Get whipped into shape with an all-in-one sports club management software

Simplify the management of your games, contacts, and membership dues to grow your sports club with an easy-to-use software.
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A sports club management software
that gives you more time on the field


All of the information you need about your players, coaches, and volunteers in one place. Springly's CRM is 100% customizable to fit your unique needs. In each contact profile, find the history of their interactions with your club, like payment and membership history.


Track online membership registration and payments with Springly's club software for sports management. By moving online, you offer a better experience for your members as well as your staff who save time with software automation.


Create and manage games or tournaments from A-Z. Create and publish events in 2 minutes, offer online registration and payment, scan tickets at the entrance, and follow-up with players before the big day.


Easily send training schedules, newsletters, and reminders for late payments. With email lists directly connected to your CRM, your lists are always up to date with the latest information.


Showcase the highlights of your season with a no-code website builder. By using a sports club management software, you can directly publish your events, membership drives, and season photos all in just a few simple clicks.

Online store

Generate more revenue for your sports club by opening an online store. Offer merchandise for your fan club, or jerseys for your players. Manage stock, set delivery fees, and offer multiple forms of payment.

A CRM software that is a
home run for your sports club management

Access your CRM 24/7

Because Springly is a cloud-based software, you can access your CRM at any time and anywhere with an internet connection. You can access your data on all devices, whether it be desktop, mobile, or tablet.

Easy team management

Divide athletes into teams or groups. Grant coaches limited access to the database to communicate with their players. Assign an attendance sheet by group for better organization during practices.

Harness statistics for accurate reporting

Our sports club management software provides statistics on the evolution of membership registrations, geographic information, and more. Relay this information in your annual report, share it with the national federation, or use this data for grant applications.

With a powerful sports club management
software, membership registration is a breeze

Easy online memberships

Make the move to online membership registration and renewal. Athletes can sign-up and pay online in 2 minutes! Your teammates will enjoy a better membership experience and appreciate a quick turn-around. Save your precious time and resources by eliminating trips to the bank, tracking down payments, or filing paper forms.

Gold-medal follow-up

After payment, receipts and invoices are sent automatically to members. In one-click you can track payment status of memberships and follow up on late payments with an all-in-one sports club management software. Send a quick message to members with missing checks and find their payment history in each member profile.

100% customizable

Every feature of our software is 100% customizable to fit the unique needs of your sports club. Set a maximum number of new members, create automatic discounts, pricing groups, and personalize your payment receipts with your logo and design. Springly firmly believes that your membership software should reflect the ambitions and goals of your club.

Keep your head in the game by organizing matches
with Springly's sports club management software

Create events in 2-minutes or less

Create and organize a scrimmage, exhibition game, match, or tournament in a matter of minutes. Customize your event information with photos, videos, or PDFs, and create a custom registration form. Publish your event directly onto your Springly website or integrate your event as a widget into an existing page.

Offer online registration

Generate more revenue with online event registration. Offer online payment by credit or debit card, set limitations of tickets per participant, offer special discounts, and multiple payment methods.

Promote local or national events

With an all-in-one software for sports club management, you can not only plan events but promote them to your audience. Send event information in a targeted email campaign or post it on your website for the world to see. Watch as your ticket sales skyrocket!

Build a slam-dunk of a website with
an easy-to-use sports club management software

100% customizable

Create a modern website with Springly’s website builder. Your website is automatically mobile-responsive and adapts to any screen size. Buy a domain name and host it with Springly to truly make your website your own.

Tools that boost your communication

Use the blog to share your athletes' achievements. Post your training schedule, tournament calendar, and publish a member directory to encourage carpooling. Your members can find all of the information they are looking for in one place, and you save time by consolidating information and spending less time answering questions via email.

No tech skills required

With a management software that was made specifically for sports clubs, there are no tech skills required to build a modern website. Simply drag and drop items into a blank page (images, video, text) or begin with one of our 100% customizable templates. With a no-code solution, a powerful and informative website is accessible to all.

Send emails that capture the attention of your
players with a software dedicated to sports club management

Email lists that are always up to date

The email module is linked to your CRM database, so your email lists are updated automatically. If a player updates their contact information while signing up for next season, there is no need to manually transfer information, at any time. The software automatically updates the information for you.

Send newsletters to fans

Your community will become MVPs when reading about your team’s highlights! Easily create newsletters by using a simple drag and drop system with images, text, and buttons. Create the newsletters of your dreams and engage your audience in a new way.

Track email statistics

Use Springly’s sports club management software to keep an eye on the open and click-through rates of your email campaigns. Use this information to learn what type of communication best fits your audience and adapt accordingly.