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Manage your members, events, and email newsletters, all in one place

Optimize the management of your veteran services


Stay in touch with your community of veterans and collect membership fees online or offline with our easy to use management software.


Organize events to bring your community together. Call your fellow vets to participate in the events of your choice, with a 100% customizable event tool to meet your needs.


Manage all the information on your members, donors, and volunteers in one place. Centralize the information and history of your contacts in a software where you can create unlimited custom fields.


Communicate with your community with email newsletters. Keep your contacts up to date on your activities and current events.


Fundraising is easy with online donation campaigns. Create campaigns in two minutes or less and enjoy them automatically being added to your CRM. No more lost information and a complete donor history at your fingertips.


Create a website with 100% customizable templates. Use one of our templates or start from scratch and create a modern website with no tech skills required. Drag and drop different blocks into place for a website that is as unique as you are.

United States Submarine Veterans (USSVI) benefiting
from our veteran management software

191 chapters
around the United States


Consolidating member data on 4 levels

Same version of the software used at every level

Their mission

"To Perpetuate the memory of our shipmates who gave their lives in the pursuit of their duties while serving their country. That their dedication, deeds and supreme sacrifice be a constant source of motivation toward greater accomplishments. Pledge loyalty and patriotism to the United States of America and its Constitution. In addition to perpetuating the memory of departed shipmates, we shall provide a way for all Submariners to gather for the mutual benefit and enjoyment. Our common heritage as Submariners shall be strengthened by camaraderie. We support a strong U.S. Submarine Force."

Why they chose Springly

With our solution for nonprofit networks, USSVI chose Springly because of our ability to consolidate data on multiple levels: national, regional, district, and base levels. With the ability to keep track of active memberships and payments, create websites and have an organized CRM, USSVI can keep the branding the same on all levels and enjoy finding all of the data they need in one click.

How did they get started?

With the joint effort of the account management and customer success team, the onboarding process was simple and efficient. They began with what was most important to them, ensuring their historical data and memberships were safely imported into a new database. Over the next few weeks, training on the software began to help the main administrators use the software to its fullest potential.

Why is a digital transformation important for nonprofit organizations?

Nonprofits do serious work, therefore they need serious tools to help them amplify their impact. Beyond simple technology, nonprofits are actors that solve enormous problems, and are experts in many subjects that professional institutions and governments are not equipped to handle. Their expertise and significant contribution to the national GDP are often left out of important conversations. Nonprofits of all shapes and sizes must participate in the debate for a fair and inclusive digital transformation of their sector with tools that are not only powerful, but affordable as well.

Veteran Membership made easy
through a powerful software

Membership campaigns in two minutes

Membership campaigns can be created and live in two minutes or less. Create a form, customize the information collected, and post it online in one click. Customize with photos, PDF’s, or videos of your choice. With 30+ options, you have every option available to you to create an effective membership campaign.

100% customizable membership rates

Create custom pricing, or customize your membership rates with discounts and pricing groups. Gain the flexibility you need for your veteran management software. Add members manually if they are paying by cash or check, or collect payment online.

One-click follow up

In one click, send a reminder to members who are late on payments. No more digging around in different Excel files to find the correct email, you have all of the information you need in one place.
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Online payment included with your
veteran mangement software

Online payment to boost engagement

85% of nonprofits have moved to online payment. Why? Payments are easy to track, count, file, and reimburse. Open online payment for your members and avoid running back and forth to the bank to deposit checks. No more lost payments, everything you need is a click away!

Fully secure transactions

All online payments are 100% secure. All of your transaction information and funds are managed by our payment partner, Adyen. Collect payment online and enjoy the hard work being done for you.

Low transaction fees

Enjoy low transaction fees with online payment. With the same fees as PayPal, you can be assured that Springly takes no margin on your online payments. We believe that nonprofits should have all of the tools they need, at an affordable cost.
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Create donation campaigns to
complete your veteran management software

Customizable donation campaigns

Within 5 minutes, create a donation campaign that suits your needs. Attract donors to your cause by easily adding images, text and videos to your campaign. Add it to your website in one-click or integrate into your own website. Your campaign is visible on all devices!

No more copy and paste

New donors supporting your veteran nonprofit are automatically added to your CRM, while existing donor profiles are updated. Import your donor history to have the full picture of your organization. Say goodbye to Excel!

Target the donors in your database

Segment your donors easily on Springly based on criteria of your choosing. Thank them for a previous donation or send targeted communications for your next donation campaign.
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A CRM that is always ready for action

Your entire community in one place

All your members, donors, volunteers, advocates, and contacts are automatically updated with their history, emails sent, and purchases from your online store. No more updating contacts one by one, you can update your entire database at once or filter based on certain criteria.

Segment your CRM by creating groups

Communicate strategically with your veteran community by organizing contacts into groups. Create fixed groups that are updated by admins or a dynamic group that updates automatically on it’s own. Platoon reunion coming up? Organize contacts by platoon name or service year.

Secure data

Each contact has access to their own profile information, but your database is protected against unwanted viewers. Give access via a login and password to your contacts so they are 100% autonomous in updating their own information.
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Communicate easily with your fellow veterans
via your management software

Email lists are always organized and updated

With the communication tool linked to your CRM, your email lists are always ready for you. In just a few clicks, send the right message to the right person, at the right time.

Create email newsletters to feature veteran news

In our email tool, you can drag and drop text, images, and buttons to quickly create a modern newsletter. No tech skills needed to send great emails that will engage your community in a new way.

Analyze email performance

Track open, click, and bounce rates of your email newsletters with our email analytics. Learn what emails are the most effective and which ones need to be reviewed. Improve your communication over time and become a content expert.
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A website at your service

Build a website that responds to all devices and screen sizes

Use a template and customize it to meet your organization’s needs. Your website automatically adapts to all screen sizes.

Offer a private section of your website for your community

Restrict access to certain pages on your website for donors, veterans, activists, or volunteers. Publish exclusive content, merchandise, news, and events just for them.

Raise awareness of your cause by sharing your news

Easily integrate a blog into your website. Share your organization’s highlights with your community: news, interviews, and political developments.
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Managing events has never been easier

Set up easy online registration

Use the events tool to create public or private registration links to track ticketing and attendance. Veteran management using proper software has never been easier.

Offer different ticket prices and online payment

Honor veterans for their service with special ticket prices and add-ons. All payment options are available, whether check, cash, or online payment. All payments are 100% secure through our payment processor, Adyen.

Stay zen on the big day

Set up automatic email reminders for your event attendees. On the day of the event, use Springly to scan tickets and analyze event attendance.
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