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Manage alumni with the same software that you use for students and other parts of your college or university.
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An all-in-one management software
for your alumni association 


With a simple yet powerful alumni database, you are able to track all of your graduates in one place. With unlimited custom fields, transaction history, and historical data in one place, you have all of the tools you need to keep up with your alumni for years to come.


Organize in-person or online events to bring your community together. Whether they are networking events, job fairs, conferences, or alumni meet-up’s, you have an all-in-one software for easy alumni management. Grow your events through personalized communication and online payment.


Create membership drives in two minutes or less. With 100% customizable forms, payment methods, discount management, and automatic payment receipts, managing your graduate community is simple and efficient. With over 30+ for personalization, your membership is as unique as your graduating class!


Send out annual newsletters or reunion information by creating a simple email campaign and sending it out to your community. With our easy-to-use drag and drop system, create beautiful emails with custom fields for extra personalization.


Create a modern website in minutes or less, no tech skills required. With our alumni management software, drag and drop features into place to build a website unique to your association’s goals. Your website is automatically mobile-responsive and pre-optimized to boost organic reach.


Facilitate fundraising for your alma mater by collecting donations from your community. Create donation campaigns, accept offline or online payment, send automatic receipts, and thank your donors, all in one place.

Build a sense of belonging among alumni 
with a powerful management software

Create members-only pages to promote engagement

Create a dedicated space on your website for your members to interact, engage, and get updates on their fellow former classmates. Provide updates on staff, school initiatives, or even create a dedicated space to promote new start-ups or businesses.

Offer a membership directory for better networking

Use all of the features of our alumni management software to strengthen the bond between your fellow classmates. Open a member directory to encourage the growth of your professional network. With an automatic link to your CRM, display only the information you choose on each member.

Share news and good times with your community

With powerful communication tools at your fingertips, you can create blog posts to highlight alumni success stories, publish photo galleries of recent events, or use a smart calendar to remember your member’s birthdays.

Create and promote events with
an easy-to-use alumni management software

See your in-person events grow to new heights

With a management software, your in-person alumni events will grow at lightning speed. Create events in 2-minutes or less and add details like PDFs, images, and videos to promote your gathering. Customize tickets with your logo and contact information for complete personalization. Every ticket is sent automatically after purchase and equipped with a unique QR code that you scan at entry.

Manage the move to virtual events

Virtual events are here to stay! Lighten the load of planning a virtual event by sending automatic email reminders with the meeting link, offering online payment, managing discounts, and one-click refunds. With all of your administrative tasks taken care of, you can focus on running the big day, stress-free.

One-click follow-up

No more copy and pasting lists from one tool to another. With Springly’s alumni management software, all tools are connected to make your tasks as easy as possible. In one-click, contact all of your event participants and send them a quick message or email campaign. Track their payments directly in their member profile and enjoy the small but time-consuming tasks being done for you.

Invest in the people at the heart of your
alumni association with a 100% customizable CRM 

All information is in the right place

With a powerful CRM at the heart of your alumni management software, you will have all of the information you need on your community network in one place. Complete with membership, donation, payment, and communication history, you never have to worry about lost information. Easily import data directly from your spreadsheets, with no tech skills required.

Use groups for extra organization

Use our group feature to organize your alumni into groups based on the criteria you set. Add members manually in each group or set group organizational criteria for more automation. Create groups by graduation year, university affiliation, or even sports team. Assign a group administrator who can communicate with the other group members.

New feature: CRM for structures

Attach your alumni profile to one, or several structures. It could be their current place of work, a professional association, or their university alma mater. One person can be attached to a single, or multiple structures, and vice versa. Simplify your management by filtering alumni data by structure. Use this feature for simplified emailing.

Simplify communication management 
with your alumni via automated software

Create a modern website with no tech skills required

Benefiting from powerful automation tools, you can build a website with our easy-to-use drag and drop system. Create engaging content, publish membership drives, fundraising campaigns, or news about your super community! All features in Springly are connected directly to your website for extra simplicity.

Send impactful emails in 2-clicks or less

With emailing as one of the main features of our alumni management software, you can send email campaigns in a matter of minutes. With email lists pulled directly from your CRM, your lists are always up-to-date. Personalize newsletters, school updates, or event announcements with images, text, and automatic fields for extra personalization.

Evaluate the effectiveness of your communication with email statistics

With open rates, click-through rates, and bounce rates on every email campaign, you can evaluate what type of content best serves your alumni. Learn as you go and use this information to adapt to your growing community.

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