Springly’s civil rights and advocacy nonprofit software

Raise awareness for your cause, collect donations from your supporters, and manage your community all in one place.
Advocacy Nonprofit Software

Optimize management with the right software for
your civil rights & advocacy nonprofit 


Boost contributions to your organization through online & offline payment.


Centralize the information on your community in one place.


Mobilize your community to take action.


Promote your cause though your website.


Organize events to raise awareness of your cause.

Collect donations to
contribute to your efforts

Customize donation campaigns to advocate for your cause

In just a few clicks, you can easily set up a donation campaign for your organization. Allow your donors to give what they wish, or set up one-time or recurring donations.

Never lose track of your donors

Donors are automatically added to your CRM. You are able to track their payments and donation history in their personal profiles.
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An easy-to-use CRM that keeps track of volunteers,
donors, and all of the members of your community

Your entire community in one place

Your CRM brings together all the people in your community: donors, activists, volunteers, and members. Each person has a profile page with their contact information, event attendance, and donation history.

Easily find the people you are looking for and create groups

Want to know who your major donors are? Use our advanced search to find out in only a few seconds. Easily create a group to send targeted email communication to them.

No worries, you’re GDPR compliant

Each contact can access and view all personal information collected by your organization.
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Advocacy marketing made easy with all
the communication tools you need in one place

Use the right tools to make your emails count

Click and drag images, buttons, and text to create powerful emails to update and mobilize your community.

Contact your major donors in two clicks

Springly’s email feature is linked to your CRM database. This means your email lists are always organized by group and up to date. Visitors can sign up for your email newsletter directly from your website.

Master your newsletter and communicate globally about your cause

Create multiple email lists to send targeted email newsletters. Email statistics (open, click-through and bounce rate)s are available for you to monitor email performance.
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Make your website an
ambassador for your cause

Create a modern website, no tech skills required

No web developer on your team? No problem. Choose from our templates and customize it to the right color, font, and structure for your organization. Your website is mobile-friendly and adapts to all screen sizes.

Offer a private section for your community

Reserve certain pages of your website for donors, activists, or volunteers. You can publish exclusive content such as meeting minutes, news, events, calendars, and member directories just for them.

Raise awareness of your cause by sharing your news

Easily integrate a blog into your website. Share the highlights, news, activist features to increase your organization’s visibility online.
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Want to start a social justice movement?
Create an event in a few easy steps. 

Offer online registration and payment for your events

Signing up for your fundraising events, rallies, conferences, and town halls can be convenient for your community. Create an online event registration and offer different payment methods.

Follow event registration in real time

Track your attendee lists and ticket payment status at a glance. In two clicks, you can send email reminders to attendees about late payments and other upcoming events.

Scan tickets at the door

Registrants receive electronic tickets by email. On the big day, use our ticket scanning feature for a speedy check-in, and get statistics on event attendance.
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