Get an A+ with Springly’s student organization software

Communicate with classmates, sell branded merch, and plan student events.
student organization software

Streamline the management of your
student organization with a software that does it all 


Easily organize formals, panel discussions, and networking events by creating live or online events in 2-clicks or less. Bring your peers together to boost engagement, member recruitment, and awareness on your work. Accept different forms of payment or collect everything online.


With a simple CRM software for your student organization, you have all of the information you need in one place. With unlimited custom fields available to track graduation year, awards and honors, and major or minor, your information is always organized and up-to-date.


Send out regular email announcements on your upcoming meetings, concerts, or film festivals. With a full email marketing tool at your disposal, you can create sophisticated emails to send to your community. Use our drag and drop system to add in images, buttons, and text.


Move all membership online with a powerful student organization software. Create membership drives in 2-minutes or less and enjoy a simple, quick, and automated membership process that does all of the administrative work for you. Make back-to-school easy with online payment and the automatic sending of payment receipts.


Build a full website in just a few clicks. With a simple and modern no-code website builder, you can build a website to promote engagement, build legitimacy, and keep members up to date on your upcoming activities. Drag and drop images, videos, text, and enjoy automation with all of Springly's other software features.

Online store

Build an online store to sell your organization's merch. Open your store up for letters for greek life, t-shirts for homecoming week, or school fundraisers. Manage stock, supervise delivery options, offer multiple forms of payment, or reimburse your peers in one-click.

Save time planning events with
a software for your student organization

Offer online registration and payment

Set up online tickets and payment for parties, trips, and conferences for your student gatherings. Gone are the days of petty cash, with a fully-secure online software, your student organization streamlines management for you and your event participants.

Easy follow-up

With an all-in-one student organization software, you can track the number of participants for each event, send automatic email confirmations of their registration, and follow-up with potential students that may be interested in attending.

Scan tickets at the entrance

On the big day, easily scan tickets with your smartphone. Every ticket is equipped with a unique QR code that can be scanned with any smartphone or QR identification app. No more managing long lines at the door or dealing with lost tickets!

Break-up with spreadsheets for good
and glow-up to a student organization software

Consolidate all member information

Your CRM database adapts to your unique needs and is always up to date. On each person's profile, you will find contact information, purchases, and membership and donation history within your organization. Save time by having members view and update their own profiles with any changes to their phone number, postal address, or awards and honors they may have received.

Organize your CRM into groups

Create groups according to graduation year, activity, major, or residence hall to customize your email communication with each group. Filter your CRM by group for easy access to the contacts you are looking for.

Easy data import

Upload all of your current contacts into our student organization software or add each contact manually. With an easy data import, you can copy and paste directly from spreadsheets for up to 2,000 contacts at a time.

Connect with your student body
with a modern organization software 

No more copy and paste

Use our software for student organizations to manage your email communication with all your contacts, or to certain groups only. Build engagement with targeted emails to different classes, majors, or departments. Because your email lists are directly connected to your CRM, there is no need to copy and paste lists into different tools.

Email lists that are always up to date

Because of automation between your CRM and emailing tool, all email addresses are automatically updated anytime you or a member updates contact information. Save time tracking down the correct information and avoid high bounce rates that hurt your email reputation.

Follow email statistics

Each email campaign generates statistics about the open and click-through rates. You can adjust email strategies until you find the right one for your organization. Become a communication and content expert while generating more interest in your organization.

Keep track of your organization's funds
with software made for students 

Streamline your revenue source

At the start of the school year, set up a membership campaign. You can simplify member tracking, find new contacts in your CRM, add them to mailing lists, and even track their purchases from your store. With all of this happening in the same place, you have a global overview of your organizational finances.

Offer online payment and stop counting pennies

Honestly, what student still has a checkbook? Offer your peers the opportunity to pay their dues and event tickets directly online. Your treasurer will be happy to no longer have to go to the bank to deposit checks or spend time counting petty cash.

Contact late payers in one-click

In one-click, you can identify members who have not paid their dues. Send them a short reminder directly from your student organization software with our quick message feature that is directly connected to your CRM.

Share your student organization with the world
with a website software as unique as you are

Create a website to showcase your activities

With a simple website builder software, you can create a modern website for your student organization in just a few clicks. Begin with one of our pre-made templates or drag and drop widgets onto a blank canvas. All templates are 100% customizable and easy-to-use.

Share photos of your events

Promote your events on your website, and sell tickets online. After the event, easily share your photos with members in a photo gallery. Make this page public to all or private to certain groups.

Create a members-only content for better engagement

Share content specifically for members’ eyes only, such as event photos, meeting calendars, blog articles, and member directories. Members can view this content when they log into their account with that is email and password protected.

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