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Manage your international activities, and keep your data secure.
A management software for nonprofits

Go global with
international software 

International Donations

Fundraising all over the world is easy with online donations.


All your data on donors, members, and volunteers in one safe place.


Update your global community with email newsletters.


Highlight news and upcoming projects on our easy website builder.


Set up an easy membership form for anyone to join from anywhere in the world.


Organize events to raise awareness of your international cause.

Fundraise with our internationally
compatible donations tool 

Need to raise funds in multiple currencies?

Springly can help you set up your international fundraising campaign in less than 5 minutes. Compatibility with international currencies means you can fundraise anywhere.

100% customizable fundraising campaigns

Create a fundraising campaign that suits your nonprofit’s needs. Give donors the freedom to give the amount they want, or set donation amounts. Give the option of one-time or recurring donations, and customize a heartfelt “thank you” email to be sent to each donor.

No more copy and paste

Spending too much time transferring data? With Springly, your donors and donation history are automatically added to your CRM database.
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An eagle’s eye view of all your contacts: 
volunteers, donors, members

All your information in one place and accessible everywhere, on any device

Importing your data into Springly is easy. Organize everyone’s contact information, membership history, sent emails, and donation history.

More autonomy with team management

Divide your CRM profiles into groups for regional use. Grant local team leaders admin access to communicate with local volunteers.

Statistics for your annual reports

Springly provides statistics on your database, communication, and donation history. This is valuable information for your annual reports and grant applications.
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Spread the word around the
globe about your nonprofit 

Send powerful emails

Create email campaigns with eye-catching images, text, and buttons, using Springly’s email feature.

Target your audience

Your email lists are linked with your database and the groups you have created. Depending on the audience, you can send targeted messages and evaluate the impact.

Share your activities and projects with all your followers

Your newsletter allows you to send mass communications about your programs, activities and projects. Make your movement go global!
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Create a website to feature
your nonprofit’s work

Invite the global community to join your mission on your website

With Springly, easily create a unique website in your own style. Springly’s website tool is easy to use, for everyone.

Create a members-only space

Create a dedicated space for your members on your website. You can share special content for the projects they supported, to show them the impact of their donations.

Share your news with the world

Publish articles on a blog to update your international community on news, projects, and events.
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Grow your international community
with online memberships 

Launch online membership campaigns

It only takes a few minutes to create your membership campaign. Invite your supporters to join and pay their fees online. It's faster for you and for them.

Monitor the growth of your community and send reminders

Follow the growth of your member base in real-time. In 2 clicks, send a late-payment reminder.

Your members are directly added to your database

All the information you collect on your members is automatically entered into your database. No more copying and pasting.
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