Come of age with the best wine club management software in 2022

Simplify the management of your club and streamline operations with an easy-to-use wine club management software.
best wine club management software summary

An all-in-one management
software for your wine club 


Centralize all of the information on your community in one place. With a CRM that is 100% customizable to fit your unique needs, you save not only time but resources to put back into what matters, your mission!


Membership management is made easy with Springly’s wine club management software. Offer online memberships, payment tracking, and automatic follow-up with each member.


Manage events from A-Z. Create your special event in 2 minutes, offer online registration and payment, scan tickets at the entrance, and follow-up with participants before the big day.


Showcase the highlights of your club with a modern website. Use our no-code website builder to directly publish event photos, membership news, and a list of your top wine recommendations.


Easily send emails of all kinds. With Springly’s wine club management software, email lists are pulled directly from your CRM, so your lists are always up to date with the latest information.

Online store

Generate more revenue for your wine club by opening an online store. Offer cases of wine, club merchandise, or home wine-making equipment. Manage stock, set delivery fees, and offer multiple forms of payment.

Get ready to pop and pour with a powerful CRM 
at the heart of your wine club management software

Taste more, work less, with all your membership information in one place

Your database of members, donors, or community supporters is accessible any time and anywhere. With a CRM that is 100% customizable to fit your needs, you can find all of the information you need in each contact profile: phone number, age group, location, and more. No more searching through different spreadsheets and paper files!

Filter your CRM in 2-clicks and find your master winemaker

With all of your contacts consolidated, you can use cross-criteria to find any information you need. Filter your contacts on general criteria like address or region or more detailed information like their favorite wine. Contact them in 2 clicks by sending a targeted email. Delegate responsibility and give administrators access to their groups to contact members and organize meeting times.

Master the art of community engagement with surveys

Send a survey or launch a poll to vote for the best wine of the year. By using the best wine club management software to engage your members, they feel a deep connection to your club and will be ready to get involved for years to come!

Manage memberships with ease using the
best all-in-one wine club management software

Spend more time wine tasting with online memberships

Give your members the opportunity to join the club and pay their dues online whenever you’re ready to expand. For your members, it is convenient. For you, say goodbye to managing petty cash, trips to the bank, and missing checks. Track new and renewed memberships in real-time and enjoy saving time through automated follow-up emails.

Precise payment tracking that saves hours on the phone

With every financial transaction that passes through Springly, you have precise tracking and follow-up for each payment. Send reminders for missing or late payments directly from your wine club management software. Receipts and invoices are sent automatically for easy follow-up.

Customize your memberships like they are your own brand of wine

Every feature of our management software is 100% customizable to fit the unique needs of your best-ever wine club. Set a maximum number of new members, create automatic discounts, pricing groups, and personalize your payment receipts with your logo and design. By using Springly’s wine club software you have full control over your club from A-Z.

Build a modern website using the
year's best wine club management software

No tech skills required

With software that was made specifically for the best wine clubs out there, no tech skills are required to build a modern, slick website. Simply drag and drop items into a blank page (images, video, text) or begin with one of our 100% customizable templates. With a no-code solution, a powerful and informative website is accessible to all.

Showcase your wine club’s mastery with additional features

Use the blog to show off your members' achievements. Post the itinerary of your next vineyard tour, send a survey to your members to gauge satisfaction rates, or publish the club directory to encourage the sharing of ideas. Your members can find all of the information they are looking for in one place, and you save time by consolidating information and spending less time answering questions via email.

Take your website to the vineyards with you

Your website is automatically mobile-responsive and adapts to all screen sizes: tablet, desktop, or smartphone. Easily consult the website of your best wine club anywhere, at any time, whether you are in the middle of a winemaking lesson, a club meeting, or out in the vineyards.

Stay connected through the grapevine with the best
communication management software for your wine club

No more spills with reliable email lists

The email module is linked to your CRM database, so your email lists are updated automatically. If a member updates their contact information while renewing their membership, there is no need to manually transfer information, at any time. Practical when sending newsletters according to different customers’ wine preferences.

Design pro newsletters with ease

Easily create modern newsletters by using a simple drag and drop system with images, text, and buttons. Create the newsletters of your dreams and engage your audience in a new way. Your members will enjoy reading the latest on their favorite types of wine and you will get to share some important club news.

Grow your nonprofit with email statistics

Use the best all-in-one wine club management software to keep an eye on the open and click-through rates of your email campaigns. Use this information to learn what type of communication best fits your audience and adapt accordingly.

Diversify revenue for your wine club
with an online store and event software 

Make ambassadors of your community members

Open an online store and use your logo and house colors as a great source of communication, and a potential source of revenue. Use an online store to sell different cases of wine, club merchandise, or event add-ons. Easily manage stock and set delivery fees with multiple forms of payment.

Organize competitions, discounts, quizzes, or wine tasting events

With Springly’s wine club management software, you can organize any event like online quizzes, wine raffles, vineyard tours, or even just team meetings. Create private events for your members and public events to invite your community to come and support the club.

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