Become the next president with Springly’s political campaign software

Host campaigning events, and keep track of voters.
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The all-in-one solution for
your political organization 


Quickly collect membership fees and donations from your members


In just a few clicks easily organize rallies and meetings


Centralize your contacts’ information in one place


Communicate effectively with your community and supporters


Create a website to showcase your projects and activities

Build supporter loyalty with
an easy membership tool

Launch online membership campaigns

It only takes a few minutes to create your membership campaign. Invite your supporters to join and pay their fees online. It's faster for you and for them!

Monitor the growth of your community and send reminders

Follow the growth of your member base in real-time. In 2 clicks, send a late-payment reminder!

Your members are directly added to your database

All the information you collect on your members is automatically entered into your database. You never need to re-enter information.
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Easily organize your
meetups, debates and events!

Online tickets for upcoming events, meetings and rallies

Make organizing your events easier. Quickly create events so that participants can register and pay directly online.

Track the number of participants and manage your sales

Monitor the number of participants in real-time. Give your events a boost by using the emailing tool.

Scan the tickets at the entrance on the big day

Each participant receives their ticket by email. On the day of the event, you can simply scan the tickets at the entrance with our ticket scanning application.
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All the information you need on your
members, donors and community in one place 

A single, centralized CRM

Stop chasing down information. Your database gathers all the information about your members, supporters, donors, etc. Each profile page presents the person's information and history regarding your nonprofit.

Create groups

You can easily find people according to the criteria of your choice and create groups: activists, members, volunteers, supporters, press, etc. Doing this will allow you to get straight to the point and communicate more efficiently.

Rest easy, you’re GDPR compliant

Each member of your community has their own personal profile that includes their data and history. They know what records you keep on them and can change or update them at any point.
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Superior communication with
your community and supporters

Send powerful emails

Easily create email campaigns. You can add images, text and of course, a call-to-action! Make your communication more effective.

Target messages to your audience

Your mailing lists are linked with your database and the groups you have created. Depending on the audience, you can send targeted messages and evaluate the impact.

Share your political convictions with the general public!

Your newsletter allows you to send mass communications about your programs, convictions and news. Make your movement go global!
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Create a modern website to display
your political projects and debates

Design a unique website

With Springly, easily create a unique website in your own style. With no tech skills required, Springly’s website tool is easy to use, for everyone.

Create a members-only space

Create a dedicated space for your supporters on your website. You can share confidential information, meeting minutes, events, etc.

Share your news through a blog

Share articles regularly on your news, ideas, projects and events. They inform the general public about your work and improve the organic reach of your website.
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