The software for Religious Nonprofit Organizations

Collect donations, organize your CRM, and communicate easily with your followers.
Religious Nonprofit Organization Software

Easily manage your
faith based organization


Raise funds to develop your community’s projects.


Centralize all contact information in one place.


Organize events to strengthen your community.


Send a message to the right people, at the right time.


Create a website that is 100% customizable, no tech skills required.

Online Store

Manage an online store to support your cause.

Easily collect donations for
your faith based charity

Create a donation campaign in a few clicks

Whether you are constructing a new school or raising money to help the less fortunate, Springly helps you fundraise for your projects.

Options for your donors

Every donation can be collected, whether it be online payment, check, or cash. Track all payments by amount & payment type.

Choose to enter donors manually

Do your donors donate through cash or checks? You can manually add donations into the software and link them directly to a specific project or fund.
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Centralize your community’s
information in one place

Always have an up-to-date CRM

You can have a complete overview of all your contact’s information with a centralized and updated CRM.

Use powerful search tools

Find all the information you need. For example, how many people donated last year, who is part of a specific group, how many of your contacts are in one city.

Organize your contacts according to criteria you choose

Create groups by theme, geographical location, or classes. You can then find and sort them directly from your CRM.
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Organize religious education classes,
worship services, and events in a few simple steps

Create online ticketing for your various events

For workshops, classes, or special occasions, you can create dedicated sign-up pages with all the necessary information.

Offer different rates and payment methods

If your events are not free to attend, you can offer different prices and collect event registration fees through multiple payment options (online payment, check, or cash).
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Send messages that resonate
with your followers

Share targeted messages

Prepare newsletters and schedule emails to send news and upcoming events with your community.

Expand your community

With Springly’s communication feature that is easy to use, spread the word about upcoming events and volunteer opportunities.

Send personalized messages to your donors

You can send emails with custom content to show how much you appreciate your donors.
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A modern and easy-to-manage website
for your spiritual organization

Create a true sanctuary for your followers by reserving a space only for them

Create private pages on your website reserved for your community. Share internal information with certain members of your community, such as volunteer schedules and staff meetings.

Keep your followers updated on your activities with an online calendar

Bring your religious organization to life by sharing an online calendar. You get to choose which events you share and who has access to it.

A blog to share news and articles

Use the blog feature to share content for your community. Having a blog will improve the organic reach and visibility of your nonprofit on the internet.
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We are proud to support
many religious nonprofits