Sport & Recreational Clubs: Springly’s software will whip you into shape

Manage your contacts, membership fees, and events easily, so you can spend more time on the field.

A powerful and intuitive solution for all types of hobbies


All of the information you need about your players, coaches, and volunteers in one place.


Track online membership registration and payments.


Create a customizable website with our easy-to-use website builder.


Easily send training schedules, newsletters, and reminders for late payments.


Offer online event registration for tournaments and games.

Have an overview of all your contacts:
teams, players, coaches, volunteers

Access your database anywhere on any device

Import your contacts into Springly to consolidate contact information, membership history, and email communication.

Easy team management

Divide athletes into teams or groups. Grant coaches access to the database to communicate with their players.

Statistics for sponsorship applications

Springly provides statistics on the evolution of membership numbers, geographic information, and much more. This is valuable information for an annual report or sponsorship application.
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Membership sign-ups are a breeze
at the beginning of a new season

Easy online memberships

Athletes can register and pay membership dues online. For members, this is convenient. For you, no more trips to the bank to deposit cash and checks.

Precise monitoring of memberships and reminders

Receipts and invoices are sent automatically to members. You can track payment status of memberships and follow up on late payments by email on Springly.
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No tech skills required
to build a professional website

An easy-to-build customized website

Create a dynamic website with Springly’s website builder. Your website is automatically adaptable to any screen size.

Tools that boost your communication

Use the blog to share your athletes' achievements. Post your training schedule, tournament calendar, and publish a member directory to encourage carpooling.

Encourage teamwork

Your teams can create their own pages within your website, accessible to team members only.
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Send emails that capture
the attention of your players and fans

Your email lists are always up to date

The email module is linked to your CRM database, so your email lists are updated automatically.

Send email newsletters to fans

Your community will become superfans when reading about your team’s wins. Easily create newsletters by clicking and dragging images and text.

Track your email statistics

Use Springly’s statistics to keep an eye on the open and click-through rates of your email campaigns.
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Sell tickets and T-shirts like a pro

An online store for your club

Set up an online store to sell team uniforms, sports equipment, and water bottles with your team logo. Your athletes can show team spirit anytime they hydrate!

Manage your events while staying zen

It only takes a few minutes to create tickets for tournaments, marathons or club parties. Offer different ticket prices and payment methods, and track the number of participants in real time.
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