-friendly and adaptable to all screen sizes, so your audience can buy tickets on the go.

Share the highlights of your season

Publish blog articles to share your stories, performances and achievements with the world. When your organization is offstage, your website and blog keep the show running.
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