Always A+ with Springly. Management Software for Student & Alumni Organizations

Organize your student and alumni events, create an online store, and communicate easily with classmates.

Optimize the management of
your student and alumni organization


Easily organize social mixers, panel discussions, and networking events.


Consolidate and manage contact information in an online CRM.


Send the right message to the right person, at the right time.


No more chasing down members, or their fees!


Create a website that keeps students and alumni updated.

Save time on organizing events,
so that you can enjoy them too

Online registration and payment for your events

Set up online tickets and payment for parties, trips, and conferences for your student and alumni gatherings.

Take attendance easily

Track the number of participants, send automatic email confirmations, and follow up on late payments.

Scan tickets at the entrance

On the big day, easily scan tickets with your smartphone. No more long lines for you to manage!
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No more shuffling between spreadsheets

Consolidate all the member information

Your CRM base is complete, and always up to date. On each person's profile, you will find contact information, purchases, and history with your organization.

Organize your CRM

Create groups according to graduation year, responsibilities, activities, major, and dorm to customize your email communication with each group.

GDPR compliant

Your members can view the data you have about them, and they can edit this anytime. Springly complies with General Data Protection Regulation (European Union), so your members can trust how you handle their data.
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Send email campaigns to your
student body and alumni network

No more copy & paste

Use Springly to manage your email communication to all your contacts, or to certain groups only. Build alumni engagement with targeted email communication.

Your mailing lists are always up to date

With email campaigns connected to your CRM database, email addresses are automatically updated anytime you or a member updates contact information. You don’t need to take Marketing 101 to know this saves a lot of time.

Follow email statistics

Each email campaign generates statistics about the open and click-through rates. You can adjust email strategies until you find the right one for your organization.
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Management 101: Organize fees & payments
like you’ve always dreamed of

Always keep your funds in line

For the start of the school year, set up a membership campaign. You can simplify member tracking, find them in your membership database, and add them to mailing lists.

Offer online payment and stop counting pennies

What student still has a checkbook? Offer your contacts the opportunity to pay their dues directly online. Your treasurer will be happy to no longer have to go to the bank to deposit cash.

Easily get in touch with late payers

In the blink of an eye, you can identify members who have not paid their dues. Send them a short reminder directly from Springly.
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Share your organization with the world

Create a website for your student organization

It’s easy to create a website on Springly. Just click and drag to customize a website template.

Sell tickets online and share photos afterward

Promote your events on your website, and sell tickets online. After the event, easily share your photos with members in a Photo Gallery.

Create a members-only space

Share content specifically for members’ eyes only, such as event photos, meeting calendar, blog articles, and member directories.
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